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Swallowing Problems

My Name is Kell, I am an 18-year old female.
I am hypoglycemic, anemic, and have a family history of B12 deficiency.
For years, I have had problems swallowing, breathing, and talking. I choke on liquids almost every day.
Over the past year, my symptoms have gotten alot worse - unexplainable vomiting, vomiting at the first sign of a cold, loss of appetite, and a constant feeling that there is something stuck in my throat. I've asked my GP who says that I may just have a Thyroid problem, but doesn't seem to understand what I'm trying to tell her. Despite it being brought up multiple times, she still doesn't try to find out what's wrong.

I am frequently lightheaded and nauseous. This is probably because of my hypoglycemia, but I'm not sure.
I find the problem starts in my throat and works its way down throughout the day - other days I'm perfectly fine.
Tried taking iron tablets as a recommendation from my doctor, but they made the vomiting worse.

Has anyone had similar symptoms?
I can barely drink an entire glass of water without choking anymore, and it's starting to get very tiring.
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