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Strange gas smell ...

Oookay, so, it's a little strange, really, because I've gotten this quite a few times over the last few years, and it usually lasts a week, sometimes less, but it's never been this strong. When I breathe in and ESPECIALLY when I breathe out I can smell gasoline, but it smells a little sweeter... It's weird and it annoys me and is distracting me from my work. Anyways, I've developed a very dry throat, my eyes have been watering constantly, and I seem to be having a harder time concentrating than usual (like my mind has become fuzzy or something), and it's not just because of the smell ... I looked up the other nose smelly things, but it all involves mysterious smoke smells, or some symptoms that I haven't had, luckily.

I've never had asthma, nor any other respiratory problems in my life, and I haven't been doing anything strange, like drugs or a different diet ... so what the heck is this? I don't want to assume the worst, but it won't stop! It happens, oh, let's say, every couple of months, and the smell comes and goes, but now it's constant, every time I breathe in AND out. It's sickening! Any help?
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I am experiencing the EXACT thing.  I am really curious to know if there are any suggested remedies for this condition. As you stated, it is really distracting, and I also find it quite annoying. I do not like the smell of gasoline, and it actually interrupts my attempts to sleep; however, once I am asleep, I sleep well.
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Starting yesteday (7/15/08), I have had the constant smell of gasoline/exhaust fumes (it's the only thing I can relate it to) in my nose.  I, too, would like to know what causes this.  It is very annoying, considering that the smell of gas/exhaust makes me nauseous.  
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Same here, exactly....it's driving me mad. everything smells and even tastes "gassy" and/or "moldy". i can't exactly put my finger on it but is has been extremely distracting and annoying.
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for the past few months I smell something like sweet, burnt logs, or old ashes but sweet.
It hits me at different times and different places so I know it is internal. Very annoying and a little scary, Like what is going wrong internally that is causing this smell? I am being treated for GERD, LPR and also have sinus problems. Have trouble swallowing and drainage.
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Very strange - I have the same problem and I have neglected telling anything for fear of sounding insane.  It's so annoying - constant smell of exhaust/gas but w/o the headache I would probably have if it was actually exhaust.  I've noticed I can no longer wear perfume, it just smells horrid and so strong and I barely spray a 1/2 spray.  I have had to take off my shirt with the perfume on it and shower just to get the smell off.

Anyone gone to the dr to get this checked out?

I do smoke and have for years but this is new... and so strange and just plain annoying.  
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I have the gas smell also. I have been getting the episodes for about 5 years. I was diagnosed with Epilepsy. Even after being medicated for it I still have the smell episodes. ( having and have had one now going on 9 days) I have had an MRI EEG and a CT done. My Drs have all dismissed me and say they don't know why. They don't even seem interested. Like I am making it up or something. I even went to the DR today and I still have no answers.
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