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Sore, tender nose for no apparent reason

2 days ago I woke up to a very sore, tender nose. It feels like I have been hit, but I haven't. I haven't run into anything either. Now it has a dull ache or throbbing. My sinuses seem to be fine, but it feels like my nose is getting worse, it's actually the skin that runs down the brdge of my nose that's in pain.  Please help!  thank you
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I saw my doctor this morning and he believes this is due to my sinusitis which the amoxicilin they had me on before wasn't strong enough to kick. They have put me on a stronger antibiotic and Zyrtec to see if this takes care of it. If not he will be sending me to an ENT for scoping and a CT scan. I am in the Tampa, FL area for those who are asking.
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Who'd you go see yesterday at 4:30pm?  I was here in Palo Alto in the Urgent care at that time, it'd be ironic if you'd come and seen me ;)
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I'm having the exact same symptoms.  Bad pain in the bridge of my nose like someone punched me, but no other nasal symptoms other than a little sneezing now and then.  It hurts just to have my glasses resting on my nose.   I went to the doctor on 11/14 and she prescribed an antibiotic in case it's an infection, and told me to take Motrin for the pain and apply warm compresses (only helps a little).

I'm curious if anyone has a diagnosis yet.  Is  this a staph infection?

I'm in the Boston, MA area.  
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And here I was asking the husband if he hit me the night before.  lol  Interesting how it seems this is a problem that I have never encountered or even heard of anyone having until I got here.  I have had this pain down the bridge of my nose for just a few days and its driving me crazy.  I am wondering if there is any over the counter meds first before I go and see the doctor (not one who likes going unless I need to).  I know it was windy the day it started and this maybe a contributing factor.  This pain is only on the bridge of my nose but I have noticed my nose seems swollen as well.
Let me know if there is something I can use to stop this pain.  
Tucson, AZ
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Over the counter pain relievers make sense to try, but if it travels from the bridge down to the tip, and coincides with eye pain like others have commented on this page, an immediate evaluation by a doctor is necessary to rule out a herpes eye infection.  MRSA of the nose would be a concern too...
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hey this is weird...

okay last week 11/12 i've had a sore nose since and it was on friday when the pain became unbearable...my supervisor sent me to quickcare, cause she say i didnt look so hot...i felt like someone hit me, it hurt to breath in/out, i thought maybe it was my sinuses too because it was really stuffy where i'm stationed to work. so the nnp and md diagnosed me with nasal rhinitis (couldnt tell much cause of the swelling INSIDE). sent me home on allerex, humidifier, nasal flushes, and neosporin ointment.  NONE OF THIS WORKED. i swabbed my nose the following saturday night when i noticed a whitish/yellowish gunk on the q-tip. it's less painful now, but my nose is still swollen. i made an appt with my doctor first thing in the moring 11/20

researching online, i'm hoping i dont have staph impetigo (swelling, gunk, yellow scaly crustys)...comes from your fingertips...i keep my nose clean for fear of embarassment of boogers showing, plus the feeling of my sinuses draining, i blow often. i usually wash my hands, but you just never know....the website i looked at was:

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