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Swollen SubMandibular Gland

Several months ago I noticed that my Submandibular gland was swollen.  Well at first I believed it to be a lymph node and before that I never even bothered to check out my nodes.  I showed this to the doctor and he checked it out and thought the glands were "slightly" swollen.  A month later I had an ultrasound on the area and the report came back stating that nothing was abnormal about the Submandibular gland this was in march of this year.  I had a second doctor look at it and same response "Not really too bad nothing to worry about"

The only health issue with my mouth was I had infected gums around the time I discovered this.  (I need a root canal and two teeth pulled plus I had massive build up of tartar and my gums were in sad shape according to the dentist)  However the gum issue has been cleaned up.

The swelling is not consistient, some days it is bigger than others but never bigger than my thumb which apparently is a normal size for the gland anyways.  It just feels firmer to me.  It happens on both sides but the right side seems to get affected more when it does happen.  it does not hurt really unless I play with it and sometimes it leads to a slight discomfort in my ears but never pain.

Is this normal to have happen?  It is not swollen all the time and perhaps it is not even swollen just my paranoia.  Also since an ultra sound right on the area revealed nothing and nothing has changed since that ultrasound.  

I was just wondering if I should bring this up again to have it looked at further in depth or just leave it.

I am 33 years old, male have smoked in the past.
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Heyyy..I'm a 20 year old female college student and I've been home from college for 3 1/2 weeks now. It started with an apparent virus that landed me in the hospital with elevated liver enzymes + millions of other symptoms. They diagnosed me with mono-hepatitus even though my mono test came back negative.  

Then, I developed a sore throat with white patches which is strep (apparently because no tests just doctor looking at throat) and I started ammoxycillin like 4 days ago. My sore throat is on and off but now my JAW is clicking and i have a swollen gland in front of my ear/jaw. It's bothering me so bad.  I can't stand being home anymore and my doctor just keeps telling me that I have to wait it out and not to worry about every little thing. Well easy for them to say when they dont have to sit with it.

I'm missing school and I need answers.  Does this jaw thing come with Strep/Mono? UGHH
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Ok folks.  This seems to be something that is going around.  I have had similar symptoms. I posted something and no one has answered.  I will copy and paste it for you to read.  Those of you who have found white patches and have had bad teeth, get them pulled at once.  Dead teeth harbor bacteria and cause a lot of problems.  Every tooth in your mouth is directly linked to an internal organ in your body.  Look it up online, it's true.  If you let your teeth go bad it has consequential effects on your blood and your organs.
Below is my original posting:

   My tongue has been swollen for the last two months.  (I had a dead tooth that was infected under the gumline and didn't know that this was most likely the cause of all my troubles.  Read on)  

I went to the ER and was told I had Pharyngitis with a submandibular swelling (forgot the exact word used for swelling), I was told to take antibiotics.  I went to see my doc, he told me I had THRUSH and gave me NYSTATIN to take, which I did for 3 WEEKS with no help.  My doc sent me to an EYE EARS NOSE AND THROAT doc, I asked him if maybe the dead tooth could be causing the Thrush and swollen tongue, he said NO, IT'S PROBABLY NERVES OR ALLERGIES.  I did a swab of my tongue and a swab of my mucus from down in my throat, I was told by his receptionist that the tests came back looking fairly normal.

I went back to my doc again after he told me that my BILE level was high in my blood test.  I also told him I had abdominal pain and found a little lump on my anus.  He told me that the lump was a wart and that was probably what was causing my abdominal pain, I must have warts inside my intestines.  (from a virus)

Also, after showing him a lattice work of white that went up the inside of my cheek and right up to my DEAD TOOTH, he then told me that the tooth was probably the cause of all this misery.
YES, AFTER I ASKED BOTH HIM AND THE EYE EARS NOSE AND THROAT GUY and they both said no the first time, I then went to a dentist and had the tooth pulled.  She agreed with me, saying the tooth was DEAD and the roots were infected and probably the cause of this whole thing.

