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Sore Throat after taking pill

Last night I took my normal medication and it felt as if one of the pills got stuck in my throat.  I tried to flush it out with more fluids but I kept feeling this burning sensation.  I looked in my throat to see if I could find it and even poked around my tonsils (one is larger than the other and I thought maybe it got stuck behind it) but I could visibly see nothing.  I tried more fluids and even took an antacid hoping that the chewy consistency of it might help dislodge it.  Nothing helped, so I laid down.  This morning the feeling is very tender on the verge of being painful.  I gargled with some warm salt water hoping that might help but it didn't.  Any ideas?

Let me also add that I suffer from horrible allergies and take Zyrtec and Flonase daily.  I have one tonsil that is much larger than the other and seem to get strep and sinus infections very easily.  One visit I was diagnosed with an infection (most likely strep she said, although no white spots....just huge tonsil with an opaque surface) after being asked about tonsil stones. I never heard of them so I read up on it.  The doctor said she didn't think that's what it was and neither do I since it was just the whole tonsil not crevices around it.  I was curious when I got home and poked at it some and was able to drain fluid from the tonsil....yuck!
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