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Sore lymph node left side behind ear

Hi m 32 yrs old female
I have sore lymph node left side of my neck
It starts from behind the ear left side ...also goes to my ear, sometimes its beside the adams apple, sometimes it under the jaw bone...it also gives me sore throat upper side left...
It not there 24/7 i only feel the pain when i move my neck and my jawbone actually touches/ presses something and that time i feel the soreness... sometimes i feel fine no soreness nothing....symptoms come N go ...
No other symptoms. No fever, no swelling, no cold/flu nothing at all
I took antibiotics and sinus med coz doc said i ve sinus problem today is my last day on antibiotics but still if i move my neck sometimes i feel my jawbone presses something tht feels like sore lymph node but when touch to see there is no pain no swelling...
Please help ...
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