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Strange gas smell ...

Oookay, so, it's a little strange, really, because I've gotten this quite a few times over the last few years, and it usually lasts a week, sometimes less, but it's never been this strong. When I breathe in and ESPECIALLY when I breathe out I can smell gasoline, but it smells a little sweeter... It's weird and it annoys me and is distracting me from my work. Anyways, I've developed a very dry throat, my eyes have been watering constantly, and I seem to be having a harder time concentrating than usual (like my mind has become fuzzy or something), and it's not just because of the smell ... I looked up the other nose smelly things, but it all involves mysterious smoke smells, or some symptoms that I haven't had, luckily.

I've never had asthma, nor any other respiratory problems in my life, and I haven't been doing anything strange, like drugs or a different diet ... so what the heck is this? I don't want to assume the worst, but it won't stop! It happens, oh, let's say, every couple of months, and the smell comes and goes, but now it's constant, every time I breathe in AND out. It's sickening! Any help?
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I am experiencing the EXACT thing.  I am really curious to know if there are any suggested remedies for this condition. As you stated, it is really distracting, and I also find it quite annoying. I do not like the smell of gasoline, and it actually interrupts my attempts to sleep; however, once I am asleep, I sleep well.
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Starting yesteday (7/15/08), I have had the constant smell of gasoline/exhaust fumes (it's the only thing I can relate it to) in my nose.  I, too, would like to know what causes this.  It is very annoying, considering that the smell of gas/exhaust makes me nauseous.  
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Same here, exactly....it's driving me mad. everything smells and even tastes "gassy" and/or "moldy". i can't exactly put my finger on it but is has been extremely distracting and annoying.
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for the past few months I smell something like sweet, burnt logs, or old ashes but sweet.
It hits me at different times and different places so I know it is internal. Very annoying and a little scary, Like what is going wrong internally that is causing this smell? I am being treated for GERD, LPR and also have sinus problems. Have trouble swallowing and drainage.
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Very strange - I have the same problem and I have neglected telling anything for fear of sounding insane.  It's so annoying - constant smell of exhaust/gas but w/o the headache I would probably have if it was actually exhaust.  I've noticed I can no longer wear perfume, it just smells horrid and so strong and I barely spray a 1/2 spray.  I have had to take off my shirt with the perfume on it and shower just to get the smell off.

Anyone gone to the dr to get this checked out?

I do smoke and have for years but this is new... and so strange and just plain annoying.  
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I have the gas smell also. I have been getting the episodes for about 5 years. I was diagnosed with Epilepsy. Even after being medicated for it I still have the smell episodes. ( having and have had one now going on 9 days) I have had an MRI EEG and a CT done. My Drs have all dismissed me and say they don't know why. They don't even seem interested. Like I am making it up or something. I even went to the DR today and I still have no answers.
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Wow...count me in.  I too smell gas/exhaust wherever I go.  Burning sensation in the eyes, no different than if I were to be in an enclosed area with strong engine exhaust present.
What the heck is this anyway?
I've told my wife and she initially gave me the ol' raised brow of skepticism.  After showing her a thread like this one, she now believes me and wants and answer or two just like me.
Dan - MN
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There are many causes of phantosmia, you can google it, but notice that it often starts after a sinus infection.  A common cause, and the only one you can cure, is an infection of the upper sinuses (frontal and sphenoid) by anaerobic bacteria, which may or may not produce any other symptoms of sinusitis.  Here is the cure:

The Flip-Turn Sinus Flush is mildly risky, because you have to bend over to do it, preferably in a shower, but you can also do it outside on soft ground. A regular sinus saline irrigation won't work, because of gravity.

If it works for you, continue to flush for 3 days after the smell goes away, or it can grow back, which it did 2 times to me before I figured it out.  By the way, along with the dogpoop smell, I've also experienced, and removed, the gas smell.
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I had the same thing, I went to my doctor and she said it was related to allergies. She gave me some prescription allergy medicine and prescription nose spray. After a week it was gone!

