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Noone seems to be on the Hearing Loss Forum?
Its NEW!!!!

Had Sudden Hearing Loss,
Full Story:  http://www.medhelp.org/posts/show/327382
I Seems I Have Otoschlerosis. Seems It's Hereditary and I cant Do anything to Slow it Down.
I Have a Definate Conductive Loss.

The Yogic Breathing, Yawning/Steam Brisk Aerobic Exercise Does (Very) Slightly Improve Hearing?????? Probably Imagining it or Adapting to the Deafness. (Hell, its Relaxing)
I am Continuing the Magnesium Supplements.
Discontinued Betahistine and Prednisolone. (Too Late)

It's Not Scientific
Using the ipod, I tested Both Ears. Right ear, I can hear sound on the Most Minimal Volume Setting. Switch Ear, (to Left/Worse) Ear, It take a Quarter to Half Full Volume to Hear Words. The Words Can be Heard Quite Clearly Though.

I am Waiting For a Stapendectomy on the Health Service.
Link of Operation http://www.earsurgery.org/surgoto.html
However, I Had One Done 20 Year ago.
Anyone Had a Stapendectomy Re-done. Did You Experience Sudden Hearing Loss years Later?
What was the Result/Experience of Re-doing Operation??
Wondering Why Pregnancy Affects Otosclerosis?? I Had Viral illness/+Extreme Prolonged Stress ------->Inducing Hormone Imbalance, I wonder if the Mechanism are Related.

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I Have Found a Stapes Surgeon. J.Lancer/Rotheram/UK.
He Has Done >400 Operations. and Trained with a Prof Fisch/Germanyfor 6 Months.

Anyone Know How Many op's Makes Surgeon More Reliable in This Delicate Procedure?
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