Now, my question is:  Now that the tooth has been extracted, what do I do next?  I still seem to have a white coating on my tongue which gets worse when I get nervous.
Should I ask my doc for a new prescripton of Nystatin or some other anti-fungal?  Or just let everything go back to normal by itself.

Also, if you have dead teeth, please have them taken out.  They are a big health hazard.

OK, that was my original posting.  now after reading this blog I see a lot of people are having the same problems.  

There must be two things going on here.  First, the bad teeth.  GET THEM YANKED!!!   Second:  TOO MUCH ANTIBIOTICS CAN CAUSE FUNGAL INFECTIONS IN YOUR MOUTH SUCH AS THRUSH!!!!
Third:  Too much stress can cause swollen glands and swollen tongue, which I have.

Every doc so far thinks its no big deal.  Please don't drive yourself nuts.  I now have abdominal pain and its scaring the hell out of me but I refuse to let it get to me.  I have pain under my belly and right above my crotch.  Sometimes it feels like its my testicles until I feel around there and notice that there is really no tender spot.  

Some type of virus is going around.  The docs don't know what it is and they are grasping for straws.  

The milky substance in the mouth is from bacteria buildup on the back part of your tongue.  Scrape your tongue and keep your mouth clean.  Drink some tea or eat some soup to clear your tongue once in a while.  It's been over 2 months so far with my tongue being swollen, I just had my bad tooth pulled out a little over a week ago.  I am still waiting to see if my tongue comes down.

Good luck to all.  Anyone with info you can contact me at Lasin007 at hotmail.  
My submandibular salivary glands have been swollen almost 2yrs I have no teeth and I feel sick all the time when they swell real big my body aches and feels like all the water in my body is being draw out than the cramps in my legs and hands start. I have been put on antibiotics, steroids, I can’t take anti-inflammatories. What I read said it could be a virus just to  many to list. How are things on your rend.
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I put down that there must be two things going on here and I listed three things.  LOL.
I know, I am losing it.  LOL.  Take care all.
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I woke up one morning and my jaw was clicking like crazy.  All my glands in my face and neck were swollen.  My jaw muscles were swollen too, which is what was causing my jaw to click since it couldn't open and close correctly.  Stop stressing.  The stress will make it worse.  Also, you may have allergies.  Take some antihistamine and see if anything subsides.  Also the white patches that look like tonsillitis,  I was told by the eye ear and nose doc that everyone has patches.  This is where the dead cells collect.  Gargle with warm salt water.  do not use alcohol to gargle.  It has been found that alcohol used to gargle that far back in the throat can cause cancer.  Only use rinses like Lysterine to rinse your mouth only.  And, I had the elevated bile levels in my blood test also.  Do you have any abdominal pain?  Write me and let me know. I think we both have a virus.  Not mono.
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I did have abdominal pain while I was in the hospital. It was between my rib cages and under my right rib, which is where your liver is located. I was told that it was just due to inflammation from the virus (whatever it may be). My second week home from the hospital, they did an abdominal scan where I drank barium and had the dye injected.  They said it came back normal except for a cyst on my liver, which my doctor said was prob from the virus because it affected my liver so much.  

I called my Uncle last night because he's a podiatrist (I know its a foot doctor but he went to medical school) and he said that my swollen glands near my ear/jaw are probably just the toxins leaving my body through my lymphatic system. He said if I do have strep throat that the toxins will leave through the lymphatic system last and so you'll feel them linger the longest.

However, today I woke up and my throat is killing me again.  I still feel swollen all around my jaw and like glands by my ear. I'm soo sick of this.  I went from being a 4.0 student to sitting home for a month missing college.

What type of virus do u think we have? In the hospital, they already said I did have a virus but they just don't know what it is. Then when I came home, my family doctor called it mono-hepatitus + strep throat...

I dont know anymore..
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Also, I have a white line on the inside of my cheeek? And a white tongue? Ughhhh
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You have a white line on the outside of your face?  I had white on the inside of my cheeks which seems to be slowly going away.  

