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Sudden hearing loss

I am Hemant Modak from Pune, India and my daughter Dhrutee has suffered 'Sudden Hearing Loss' on 20th June 2012. Till that time, her hearing and speech was normal.

Brief history : She is 2 yrs 3 months old(DOB 3-Mar-2010). She was born premature(34 weeks) and was weighing 1.5 Kg then. Now she weighs 9.8 Kg. She was in Noenatal ICU for 8 days after birth. Her development there was normal.
A hearing screening test done on 6th day of birth and a BERA test conducted after 3 months of her birth were normal.

We reported her condition to her pediatrician on 21st June 2012 morning.
A BERA test done on 21st June has confirmed the loss to be severe to profound in both ears.

CT scan done on 22nd June 2012 has revealed following.
"Findings are suggestive of enlarged endolymphatic sac with dilated vestibular
aqueduct bilaterally (Ieft>right) with no obvious cochlear/vestibular or semi
circular canal deformity."

Dhrutee was on medication(mild steroids) from 22nd June 2012 on a 9 days tapering course.

We have observed a behavioral change in her from 25th June 2012 evening. She is more playful since then.
Also we have observed that she is responding(turning head in the direction of sound, also responding verbally at times) to some audio signals in 3-4 feet vicinity since 27th June 2012.

A BERA test done on 02nd July 2012 has confirmed the loss to be moderate in both ears.

Currently she is on no medication.
I solicit your advice/suggestions for her.
Thanks in advance.

I have all her medical reports scanned. If required, I can send those across.

- Hemant
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Hello and hope you are doing well.

Understand your predicament.
But sudden Sensorineural loss of hearing is due damage to the hair cells or nerves that sense sound waves. This can occur with acoustic trauma, barotrauma or head  trauma. It can also be due to certain medications or infections. Certain inner ear disorders like Ménière disease, acoustic neuroma or vascular disorders could cause this. Treating the primary cause and anti inflammatory medications form the mainstay of therapy.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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