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Sore throat/neck/ear
For about a week now I have had a constant pain in the right side of my throat that extends through my neck and sometimes up into my ear.  If I were to point out the location of the pain, it is just below the jawbone on my neck.  It hurts pretty constantly, usually around a 3 out of 10.  But when I talk for an extended period or sing (I am a singer) it really hurts, more of a 8 out of 10.  It also hurts when I swallow and with just about any movement of my tongue.  

I saw my PCP who has referred me to an ENT for a scope, because whatever this is, is too far back/down for him to visualize.  

Today, I looked in my mouth and I see a small polyp like bump on the side of my throat.  Not really on the tonsil (I don't think anyway) but further forward.  

This almost feels like something rubbing against the back end of my tongue muscle when it moves.  Any clues or ideas?  I don't see the ENT for about 2 1/2 weeks and that makes me crazy.  

PS:  I also have an appointment on Monday with a GI doc to do an eval for my GERD.  There is a (very) outside chance that it may be reflux related.  My reflux does come up into my throat and I sleep on the right side.  My GERD has gotten worse over the last few weeks and the meds aren't controlling it totally any more.  

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