Did your stomach area and your liver area always feel like there was gas behind it? And if you ate something you felt like you got filled up really fast?
Also, with the abdominal pain, did you notice any warts (which I have 1 only) around your anus?  My doc told me it was due to a virus and that I probably have a virus in my intestines which is causing the abdominal pain, but I still have to go to a gastro doc to have checked.

Funny how some docs don't know what's going on.  it seems a lot of people are getting this.  The white tongue is just that your tongue is dry.  We all have hair like things on our tongues.  Brush your tongue and keep it clean.  Just like your doc uncle said probably all the toxins are being released thru our mouth and that is why we have oral symptoms.  Just keep your mouth clean, drink tea, eat unflavored natural yogurt or take those pills from the health food store that have the yogurt cultures in it.  This will help keep your mouth in balance with its natural bacteria and germs.

As for the virus that we have, I haven't a clue and I don''t think the docs really know either.  We have to endure the storm.  I am waiting for my doc to call me with my liver/gall bladder sonic gram.  I hope everything is ok with that.

Let me know how you make out.  don't be scared, it will all pass.  make yourself some natural chicken soup.  Jewish moms know what they are doing.  LOL.  
Feel better.
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I read your first sentence wrong.  I now see you said you have a white line on the INSIDE of your cheek.  Did you or do you have any bad teeth in your mouth?  Dead teeth?  Root canal teeth that have cracked, or the filling has come out of?  Cavities?
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As far as I know, no bad teeth.  This all came suddenly with the virus.

The abdominal pain just felt like achey and full.  It's slowly gone but I still feel it around my liver every now and then. Also, no warts, as far as I know.

The white tongue. You could be right.  Or it could be that thrush from all the different antibiotics. I don't know. I just have that extreme pressure on the side of my ear next to my cheek and jaw bone and the jaw clicking. It's so annoying. I can't stand it.  I feel like I should have it looked at but my doctor has seen me so much since this virus that he's acting like I'm making big deal over nothing.  

It's very real to me though.  I should try the yogurt thing though.
One thing I dont understand is that, I've been on antibiotic (Ammoxxicyllin) since Friday. So why would my glands still be all messed up?

I just talked to my friend's mom, who was one of my nurses in the hospital and she thinks that it should have been cleared up by now with being on the antibiotic that long. It's a 10 day one but usually you feel better in like a couple days.

Ive ben doing the salt water, soup, etc. Nothings helped. I need to get back to school ASAP. I'm really depressed. This whole thing has like taken my life and put it at a stand-still. I get blood work tomorrow again to check my levels.

Hope everything works out with your scan.
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As I said, the docs think we are making more of this than what they see.  My liver and stomach feel swollen all the time and the lower abdominal pain.  I still have some white on my cheeks and I also see collections of dead cells back at the sides of my tongue near where my tonsils are.  My ENT doc said thats where the dead cells normally collect, not to worry about it.

Actually, you should be able to go back to school.  No  one has told me to stay home or to avoid being active.  don't sit home and get depressed.  Get back in the game again.  You'll feel better.  Also, I saw a posting of yours on another site.  You even gave the warning to someone else not to get too into looking this stuff up online.  It makes you more nervous.  Don't forget, others could have similar symptoms but have different problems.  But, you and I seem to have the same thing all the way around.
Keep in touch and let me know what's going on.  You seem like a nice girl and I hope all goes well for you.  Try to do some of your school work at home.  Call your professors and see if they can assign you stuff to do.  Don't give up.
Lata Potata.
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Thanks for your advice.

How did you find my posting? Haha. No one has answered me on the other site.
How did you know it was me?

I really hope you're right.
Def. keep in touch.
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I searched in Google for mono-hepatitis and one of the first things that came up was a partial paragraph saying that "I'm a 20 year old female, etc, etc."  I followed the link and it came up to the page with a posting with a screen name kinda  similar to yours.  LOL.  I knew it was you right away.
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Haha..I get you.

My mom called the doctor before and he let me go for blood work this afternoon instead of tomorrow morning. They already called back.

The nurse said my levels are "doing better." I only know the one level she gave me.
It was the alkaline phos- somtin and it was 185.
She didn't tell me the rest of them or my blood platelets.

