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Sinuses and Vertigo/Motion Sickness

Hi there,
I've been dealing with Vertigo and motion sickness for a few years now.  I do have Graves disease which affected my eyes so the spinning and motion sick feeling was pretty understandable and explainable.  I'm now in remission and I shouldn't be having any symptoms at all.

I finally went to see my doctor and she told me to keep taking the Dramamine because it seemed to be working for me, she also set me up with an ENT doctor.  I had a CT scan when I was dealing with the Graves symptoms and all it did was confirm that the tissues around my eye were swollen, but...it also confirmed that I have no tumors or anything bad going on in my brain.

So, I went to see this ENT two weeks ago and I explained to him that I have occasional vertigo (the world starts to spin) and it typically lasts about 20 seconds and everything straightens out.  But, besides the Vertigo episodes I continually feel nauseous from a feeling of motion sickness...as if I'm reading in the back seat of a car.  For the last week I've been so nauseous that I can rarely sit at the computer, certainly can't read and even bending down to pick something up makes it worse.  The doctor visit was a joke.  He asked about my vertigo, looked in my ears and had me take a hearing test.  He saw me after the test and said he's stumped because vertigo typically lasts 20 minutes or longer if you have issues with your ears or if you have vertigo associated with migraines.  While I do get a lot of headaches, again, vertigo is rare and never lasts very long.  He basically just blew me off and said that all he could suggest was to see a neurologist.  Um...How about looking in my nose or asking me some questions about colds or any sinus symptoms?  I wish I would have said something about that but it didn't occur to me until this week that I may have sinus issues that could be causing this...besides isn't the doctor the one that should be investigating?  

Anyway...I really don't know what to do.  I'm basically useless right now because I feel so ill almost all day, unless I take Dramamine and then I'm just zonked out.

Could these symptoms be from my sinuses and do any of you experience this with a sinus infection or plugged sinuses?
I've been having bloody noses lately due to the dryness of winter, I can never fully blow my nose because it feels like it's so plugged way up high and occasionally my ears pop out of the blue.  Other than that I don't have a cold or any other symptoms of a sinus infection...although, my face does feel a bit tight but I'm so used to feeling strange in the cheek and eye area anyway due to the Graves.

Any thoughts would be SO appreciated and bravo to you if you read this far.

Thanks for helping!
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