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Self Imposed Tonsil Infection HELP

I think I might have caused myself an infection of my right tonsil by stupidly poking around there trying to remove tonsil stones (accumulations of bacteria and debris).  I now have a growing whitish spot (not right on the tonsil but near it) that's basically like a blister where I was poking kind of hard with q tips and I can see pus behind it.  My throat is sore and the pain has been getting worse and spreading out-sometimes I feel it in my ear and it's consistently in the side of my tongue.  It was the worst last night and usually bad in the mornings then during the day it calms down a bit.  I actually noticed one or two new t.stones which I think might have come from the buildup of pus behind this blister so I gargled with some salt water and that seemed to get rid of at least one of them from what I can tell.  The nature of the pain seems to have become more of an intense soreness rather than the sharper pain i was having before (which would worsen or be provoked by movement or temperature change from drinking).

I know that ideally I should see a doctor but I can't afford more medical bills at the moment so that's not really an option and I don't have insurance. So I'm trying to get as much info as possible and I don't see this issue addressed anywhere online.  It's weird because there are things all over the internet about people removing tonsil stones themselves but nothing about this horrible outcome.  I might have been more rough as I was pretty aggressive at trying to extract this stuff over the course of about 3 hours.  I'm hoping this will clear up on it's own and if there's any advice on how best to treat this myself.
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