I guess that's good news.

I have pressure all over the side of my face near my temples now. It never ends.
I want to wake up and feel gooood for once.
Thanks for being concerned.

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Courtney, you see that my name TOOTHDK is colored blue, that means you can click on that link and go to my profile page.  Feel free to write me direct and let me know what's going on with you.  I am concerned for you as a human being and also because we both seem to have had the same problems.  A friend of mine who works for a dentist was insistent that my bad tooth was the cause of all my mouth problems, but it seems you have the same problems in your mouth as I do, and you also have the problems with abdominal pain and the liver levels being a little high in the blood test.
This to me proves that maybe I had two things going on at the same time and even though my tooth is pulled now I still have the original problem of warts in my intestines from a virus and the white patches on the inside of my cheeks.  

keep in touch.

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I never answered your question about the antibiotics.

Amoxicillin is used for BACTERIAL infections.  What we have is a VIRAL infection.  You are taking antibiotics that you don't need.  If you are still taking it, EAT THE YOGURT or TAKE THE YOGURT CULTURE PILLS.  The Amox  will cause the THRUSH to get worse.  If your doc told you that you have a viral infection, then you need to get antibiotics to kill the virus.  I am not sure that Amox does this, so it would be a good idea to find out before you take 10 days worth of this for nothing.
Feel better.
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Okay thank you.

About the Amoxicillin.  They said I had strep throat on top of my virus and that is why I got the antibiotic.  Strep is a bacterial infection so they said it would clear that up, but not touch the virus obviously.

However, I am still having throat symptoms.  And my jaw is still clicking and my whole mouth is messed up and hurts on the side next to my ear.

My mom called the dentist and explained everything so I am going to try to get in to see him ASAP. Even if it's not my teeth causing this problem, maybe he can shed some light on it.

I will get in touch with you via your information. This just seems really quick.
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Whatever way you want to contact me is fine.  No biggy.
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until now am still paranoid...but really thanks so much for yer reply...i do appreciate and i now feel a lil relieved.

and since it seems that you know alot a bout these...what do you think is causing this CHRONIC INFLAMATION? is GERD ( acid reflux) one of them? well thats the only thing i could think of..there are times when my throat feels so tight and a lil acidic and like right now the ride side of my throat hurts a little.----( well, prolly coz i keep touching it) it's really making me conscious and really annoyed and scared.

and is fine needle biopsy a reliable procedure??

thanks and god bless
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a hypochondria swollen gland stressed out club ------LOL but SOUNDS FUN TO ME =)

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Hi, I am a 27 yr old male and for the last 3 or 4 days ive kinda not been feeling right from when ive woken up and have notice that my left gland (under my jaw on my neck) is slightly swollen and tender now and again in certain positions.  It has been slightly tender for about the past 5 days  on and off (come days more than others) and I feel generally a little unwell.  My symptoms are that I feel like i have a slightly burny stomach, and quite often feel a little bit shivery like im on the verge of having a temperature but not quite full on shivering.  I also go through bouts of feeling very hungry and yesterday I went through a few hours of getting a bit stuffy and hot and sweaty.  Then at the supermarket checkout, i felt kinda dizzy and light headed like i was about to faint so i sat down and ate some sausage rolls and a mars bar, and over the course of about 10 mins i felt quite a bit better apart from i was still a bit shaky in the legs??!  This morning, I woke up feeling a little shivery again and my gland seems to be a little bit more up again today? has anyone else had similar symptoms or have any idea what it could be?? Please please can someone help me as Im a real worrier when it comes to my health

