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Snap Cracke and Popping in my ear

Hello, I am a 27 year old female. I woke up this morning with this strange sound in my ear. It sounds like i have rice crispies in my left ear. I tried to use qtips to clean it and got out a good amount of wax. ( i never use qtips to clean my ears i let them clean themselves naturally unless i have to much wax in them ) i even tried some ear drops for pain. It doesen't hurt. I just figured it would help if it was a wax build up or something. Its just very annoying. It goes away for a couple secconds and then comes right back. Im not sure what it is. I haven't took a shower today. Only last night, and it wasn't doing it then. Please Help!!
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hi,most probably you are having impacted wax,commercialy available ear solutions loosen wax which can be easily taken out with qtips.

Even,the sound still persists,syringing by an ENT surgeon is indicated.Another cause could be partial blockage of Eustachian tube,which can be treated with anti histaminics and decongestants.Do you hear sound when you swollow?

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