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Hello everyone reading,since 3 years ago more a less...it appeared an strange odor,i was at the university,when i heared someone saying that it looked like someone have "released" himself....well at that time i didnt noticed a lot,allways have been healty .
After the 1st university year ended,i had to quit from the univ and started to work,i had to,so i could study again,but worked at a company for a month when the smell got worse,and everyone started to notice it.
Before it happening i still remember when it all started a cold and rainny day,cant remember the symptoms,but after that day it is a hell...
I started to lost my friends,and right now i dont have no one,i lost my self esteem and self confidence,every that get on my way they get away they look at me like i did something wrong they sneeze and cough,its so hard to deal with this situation.Since that day that i refered when all started..i steped on water so it got in my shoes...that night and further i started to have a smell from feet a bit more active...so  I looked for a regular doctor ,he told me to go to a dermatologist,the dermatologist asked me to wear leather shoes and to buy some anti bacteria meds to apply but didnt made anything..after him i went to foot doctor,she asked me to buy some chemicals and apply but still nothing...After i tryed endocrinologyst because i was kinda sweating from the hands and from feet it could be glands but she sent me to do some blood- urine tests and she told me everything its fine,then i tryed the otorhinolaryngologist because my parents told me that they didnt felt a thing it could be my nose...when i went there he sent me to make a CT to the skull,after i picked up my results got back there,he told me i have sinus,its nothing big deal that can be operated but still might not be the source of the smell...he told me like i didnt smell a thing and if i tryed a Psychologist,after speak to her she told me i suffer from anxiety,i do believe in her and in my familly but im still healthy to see that i smell or smthing bad and even to see the faces of the other people and when they cough because of the smell because its only near me they do...so if there is anyone that knows the cure or what to do...Please for God Sake and for mine Help me...

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Actually, you are not alone.  In fact, your problem is common on this forum.  Here is a collection of findings on the subject:

1.  Some people, including myself, have had a smell that only they can smell.  It could smell like dog-poop, old cheese, ammonia, a burning smell, etc.  The smell comes on, often, as a result of a cold or sinus infection. Some, not all, of these smells are caused by an anaerobic bacteria thriving in the upper sinuses, and I was able to remove mine with a Flip-Turn Sinus Flush, and many other people have had success with it as well:

The Flip-Turn Sinus Flush is mildly risky, because you have to bend over to do it, preferably in a shower, but you can also do it outside on soft ground, or you can kneel down and lean over a bathtub, or perhaps a plastic basin or tub, with the shower running for steam.

2.  Some people had the smell, but were able to get rid of it with long-term antibiotics.
3.  Some people had cysts or polyps, which blocked off parts of their sinuses, and created a pocket of infection.  One woman, after reading my journal, made an appointment with Dr. Murray Grossan, who invented the Grossan Irrigation Machine, and he removed her cyst and the smell went away.
4.  One man did a sinus flush, and some white tofu-like chunks came out.  The smell actually got worse for a while, then went back to normal.
5.  Many people, particularly the ones who have a strong odor that other people are revolted by, had no change at all after doing a Sinus Flush.
6.  One woman found out that the smell was coming from a cracked tooth that her dentist was unable to find, but was discovered by a different dentist.
7.  Some smells can come from liver or kidney diseases, or from acid reflux in the stomach-- Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), or gas from the stomach-- laryngopharyngeal reflux (LPR)
8.  Some smells can come from having a bad mix of bacteria in the intestines, and somehow the smell comes out through the sinuses or lungs.  The best solution that I have seen is The Schwarzbein Principle by Dr. Diana Schwarzbein, MD.
9.  There is a disease called atrophic rhinitis, which involves the decay of the mucus membranes in the sinuses.  I don’t know much about it, that’s what ENTs and Google are for.
10.  There are people who have been to multiple ENTs, and the doctors are completely mystified.
11.  There may be a possibly be a fungal infection, possibly invasive, that doesn’t flush out with saline, but that’s just a hypothesis.
12. Another hypothesis: Some of the problems may be caused by the same kind of bacteria that cause tonsilloliths, or tonsil stones.
13.  Finally, some patients have doctors who have diagnosed a yeast infection in the gut, which cause the smell which comes out through the sinuses or breath, and prescribed Fluconazole 150mg.  This looks somewhat promising, but Fluconazole must be administered by a doctor at any rate.  Here is the Medhelp thread for that:
For some more information about the fungus, put the following in your search engine.  
“Fungal Theory Debated in Amphotericin B Controversy”
Good luck
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First of all i must thank you for replying to my problem,im looking foward to try and do anything for this.
For a moment i feel a bit more calm because maybe this is more commun than i think but for other im still trying to fight it,thank you for the advices im doing some research and trying different docs to see if i can find more answers...

Untill then Cheers!
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