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Swollen Lymph Nodes


I am 37 yo female (Australian) living in Philippines.  Have hypothryoid (treated with thyroxine), asthma, allergic rhinitis, food allergies (recently becoming more of a problem - itching frequently, flushing / turn bright red 4 occasions so far only starting this year - is food related, but have not been able to link to specific food yet).

I have swollen neck lymph nodes, both in throat and along my neck (behind the sternocleodomastoid muscle). They are small, hard, and rubbery.  There are quite a few (about 10) that I can easily feel.  I have had some of these for a long time (maybe years)... but there seem to be more of these than before...

Recently I had skin test for TB (my dr. testing because have been complaining of extra tired/energy crashes, flushing, and no obvious explanation).  This was positive - 27mm.  However,  chest x-ray and sputum test were clear.  Dr. has recommended INH for 6 months.  I am electing no treatment for now because I have to travel for social event and can't afford to have trouble with meds /side effects at that time.  

Question: should there be any further evaluation be done on the lymph nodes or nothing to worry about.  I am concerned in case this is related to the TB skin test.  If I really had TB and just take INH instead of multidrug treatment, could this cause more problems....

Thank you.
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