So I think it would be a good idea to visit your doctor and see if its related to allergies.
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I've experienced the same thing...but the smell of dog poop instead of gasoline.  I was told that it was Sinusitis - an inflammation of the sinuses - which usually occurs after having a cold.  The sinuses become inflammed and trap in the mucus that usually drains out with a cold.  The mucus then starts to collect bacteria and this starts to create that awful smell.  Some home remedys are nasal decongestants, nasal sprays for inflammation, and things of that nature.  There are 2 types of Sinusitis - acute and chronic.  Acute lasts less than 4 weeks, and usually clears up on it's own.  Chronic is a lot tougher to get rid of.  It usually lasts at least 8 weeks, and most of the time has to be treated with antibiotics from your doctor.  Sometimes it takes more than one type, and usually includes an antibiotic nasal spray along with the pills.  If you still have symptoms after 4 weeks, you need to visit your doctor before it turns into a more serious condition which required surgery to clean out the sinuses and relieve the inflammation.  Good luck to everyone suffering from this!!  I hope you all feel better very soon!
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I`ve had the smell of gas and exhaust fumes for over a year. It kept us prisoner in our home.  It was so bad my wife of 58 years marriage left home on 26 April 2010 to stay with one of our daughters.  I taped the doors,  windows, blocked the vents run 2 ceiling fans, 2 portable fans and 3 extractor fans.

It was not until last week Wednesday 4 August my grand-daughter found this page on the internet. For which she has my deepest gratitude.

I saw my doctor this morning 9th who prescribed Beconase Nasal Spray and Naseptin Nasal Cream 10 days supply.  I can only pray they work
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I too have had a strange fuel smell ever since I fell and banged up my nose pretty badly.  I thought I had a sinus infection but my blood work shows no sign of infection.  This smell comes and goes and accompanies a sinus headache.  A new symptom just developed a week ago, which is hives.  All over me.  I'm wondering if they are related somehow.  My doctor seems to think I'm insane... Anyone else get hives?  Ever heard of this?
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  From freebee 975. Thought I`d let you all know how I got on with the medication, not to good.  I have an appointment with a hospital on the 2nd November. Will mkeep you all informed as to what happens.  Best of luck to all sufferers.
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Okay, I can't find any answers as to why this is happening to us!
I tell my family about it and they can't relate.

I also reassure them that it's not a smell I'm smelling in the house.  It's just something I am gathering in my nasal/sinus passages.

It's not like when I *sniff* I actually smell it, because when I sniff I am able to smell in general. When I smell the gasoline/exhaust type of smell, it's just there when I'm breathing like normal.  It's like the odor is gathering at my throat or something.  It's hard to explain.
Also, lately I've been having some sinus issues, not cold like symptoms... But typical drainage and slight ear aches. So, I have no clue!

