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Scared to death from snorting Ritilan.

I should have known better.
But for the past 4 months--give or take--I've snorted Ritilan nearly every other day. I thought, naively, that it would take longer to damage my nose.
It didn't take longer
Now there's a noticeable indentation on the side of my right nostril--just below the bridge. It's not too deep, but it's deep enough to pick up the light. Will this improve any? What can I do if it doesn't? I'm very scared. Really.
My Doctor looked inside my nose and said it looked fine. He said it was only scratched. He didn't try to say the dent wasn't there, but he sort of dismissed it. He's good, but eccentric. I haven't used any for a week and two days--I'm done--and what ever nasal pain I felt is starting to improve. Could this be evidence that the appearance of my nostrils will get better as well too?
Please Help.

P.S. I also notice that the right nostril doesn't seem to have the same elasticity as the left. Does this seem likely? In light of what I just described? Or am I being paranoid? Is this bad? Will it get worse? I hope someone can help.
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