Many Thanks

- Snowy
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you probably won't see this but i have the same prob with the gland under my jaw the past week. i was going 2 go to doctor but after reading all these comments i don't think i need 2. its on the left side and its not particularly sore just annoying coz i know its there.i dont have any dizzy spells though. i just feel abit off but i am completely stressed out at the mo, tryin to get a communion dress finished and working a full time job.i am suffering with abit of indigestion lately but i am probably eating too fast and at the wrong times.if your feeling unwell in yourself i would get it checked out coz your only goin 2 worry urself. hope this helps.
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I am shocked to see how many people are having these symptoms.  I have a very sore throat, swollen sub mandibular gland on the right side, and pain on my right side under my last ribs and shivering with no fever.  Could this all be caused by some type of nano-virus.  I have read that certain types of "new" viruses somehow prevent the bodies ability to fight them off with a fever thus the shivering with no elevated temp.  I've been gargling with hydrogen peroxide and even oil pulling (an Ayurvedic practice of swishing oil, usually sesame, in your mouth to remove toxins).  I also even tried Edgar Cayce's Castor oil packs.  Its not been long enough to know if its working, but I've given up on doctors.  
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ok i'm amazed!!! ---here is my story: july 2007 i had all my top teeth(what few i had) and a few bottom teeth except for 8 front teeth pulled (12 in all)  had temporary dentures until about feb  2008 then those were replaced with better fitting what they called permanent dentures..now i foresee having to have the rest of these teeth pulled!! i had a swollen gland in my neck for about 4 months now since i really hadnt been in no major distress i kept putting it off on allergies-which i know i have probs with...first week of june 08 my 4yr old son had a earache with the come a go fevers--beginning the 2nd week he came from outside and told me his ear had popped ---ok!!! now we might get some relief...it started draining ...and then pouring...then the color of the drainage started turning colors of infection--time to go to the doctor can't put off any longer---ammocillian( he was already on claritan d for his allergies which was prescribed  about a month before when he had fever, earache,sore throat,running nose and or congestion)
the next day my mom took me to the doctor i was diagnosed with strep throat and for about 2 days i was in bed couldnt eat drink and didnt really care---i was miserable!!! week later my husband had it!!! the month of june sucked for us!!! june 30 i was due a 3 month checkup from previous issues and while there i asked my doc about the swollen gland in my neck and also asked her about a thyroid test being done well she done the thyroid test but made me an appt. to another doc for my swollen gland(july 15th) after reading all the others with similar probs it may be pointless!  

i thought that i would add a possible reasoning for these symptoms that might pertain to others on here:
chiropractor may be able to help----if your neck or back bone is out of alignment that could affect many parts of your body...such as your neck alignment may affect sinuses, thyroid, tonsils, shoulders to fingers etc... and lower parts of vertebrae affects general areas in that region....
go to website called chiromatrix this is so cool just click on area of injury, misalignment, herniated disc....and it pops up a block with all of the organs or body parts that is affected listed!!!

this is the first time i ever actually wrote/participated in a forum/blog.
just felt the need to add my 2 cents!!!LOL
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hey my sub gland swelled every time i eat something went to the doctor he said nothing wrong went to him again and he gave me an ultrasound and they found to stones in my gland they did two surgurys to get them out and faild so they removed my  whole submandibulr gland and it worked. now i have an awsome 8inch scare across my neck and its thick to. so could be stones in ur gland. but if they try to remove the stones first before removing the gland be prepaird for ALOT I MEAN ALOT OF PAIN NO JOKE...  they cut from under your tonge with a nife and the cant freeze u or put u under so u got to deal with the pain. ull be soked in sweat after that surgary.. dident mean to scare anyone lol
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My girlfriend is having some trouble with her throat and possibly her sinusis.  It started when she felt like her throat was contracting and it was hard to get air..Then she noticed a few yellowish bumps/lumps at the very back of her throat.  When she swallows it's like a "clicking noise and a feeling of something rubbing in her throat/neck further down   She hasn't had pain but more recently it has started buring some what.

She did go to our doctor and she did a throat culture for strep and a mono test.  Both came back negitive.  She gave her Amoxacillin for drainage and hoped that would help, but it didn't.  She is going to look at her throat again on the 15th.  We are just getting worried because the meds didn't help and the doctor seemed unsure of why her throat was like that and her toncills are swollen so much.

