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Sudden onset of symptoms

Just after Christmas I became very sick with Strep throat.  Hadn't had strep in years and it was a pretty bad case.  I was prescribed 875 mg of straight Amoxicillin.  

Well after a nap a few days later (I should also note here that I had also just lugged my artificial tree downstairs by myself) I woke up and the left side of my neck was in pain, almost as if I had pulled a muscle (pain can be felt from shoulder to behind my left ear).  I thought maybe I had just napped on it wrong but almost a week later, I am still dealing with left sided neck pain.  If I try and touch my head to my left shoulder I get like a burning/jarring like pain (if that makes any sense).   Same if I try and stretch my neck to the right.  Accompanied with all of this is a headache, however the above symptoms do seem relieved with Tylenol.

Along with this I've also noticed that I've got some major pressure in my left ear.  Also mild pressure in my sinus area and now I am even feeling a dull burning pain down my left arm.   Not sure what that's all about.  

A while back I did visit with an ENT Dr because of the pressure in my left ear.  Tests were ran such as a hearing test as well as a pressure test and the pressure in my left ear is not where it should be BUT not entirely horrible.  Hearing was perfect, thank goodness.  My eustachian is not functioning properly, that is what he did note.  However, he's not sure why it suddenly went faulty??  I guess he doesn't want to try and figure out either, which is a bit disturbing.  

Anyways...........do any of these symptoms seem alarming to you?  Any thoughts are appreciated!
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