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Strange clicking sound in upper nose/check when I talk


I am a 26-year old male.  For the last week or so I have been experiencing an odd problem in the upper nose/cheek area on the left side of my face.  When I speak, especially at the ends of sentences, I hear a strange "click" sound in the area; it kind of sounds like something, like two membranes, gets stuck together and then comes apart.  There is no pain, and the clicking sound only happens when I speak.  I do have a bit of a sore throat, however, and my voice gets tired easily.  My dentist told me my jaw joint is a little inflamed, but the sound really feels like it's coming from the top of my cheek, not near my ears.

I went to an ENT, but he couldn't find any particular problem.  He even stuck some kind of hose in my ear and blew air through the passage between the ear and nose - an odd sensation, but it didn't produce any results.

Does anyone have any idea what this might be about?  Thanks for your help.
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Can anyone help me with this?  Any ideas?
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I can’t respond to your one thread with all the others, this is myoclonus of a palate muscle. I had this years ago, it came back in June after a very stressful time, worse.
After your resolved, when t did come back how long did it stay for? Did you get clicking in your ears?
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Hi tmkain! I have tried to contact you since a long time. What is your current email or any other contact?!
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