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Sore/Tender nose

I woke up with a really tender & sore nose the bigger pain is close to the bridge.  I eyes are really tired and I have really dark circles today.  I have a mild headache going to my temples and the front of the head.   I was not hit.  Is there anything to worry about?  What should I do to relieve the pain?

Thank you
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Only you know how bad it is, if real bad see a doctor.

If you live in colder climates a dry heated air in you home and elsewhere and cold outside temperatures can cause some of the symptoms you describe.

See my reply to "bleeding" if you are looking for some ideas on treating a too dry nasal passage.
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Do you have any runny/stuffy nose? Sore throat? Those are usually signs of a sinus headache, or a sinus infection. If I were you, I'd either take some OTC pain relievers, or some dayquil or something.
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