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Strange Throat Noises/Inability to burp

I've put this under throat disorders but I honestly have no idea what this is. I have never burped, at least never in my adolescent and adult life. I've asked my parents about when I was a baby but they couldn't give me a definite answer. Anyway, instead of burping, I get these gurgling, growling noises in my chest and throat. I can't stop them, quiet them, or avoid them (by not eating certain foods, etc...). I have searched for similar cases but have not found any.

I am hoping someone can help me or at the very least, someone is somewhat familiar with this situation. Thank you for your time.

Btw, I am 20 years old, female, caucasian. No known illnesses or allergies.
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the gurgle noise you are talking about does it happen after eating or drinking? anyway my nan had something similar to you but when we investigated it we were told that she had a pocket in her throat, were food or drink would pocket for abit and the gurgle noise was the gas. she had surgery and it was removed and she was grand. my cousin also had a pocket. as far as i am aware it is not life threatning but i am no doctor. you could find that this is no relevance to your problem but it sounded similar. hope i helped.
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Have you seen this thread?
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I have the exact same problem. Ive been in and out of doctors and all of them just kinda brush it off. I know that i was born with nerve damage in my throat so i just kinda figured it was because of that. But  every time i ask a doctor about it they act like they don't care. One doctor prescribed prilosect (omeprazole) but all it did was made it worse. I use to think it was just the gas coming back up and i just never knew how to burp so thats just what happened. But I don't feel thats the case anymore. And i recently found out that if i lay down on my left side i will start making the "gurgle/growling" noises.

btw. im also 20 years old, male, caucasian. and my only illness, if its even considered that is severe anxiety.

if you find out anything please let me know.
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I was looking for answers on the internet about what this is, as also me and my mother have it and are sick of not knowing what it is, she says she had it since she was at school, we also have the inability to burp and make these strange noises!! my mother thought it might be due to tension,as when she's totally relaxed it doesnt seem to happen. I also find this at times. Has anyone found anything yet??

by the way, I am also 20, female, causcasian!
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i have this same problem! i havent been able to burp since i was two years old. i also get the gurgling sound and discomfort, i always thought it was just a burp trying to come out but not being able to. ive asked doctors before and they just brush it off and tell me they dont know. i have no idea what this is or what it means! i hope someone has answers!

by the way, i am 17, female, caucasian.
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My husband was unable to burp for many years.  He was actually jealous of my ability to burp loud and long.  He underwent treatment for an ulcer and amazing gained the ability to burp.  My son now has similar symptoms and we will be asking the doctor if an ulcer could be to blame.
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im the same.. i can't burp what so ever! it really annoys me, when im nervous i make this noise in my froat :/ but i do it all the time when im bloated. everyones says im weird lol all my family can burp and i can't
:( also i find it hard to swallow things. please help anyone, its embarrassing!
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I have the same problem! Ive never been able to burp and when I'm on my left side it gets really loud. I can't control it. It happens all the time for me and I'm very aware of it when I'm sitting close to someone in a quiet room. I assume if heard people would think that it's a stomach growl. My husband said it was dyspepsia buy I googled that and it said indigestion. It doesn't hurt it's just rather annoying especially   in quiet situations. I never thought about anyone else having it. But it's oviously something. I'll look further into it.
My best friend in college actually dubbed it 'the little man in my throat'. She still refers to it as that anytime she hears it. :P

btw I'm a 30 year old caucasian female  
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I was just sitting at the computer, the record just ended so it's quiet and I noticed those gurgles from my tummy I have become accustomed to and decided randomly to Google this issue.  A little glad to know I'm not alone.  I will say, no matter what this is, I am not upset I cannot belch the alphabet.  On another note, during my 27 years I have noticed things that make the gurgling worse such as doing things that make you swallow air such as chewing gum for prolonged periods of time or gulping down liquids.  Also, not eating makes the noises more frequent for me as well.  So, no replacing meals with gum, you're regret it!    
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I have the same problem!! My mother told me that even as a baby it was VERY VERY hard to make me burp. However, I have learned that every now and then I CAN burp but.... if I do, WATCH OUT!!! Everything in my stomach will be immediately behind it!!  I am also VERY underweight and have been since I was 2 or 3. Wondering if these two things might be related    ???  and I have also noticed, as "randomly" said, the noises are much worse when I go a while with out eating.

oh, and I'm 27, caucasian, female
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I, too, have always had these extrmely strange noises coming from my throat. I've never been ablle to make myself burp, but i never thought the two were connected until now. It's always been very annoying to me. It frustrates me in quiet situations. And, like 'the little man in your throat', mine was 'the monster in my throat.' lol. I've asked my doctors about it, and they never really have anything helpful to tell me.

