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Swallowing pain for few months now.

I have had a swallowing pain for the last few months and there is also a small lump on the front of my neck just under the skin.  the lump has been there for several months and the ENT i saw said it was probably just a lymph node.  I had a CT scan done with contrast and it didn't show anything.  I don't have any difficulty swallowing and actually don't have any pain when swallowing food its usually when i swallow with a dry mouth or just swallowing saliva.  its a sharp pain on the right side of my throat that i feel.  My ENT said to just give it some time and I have but is has not got any better.  Somedays it hurts a little even without swallowing other days i barely notice it.  I will gladly give anymore needed info.  the pain doesn't actually appear to be in my throat because like i said it doesn't hurt to swallow any type of food.  Should i see another ENT?  There are so many to choose from I'm not sure what criteria I should look for or just pick one at random

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Wow, this is pretty much exactly the same thing I have, whatever it is:

Mild pain in the throat area. Pain when swallowing saliva (not food or liquids). E.t.c.

Except that I do not have a lump under my skin and that it's been going on for about 5 years now, intermittently and at different levels of intensity.

The pain seems to change side from time to time which is weird.

I am having a lot of pain these days which pushed me to look into it yet again.

I have seen an ENT twice in the first few years who looked down my throat with a nose camera and reported nothing at all.

If you ever get a diagnosis please let me know as it may lead me to a diagnosis of my own.


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I too have the same symptoms.  A sharp pain in the front of my neck/throat, but no apparent lumps.  I only notice the pain when I swallow hard or sneeze.  Some days it is worse than others. Some days I have no pain at all.  I'm not sure what triggers it but it seems to get worse after I've drank alcohol.  But there are also times that I haven't had any alcohol and it still comes back.
I have been to an ENT three times now for this and he cannot find any thing.  He has treated me for acid reflux (his first diagnosis) with no success. He has put a little scope down my throat and saw nothing.  Then I was sent for a CAT Scan with contrast and also nothing came up. Nothing abnormal appears in the throat or frontal neck area.  It's frustrating because I know I'm not imagining the pain.  I just kind of learned to live with it.  I've had it for over a year now, and it hasn't really gotten worse.  So I figure that if it was something really serious like cancer then I would probably be pretty sick by now or notice some other symptoms.  
If anyone ever does find out what the real cause of their pain is please post and let us know.
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Is have a similar situation - pain when swallowing saliva, but no other symptoms.  Anyone rec'd a diagnosis of what causes this situation?
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I have been experiencing the same type of intermittant pain on the right side of my neck/jaw/under ear area. There is a little lump by my larynx that does not hurt. It hurts when I swallow and when I blow my nose. It feels as if I have an ear infection. An oncologist said it was not lymphoma or thyroid or throat cancer (upon examination and interview). My ENT looked down my throat, into my ears, up my nose and felt around the whole area, including inside the back of the mouth. After a lot of prodding, he found some points of intense pain on the inside of my mouth just under the ears. He says that I have inflamed jaw and neck muscles that are pinching a nerve and that days I chew something very chewy probably cause more pain the next day. He told me to take NSAIDs for a month, go see the dentist to get a custom mouthguard fitted or buy one from the drug store, and eat soft, mushy food for a month to calm down the muscles. I'm going to give it a try.
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I forgot to mention that my ENT said my jaw and neck muscles were inflamed due to possible teeth clenching or grinding at night.
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I have the same thing- a pain right under my jaw on the right side of my neck.  It hurts to the touch, and to swallow- but only when I turn  my head.  No other lumps, symptoms or anything.  Went to see my doctor about it and he thinks it is a pulled muscle on the front of my neck- since this first appeared in the morning I now wonder whether I aggravated in while sleeping (like gibbergirl says).  It's a frustrating pain but it seems like it is nothing to worry about...?  
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