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Sinus problem!

I've been constantly spitting and clearing my throat of phlegm or mucus (its clear/transparent and stickyish) for what seems to be 2 years now. I've finally had enough of this problem and finally went to some doctors. One looked inside my nose and looked at my throat for a few seconds said I had PND and suggested some nasal sprays and some flu medicine. Didn't really helped.  Another looked at my nose and said my those lumps in my nose(forgot wat it was) was slightly inflamed and said I might have an allergy and schedule me to visit an allergist in 4months. He prescribed me some prednisone tablets which had no effect. I can't wait that long and desperately need help now.

TBH, I don't think i really have an allergic reaction because I'm exposed to the same environment as that when I was a kid and back then i did not have this problem.

Recently though for the past few weeks. I started noticing a foul taste when i swallow the phlegm, and if i stick my tongue out and try sniffing my breath from my throat there is a foul smell. I believe this is giving me bad breath which is very depressing. Throughout the day i would constantly spit or swallow. I get more after I eat or drink.

What i've tried:
-Nasal irrigation which poored saline solution from 1 nose to the other
-steam inhaling
-nasal sprays
-I drink PLENTY of water
-Avoiding dairy products

Please help me I'm becoming more worried and depress over this issue, I don't know what to do anymore.
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Hello and hope you are doing well.

Your symptoms of bad foul smell in the nose could be due to sinus infections. They are due to stasis and infection of the sinus cavities, and the resultant drainage into the nose causes the bad smell. Facial pain, fever and nasal discharge are the other symptoms of sinusitis.
You may need antibiotic treatment is for 4-6 weeks.  A nasal steroid spray is also beneficial as well as oral steroids.  Nasal saline irrigations over the counter like Neti pot are very effective.  The best diagnosis for this problem is a CT of the sinuses. Surgery is recommended to patients that fail maximal medical treatment. Discuss these options with your consulting doctor.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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Hello and thanks for replying.

I have revisited my doctor and had an x-ray of my nasal and he said there wasn't any excess mucus in the cavities as the x-ray showed black area which meant air.

He said I had hay fever and prescribed me Claratyne which i have finished over 10 days. He said I do not have a sinus infection. Over the two weeks I noticed the foul smell from my throat has improved. My spitting has improved somewhat but now I'm running on no medicine.

My problem now is the phelgm or mucus seems to accumulate at the back of my tongue and there is a bad smell from it when i lick my wrist and smell it after several seconds. My tongue is pink after a eat, but after a while(~1 hour) the phelgm makes my tongue white. I clean my tongue everyday. Also i think my throat is physically damaged a bit from the way i spit and a bit of blood came out when I spat. Perhaps I need to change my habit of spitting and the cause of my spitting is a damaged throat..?
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Hello and hope you are doing well.

The foul smell could be due to local or systemic causes. Local causes like tooth infections, tooth abscess or periodontal disease. Some medications can cause this foul smell. They are more common in smokers, in people with poor dental hygiene, with vitamin deficiencies and are known to be associated with malabsorbtion also. You will need to consult your dentist who will examine you and determine the cause so that appropriate therapy can be initiated.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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My lucky break from a cancellation allowed me to see the allergist earlier. I have allergic rhinitis. Dust mites and certain grass/weeds. Any advice? Thanks.
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