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Sinus Issues...Help?!

I hope someone answers this because I hardly ever get answers. For the past 3ish months I have been getting big (like dime to nickel sized) tough chunks from my sinuses or where my adenoids used to be (I think). I know this is completely gross but they are dark yellow-green to green and usually have really thick mucus with them. I can feel when I will be getting one because the area behind the soft part of my palate get sore and scratchy. I never got these before June 24 when I got an adenoidectomy and septoplasty done because I couldn't breathe for 3 months straight. (I suffered from allergies year round and sinus infections at least 2-3 times a year prior to the surgery) At first I thought they were blood clots because they started right after my surgery and were bloody. I just want to know what could be causing this and what I can possibly do to stop them.  Please Help?!
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Your surgeon should still be seeing you for these things.  Make an appointment.  Most likely this is still the healing from the surgery -- but with simple office tools, he/she can look in their and tell you for sure.  It can take a surprising amount of time for the mucosa to get back to normal after surgery.  But the possibility that there was some minor complication needs to be ruled out.
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