But like I said, if I actually sniff to smell, I don't smell it anymore. It's just when I am sitting here. I swallow because my mouth doesn't seem clear and it actually is.
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I just got done with my third steroid injection for a herniated disk in my neck.  Everywhere I go I smell exhaust/gasoline.  This is driving me nuts!
My wife thinks it's a product of the steroid shots.  I feel for all of you that have this condition.  Anyone else out there with the same affliction?
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I too have this weird smell but it is more of a hot chemical smell!  I
does remind me a bit like things I might have smelled in the hospital or dentists office.I have been having it ever since I had surgery Dec. 28 2011.  I too am going crazy and everyone said it is either a memory or infection. I have no drainage so I am confused on the infection part.My left side of my face started to pull up so I went to the emergency and they thought I was having a stroke! They did CT's MRI's and no results. They kept me over night and released me to the care of my doctors.
My regular doctor ignored me, the hospital doctors ignored me. I see a neurologist on the 4th. Who knows where that will lead.  If I find anything I will report.  Good luck all, if you find more let me know. Pat
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I also have the smell of exhaust fumes.  It seems to start when my allergies are bad.  It usually goes away after a week or 10 days.  I have it now and I hope it goes away soon.  If anyone learns of a treatment or cure let us know.
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Ugh same exact problem here...My family thinks I am crazy, when I sniff I can also smell normally but when I am just breathing in and out, all i smell is exhaust fumes.  It is actually starting to make me dizzy :(  don't know where to turn...Sounds like doctors don't have an answer either...
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OMG i just want to say thanks to everyone who has posted here. i started smelling gas fumes a week ago and it keeps getting stronger. i have had my husband smell everything in the house (he is a 25 yr mechanic so he doesn't smell well let alone gas/oil smells) but even my bloodhound nose could not sniff it out. then i thought it was coming out of my pores. my eyes burn and i get migraines when i smell the slightest gasoline (and have had a 24/7 headache for 4 yrs now with no idea why) at first i thought it was in my head. a phantom smell, which made sense as i suffered sever abuse as a child. but then i realized i don't smell it as strongly outside where there is more space. i have had some minor allergy issues as its that time of year but nothing bad. had my second sinus surgery a few months ago and all is good and open. at least i have something now to go to my dr's with and if nothing else i know i'm NOT crazy. that means more to me than anything cuz i was about ready to have them commit me. thank you!
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i sometimes get a like sweet smell of lamp oil,  and recently, for 2 days got the smell of like iodine, happens every couple or 3 months, very sweet smell like scented lapm oil , can't flush it out, just goes away on it's own, had it about 5 years now, really strange and annoying but can't figure what it means or why it happens, i'm pretty sure it's not natural!! no other basic symptoms of anything wrong or different when it comes on, all times of year, usually lasts 1-1.5 weeks, no matter where i go it follows!! wowo pretty weird!!??
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I had a bad cold and flu in June, right at the time the air conditioners were being changed in my house. I thougth I could smell gas and was convinced that there was a leak. The technician came and checked everything but couldnt find a leak anywhere. The smell kept getting stronger and stronger but no one else could smell it. I began to smell this gas smell no matter if I was out of the house or in someone elses house.. or at the hospital where my daughter gave birth... I was really worried and couldnt find any answers on doing a google search.
After about 3 weeks the smell went away, but its back since the past week and today I started getting a sore throat.
By some good fortune I found this forum as I was searching for an answer for this strange delima..I cant say enough about how relieved I am that I am not alone in this strange situation. Has anyone seen an Otolaryngologist? It was suggested on one of the medical websites to see this type of Doctor to rule out that this strange smell is not being caused by other health problems.
I hope I can find some respite for this . I dont smoke or drink but I am overweight . And during the flu I had in June i was taking anti biotics, cough syrups and a tiny capsule that I had to just swallow ... it was a medicine to ease the sore throat and the infection in my the back of my throat. Could this tiny capsule that had medicine which coated my throat have caused this strange smell? I think it was called Benzonate or something like that. .
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I too have this issue, & have had it now for close to a year now. It started as me smelling a diesel fuel type smell, for a few days, then it went away. A few months later it came back, this time lasting longer. It now happens at least once a month now, and lasts for anywhere from a week, to at the worst, about 3 weeks straight. I can smell other smells, but the diesel/gasoline smell is the one that I have ALL the time. It interferes with my sleep, & actually makes me nauseous occasionally, and very light-headed. I also have developed a sore throat with it the last 3 or 4 times, and it gets worse every time now. I can't take it anymore. My doctor doesn't seem at all concerned, says it's a sinus infection & gave me a nasal spray that did not work. I am at a loss & it's literally driving me crazy! I am so glad I am not alone in this, but am very sorry you all are suffering. I noticed that the first post was in February of 2008....has anyone actually found out what this is, or a possible treatment for it? I recently received a Neti-Pot & am planning on trying it tonight. If I get ANY relief, I will post here. I am also seeing my Neurologist soon, (for another condition) but will be mentioning this to him as well. If I get ANY info, I will post it here, but if I don't post, then I have no new info.

Good luck to all who suffer with this....may you find relief soon!
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I had an issue with smelling/tasting gasoline or kerosene in my mouth.  I also have/had striations in my fingernails.  After seeing my doctor, I found out I was zinc deficient.  A simple zinc supplement twice a day has cured this awful taste.  

I hope this helps you!
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I thought I was going mad!
had this for 3 weeks solid now :-(
A bit wary about going to the dr about it, but its driving me nuts!
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