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Sore scab in nose wont go away...been a rough ride...

Here is the story,

I have had a sore in my left nostril for years now towards the cartilage.  No, its not from coke or anything as I have never done anything like that.  I get a scab, I blow it out of my nose, and it comes back 12hrs to 24hrs later. I tried to explain that it blows out on a regular basis.  Sometimes I pick it out and it bleeds.  I use saline spray and saline gel on a regular basis and have used vasaline, bacitracin, and antifungal steroid creme.    

I have gone to 2 ENT specialists.  1st one told me not to pick my scab and it will heal.  Well that’s pretty much impossible because I blow my nose and it comes out (if I keep it lubricated).  Also, the scab covers my airway and is unbearable.  2nd doc cauterized my nose to “shock it” and stimulate cell growth.  It didn’t work.  Was painful as heck and then I found out I was allergic to basitracin.  I then had Nose surgery for a biopsy, and it came back negative, so no cancer (yay!).  He said that is seems like the cells aren’t normal in my nose so it isn’t healing right.

Here is the problem though, from the biopsy, he cut up my nose, and now that area he cut out will not heal either.  So he took a small area that wouldn’t heal, and made it much larger.  As disgusting as this sounds, it forms a scab and oddly resembles a craisin in size and color.  It is like a blood clot and the scab gets so large it blocks my airway, but now it is so far back from the surgery that I cant even see the sore in the mirror.  

I went to the ENT for a follow up, but I ended up seeing another doctor and they told me to just keep it moist.  It was typical but useless advice because it just keeps scabbing up!  Anyways, I am seeing the ENT that did my surgery on Friday, and I hope he has some sort of solution.  It just doesn’t make sense, some weeks I try to leave it alone for a couple days, and it feels like it might scab up and never come back, then I blow the scab out and it feels completely gone!  But then it comes back within a day.  

I am mentally and physically exhausted from this nose issue   I feel like I have done everything in my power, and it is even worse than when I started.  Any advice or related stories are welcomed.  
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I have had the same problem for almost 4 years now. I feel your pain.  I hope someone can provide us some help with this issue.
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I have had this problem with a scab and blowing it out for about 15 years.  I never thought anything of it until recently started to have extreme nosebleeds.  The other day I was washing my face and nose started to bleed.  Called the nurse line on my insurance and she told me to call 911.  I felt dumb calling 911 for a nosebleed but it was pretty severe and was going on 8 hours.  I was coughing up clots from the blood in my throat.  Anyway in ER they told me to keep it moist.  I had been keeping it moist with vaseline.  I am seeing my pcp on Monday  3/23 and hopefully she can shed some light into this situation because I am afraid of blowing my nose or touching my face.  As always, the scab is back and all the doc could tell me was it was a dry spot in my nose.  If you are interested in what my pcp has to say let me know and I will tell you.
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I have had the same problem for about 2 years now =(  My ENT just keeps putting me on antibiotics to help get rid of the infection. After about 10 different antibiotics, its still the same. I refuse to keep taking them and now all he has for me is an ointment. It helps for a period of time, but then it comes back. My dr. said it was an ulcer in the nose and that it only takes time. Ive been looking into surgery, but after reading your clip, I dont know if that is such a good idea!
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I have the exact same problem. It started about 3 weeks ago when i had a flu. I just assumed my nose was sore from the constant blowing. My nose is quite tender and starting to swell and go a bit red on the outside. The scab on the inside keeps bleeding when it peels off or when i blow my nose. Some people have suggested it may be coldsores but after reading many stories on the net I've realised it must be a more severe case. Please update on any information you receive. I will be visiting a Dr. soon however, i believe i will receive the same outcome as everyone else....antibiotics or an ointment.
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I have had this problem for over 25 years now. I saw a dr for it about 15 years ago. He said nothing really works but to cauterize the nose.

To use heat or chemicals to stop bleeding, prevent the spread of infection, or destroy tissue.