Also, we're curious to see if it could be related to absessed teeth or frequent infections...
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it sounds like u girl has tonsillitis i don't think its related to what we have because i been having swollen Submandibular glands for almost 2 years i had every kind of test done and even tried a new doc
and the all said the same thing that i was fine and my glands were just blocked up and gave me antibiotics well this never worked so i just stop worrying and iv been having crohn's for 2 years since i was 16 and been i the hospital for more than a month so in all that experience i learned that most doctors are stupid and never trust them they can easily misidentify a problem are just might have never heard  of the problem u have so i would do some research online before u go to a doc just look at all ur symptoms and search them online to see wat u could possibly have so u can help ur doctor identify ur illness and all of u who have swollen glands i wouldn't worry just get a ct r something to check for cancer just to be ok  and i think most of u r fine cuz ur salivary glands can swell up for shitloads of reasons  the most common reasons r  smoking  r mouth breathing during sleep so think if u do any of these then that is probably ur glands r swollen somake shur ur mouth is never dry and if they r hurting then massage them drink allot of fluids and keep the saliva flowing   hope i helped  yal and stop worrying cuz i have had this gland **** plus crohns disease for 2 years and im still alive so just take wat life gives u and make the best of it with no regrets
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Around Dec13rd, 2008 I got the flu, but it went away.  Around dec26th, still weak from the flu, I got a cold which turned into an ear infection.  I noiced around the new year that my righ submandibular gland was swollen.  I went 2 the doctor and he gave me amoxicillin.  I finished all my pills aroun jan5th, but my gland is still swollen and now I have recurring mild pain around my left tonsill which sometimes affects my ear.  