And I'm and 18 year old, female caucasian.
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I have the exact same problem!! as I'm writing this, its happening, but it happens after I eat and because I'm still in school, have lunch there and its so loud it can be heard in the lesson!! I want to stop it please help!!

p.s. I'm female aged 16
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I have the same problem.  Gurgling/growling noises from my lower throat and/or right around my sternum.  I also have never been able to make myself burp.  Sometimes I do burp...like maybe once a year?  But it is random, no control over it, and usually accompanies a hiccup.  Speaking of which...I hiccup ALL THE TIME.  Everyday.  Several times per day.  Sometimes the hiccups are extremely painful, other times, not painful at all, but ALWAYS present, it seems.  The whole situation is so very annoying, especially specific times when you are in quiet situations, interviews, etc. :(   Wish I could make it stop.  Been doing it since elementary school and it has only gotten worse.  I am 31, female, caucasian.  Only health conditions are a thyroid disorder (hypothyroidism).
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I'm so glad I found this thread! I have the same issue of weird throat noises and sometimes it sounds like a burp, but isn't. Other times it's almost creaky. It's unbelievably embarrassing, especially on dates. I can't figure out how to make it stop, but I have noticed that it's worse when my nerves are at all on edge.
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I have the same problem!! but in addition to the gurgling noises, and inability to burp i get hiccups several times a week

-Female Caucasian 29
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It's amazing how many people on here have the same problem! I thought I was the only one! Just like everyone else, I can't burp at all. I have had the growling noises since elementary school and I am now in college. It is incredibly embarassing in quiet situations because it's hard to explain to other people. I'm sorry I can't help (yet) as I am looking for a solution as well, but I can advise laying on your right side because it stops the noises.
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i have the same thing, and i wish i could cure it too! it happens weather i eat or not, weather i drink or not! its so frustrating and embarrassing!

im 16, female, asian/hispanic (i seem to be the first non caucasian to have this problem lol)

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I'm not sure if this is relevant to your issue, as I can burp--but I also get the "throat growling." It used to be a fairly persistent issue and pretty embarrassing--it'd often happen to me more than once in class, and it's been an issue for me as long as I can remember. Turns out my problem with it was more related to acid reflux. My doctor put me on Nexium recently, which pretty much fixed it. I almost never get the "throat growls" anymore. I don't know if acid reflux could be your issue, but it might be worth asking your doctor about.
Also: I am 19, female, and caucasian.
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I too like all of you get these strange sounding noises. Mine however sound and feel like it's working it's way up but never comes out. The feeling starts at about the breast bone. I never need to open my mouth to expel like you would with a burp. When I lay down it's worse and after drinking water. And there is no way to control them. Very embarrassing when you are with a man. All I can say is "Sorry but I'm not burping".
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Do we have any solution yet to this problem?
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I have yet to find a good solution to this problem other than to vomit the air out. Sometimes I feel sick enough to bend over and it happens. Otherwise put your fingers to the back of your throat and you will do a massive burp (and then stop before you properly vomit and the problems goes away, only soon to return... I'm a doctor so I know other doctors wouldn't understand this symptom or have a medical solution. Essentially you would want something to remove the air in the stomach that you could take, but sadly such a thing does not exist!

And the idea this is acid reflux is a load of rubbish (evidenced by the fact that the problem goes away once you remove air from your stomach - but that will be what any generalist doctor will try and tell you.. or anxiety. I guess its quite rare and not serious enough for people to have investigated and written in a book.
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yep I have this too. inability to burp since I can remember. happens sometimes randomly but I think usually after I eat / drink. I don't know about you guys but it also happens when I am turned on.
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I have this too. I'm 36 and have never met anyone with it.

Was always embarrassing when I was dating cause it gets worse when I am anxious or nervous. Bit of a cycle cause I would be anxious about the noise happening at the wrong time and that made it happened!

Friends and my husband have tried to teach me to burp. No luck.

It is worse if I lay on my left side.

It is worse if I have been out at night dancing and talking loudly(regardless of drinking, although drinks do make it worse)

It is not painful. It is not acid reflux which I have had. Completely different.

It is air that wants to be released and the only way is by initiating a vomit-which is mentally exhausting as the release of air is so loud and being in a public washroom is stressful.

I would consider surgery if it was not very invasive or risky.

Commenter 14488 said 'a pocket in the throat' fixed by surgery... How can we find out more?

Please help
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I too have problems with noise. I'm taking omeprazole and and even sucralfate and its not solving anything. Rather I think its making it worse. The person who had surgery done, please let us know what kind of surgery and more details.
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