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Sinusitis Causing Apnea

It appears that my breathing is impaired , messing up my digestion too, due to mucous buildup mostly in sinuses.   I tried the nasal sprays and that didn't cure it.  CT scan showed a mild infection.  The symptoms have not gone away and my quality of life has been poor for months.   I do have a deviated septum but that isn't the whole story apparently.  The mucous buildup appears to be the worst part of this.
  I have not been put on antibiotics. I was considering surgery but it was not presented as mandatory due to the mild level of infection.  
I was on a CPAP machine years ago but that was horrible and I never got a decent night's sleep with that method.  
  Anyone have any insight into this situation?
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Same things as the rest of us? Sinus rinses, humidifier, raising the head of your bed, and smiling when you want to bash your head into a wall because of the pain? lol
Seriously though, other than the aforementioned or surgery, there isn't a whole lot that can be done...except all the nasty steroids and such.
Try the Alternative therapies forum...they have some great ideas.
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Had the same problem, and fixed it. The infection is in the upper sinuses, where nasal sprays won't reach due to gravity, and antibiotics don't reach due to a lack of blood supply.

As the comments will verify, this works very well for your diagnosis.

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Thanks friggy.  I will be sure to give this one a try.    
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