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Swollen Adenoids?

My 6 year old daughter has chronic sinus congestion and drainage, ear stuffiness with it being hard to hear sometimes, chronic feeling of something bothering her throat and she says it is hard to breathe in her throat. The pediatrician has said her symptoms are from allergies so she has been on Zyrtec and Flonase for awhile now. That has helped in the past but for the last 4-5 months she is complaining of these symptoms even when she does not have a cold. He has also prescribed an inhaler that helps when she gets a bad coughing attack but she is still saying it is hard to breath in her throat. I am wondering if she has enlarged adnoids. I know whe has very large tonsils and has trouble with certain foods getting stuck but she has never had strep throat. She does have noisy breathing when she sleeps but not a ton of snoring but always has dark circles under her eyes. Any thoughts?? I am thinking of getting a second opinion from an ENT.
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It can be because of adenoid enlargement at this age, better to get an X-ray of the adenoids done. This will show if at all any block is there. Also, you can try instilling saline nasal drops 2drops 3 times/day. If possible consult another ENT specialist.

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Has she ever had a ct scan? My daughter suffered sinus and ear troubles. The doctors said it was allergys. After I pushed for a ct scan it was discovered that she had a safety pin in her nasal cavity. So, a ct scan would not hurt.    
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