That sounded bad so I skipped it. The dryer it gets the worse it is. It is just very annoying. I often wonder if it causes issues with my sleep.
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I also had a sore in my nose that made the inside of my nose crusty and dry (scab and snot?) and wouldn't heal, it was so irritating.  Someone recommended Lansinoh, a pure form of lanolin, used by nursing mothers.  It works!  First, it moistened my nostril so it felt natural (I used it 2x a day to start) and then my nose just steadily improved till 10 days later its healed.
Its over the counter and not that expensive.  I recommend it!
I tried soy lecithin granules, dissolved (softened, really) in just a little water, spread over the spot-- amazing! Overnight, for the first time the scab didnt pull off, and was so reduced in size. After years of annoyance, I think I found the fix. (And of course, use the nightly steamer to keep air moist.)
I tried soy lecithin granules, dissolved (softened, really) in just a little water, spread over the spot-- amazing! Overnight, for the first time the scab didn't pull off, and was so reduced in size. After years of annoyance, I think I've found the fix. (And of course, use the nightly steamer to keep air moist.)
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why didnt a dr. respond?? my experience is similar! ive been on a topical antibiotics now  for 2 weeks. it doesnt scab up while on it, but stays soft and i can take a flash light and see it in my nose. it is a white scabby looking area. it doesnt look any better, just not hard. the biggest thing the antibiotic seemed to help was a stinging feeling on the top of may head. (hopefully nerve related) and i had a slight ear ache.
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I've had a large scan on the inside of my nose for a week and a half now, it feels likes its on the cartilage, it's pretty much impossible to heal because when i wake up in the morning my left nostril is almost blocked solid.  I have to pick out a bit of crusties and then try to get rid of the scab blocking my airway... Its like there's no more skin or something, and whenever it tries to heal my nose just gets blocked... Waking up with a nostril full of dry blood and mucus/snot is driving me insane. Plz help
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So, I don't know if we are talking about the same thing but I get those nose scabs in the inside cartilage of my nostril. I have gotten them on and off for years! Seems like one day I will just realize it's gone... but it always comes back! The worst is when I wake up in the morning, it feels all "caked" and is hard to breath (I'm a total picker too) I pick the nasty and always loose the scab.

So, this one that I have had for months now, I think I figured them out!

What I do...
* Anytime it feels dry, take a little Mentholatum (grandmas cure for everything) and put it on a q-tip, wipe it genitally on the sore, I usually do both sides to make it even.
* This will keep it moist, the longer you use that, the less you have to apply... I am down to once a day....
*** I think I also figured out why I get them! So I noticed that I always have a runny nose, just a little runny though. I also always wipe my nose with the back of my hand or my sleeve (sorry, gross but true) I bought a ton of Kleenex and put them in every room, including my car and desk at work. I made myself conscious of my runny nose and now I grab a soft Kleenex and DAB, don't rub!

Mine is getting better, almost gone! Just a little sore, but not even scabby! I hope this helps you all! If you are going to the doctor, and have had this forever, mention that it my be impetigo... seems like it can be created from dirty boogies~
Good luck everyone! Please let me know if this works for you! Hey, It's worth a try right?
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It's kind of comforting that I'm not the only one with this annoying problem. I'm kind of freaking out though because you had it checked for cancer, (glad that came back as good news for you). I've had my scab for a few years and I'm sick and tired of coming out of my bathroom every morning with a wad of tissue stuffed up my nose to stop the bleeding. I'm going to try a few things (preferably all natural) and I'll let you know how it works.
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I've had that, it gets worse in the spring and fall when my allergies are really bad.

A small swab of cortison cream over the sore (when the scab is freshly off) and slather in diaper cream...works practically overnight, sore gone.  If that doesn't work try neosporin and put smear of diaper cream over it (with zinc)
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hi, all the comments are exactly what i have been going through for years - went to a ENT specialist 4 months ago - tried Kenatome - sort of helped but my ENT said only solution is a plug either side of the septum as it had gone right through.   I had this done last week (June 2012) and it seems fine - only took 10 mins in his rooms, no pain - cost just a regular dr visit and he said he has done this for hundreds of patients and they stay in forever.   I must say so so nice not to wake up to a stuffed nose / blow or pick so i can breathe then a blood bath and kleenex stuffed up my nose.

Look into it -- it works and no more problems.    hope this helps.

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