Is this still part of my infection  or is it something different?
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If you are having teeth and gum pains with swollen glands which may or may not include ear pain and TMJ has been ruled out (or you have no jaw clicking, bite problems, or teeth grinding), you've had root canals or extractions (on molars) and they didn't work and your still having teeth/gum pain and swollen glands and even light touch or pressure anywhere from your ears down your cheeck to your jaw and gumline make the pain worse.  DO NOT GET ANYMORE ROOT CANALS OR EXTRACTIONS FOR ANY MOLARS Here is what you should ask to get tested for:
1) wikipedia the gland you have swollen (it is probably the parotid gland)
3) Gland stones can be removed w/o surgury, if small enough your doctor can just push the stone through where it is stuck in the office with a local anesth.  If it's larger you do not have to go through the painful surgery someone listed above, the stones can be broken smaller and dissolved with ultrasound just like kidney stones can.
5) I AM NOT A DOCTOR, THIS IS MY EXPERIENCE AND MAY NOT BE FOR EVERYONE BUT IT IS A RARE CONDITION MOST REGULAR DOCTORS WILL PROBABLY NOT THINK OF ON THEIR OWN BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT FAMILIAR WITH IT AND THE SYMPTOMS MASK THEMSELVES AS EAR, NOSE, THROAT, AND MOSTLY DENTAL PROBLEMS WHEN IN FACT THEY ARE NOT SO YOUR DOC MAY KEEP TELLING YOU GO TO THE DENTIST OR GO TO THE ENT, SO THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED TO EXPLAIN TO HIM/HER.  Still have toothaches, swollen gums and glands? Ear pain? or a combination of all of the above or the symptoms playing musical chairs and keep switching on you?  The bad news: this is misdiagnosed as dental problems or infections even though multiple dentists and multiple oral surgeries and antibiotics WILL NOT FIX IT.  IT WILL NOT GO AWAY ON ITS OWN. Wikipedia Trigeminal Neuralgia and/or Atypical Trigeminal Neuralgia.  Talk to your doctor about this, he/she may not be familiar with the disease and how to treat it.  You may have severe depression if you've had this condition long, i've had mine 3 years, when untreated i can only eat about 4 bites of food every other day, even soft foods like pudding, mashed potatoes, ice cream scares me because sometimes the sucking on the spoon or food rubbing gums or getting stuck in between teeth can cause a sharp pain and make the constant pain 10x worse.  I'm afraid of shaving my face because if if rub the wrong way or press too hard in the wrong spot the pain will be worse the rest of the day (you do not want to start the day in agonizing pain because any day the pain acts up it will get worse as the day progresses) so I only shave my face when I have to leave the house or have company. You should tell your doctor this is known as the "suicide disease" because that is what happens to some patients who give up searching for a diagnosis or have not been treated for pain and can't take it anymore and just give up.  Women who have gone through labor say they would rather give birth everyday rather than have this.  If you google "The worst pain felt by man" there will be some links for some forum survey "whats your worst pain" bulletin board chat sites then there will be a link to an article about Trigeminal neuralgia.  You should probably print out the wikipedia articles for your doctor and write out a DETAILED description of your pain for the dr to be able to imagine what  you are feeling because if you don't you will end up being undertreated or told take ibuprofen and deal with it.  If the doctor isn't able to imagine what you are feeling and going through every day of your life he/she may just think your making it up to get pain pills( them asking you on a scale of 1-10 where and how bad does not help them imagine the immense pain this condition causes both mentally and physically), most regular doctors aren't familiar with this condition, they can treat it, but a neurologist is the one who would have knowledge of the condition and believe you if your reg doc doesn't.  If you choose to be treated with drugs and not surgically there is no need to go to a neurologist if you regular doctor is willing to prescribe the drugs needed.  Surgical options are available through a neurologist   You will want checked for multiple sclerosis because trigeminal neuralgia can be one of it's symptoms.  If your doctor refuses to treat the problem or leaves you undertreated, go to a specialist called a neurologist.  If you are at the point where you can't take it anymore and the dr or neurologist won't give you the relief you need, TRY THIS FIRST say to one of them, "This is affecting my job, i can't sleep, the sleep deprevation makes me have flu symptoms and i'm missing a lot of work, if i have no work, i have no insurance to come and pay you with and then i'm stuck with this problem forever because it takes 90 days to get insurance when you start a new job and I don't think I can make it that long without missing too much work and getting fired again.  I'm worried i'm going to lose my house and my car and my family, I really need some help with this."  IF THAT DIDN'T WORK "Did you take an oath to put my safety first?  "I'm desperate enough to take relief anwhere I can get it, now don't you think it would be a lot SAFER for you to provide me with the relief I need rather than having me risk buying off the street and risking taking something dangerous because someone told me it was for pain?" "Between the pain, depression, the sleep deprivation making the pain worse on some days, I perform poorly when i am at work, and often it's so bad I have to call off work and i'm worried about getting fired in this bad economy,  I need some type of relief so I can keep my job, I shouldn't have to spend every extra dime I make paying street prices for something you can give me when I can be putting this money towards buying nice things for my family/kids, a new house, a college education, etc etc insert some sappy use for money here."  The main goal is you want them to understand and sypathize with you by using a nice approach, if that doesn't work the second approach uses a combination of worry/guilt making them think (if something bad happens to him/her it could end up being my fault.)  The third approach probably has little chances of working but it might, i've never had to try it yet, it works by using the economy/job market, and establishing rapport if the dr has a family he/she worries about.  Please post back and let me know if this info helped any of you and if you were able to finally get a diagnosis and find out what was causing your pain, or let me know if my strategies for talking to the drs worked for you.  I'm gonna use a seperate post to describe what i went through so you can see if you are going through the same symptoms i am, this is a condition lasting years and takes years to diagnose, IT IS NOT SOMETHING TO WORRY ABOUT IF YOU ARE JUST HAVING AN EAR/TOOTH/OR GLAND SWELLING FOR LESS THAN 3 OR 4 MONTHS.
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Ok, here's what I went through.

March 2006:

Burning/itching/irritation in first molar, no pain, days later metal filling near the gumline fell out, but still no pain.  Went to a new dentist this time, he was very good, he took out all the metal fillings in my molars and replaced them with white fillings and said if the metal fillings were touching the tooth nerve it could cause irritation especially from the metal constantly transferring heat and cold.  He even fixed some cosmetic errors caused by my last lazy careless dentist, straightened the crooked pin the last dentist put on my two front teeth and said she couldn't fix it without it being crooked (Obviously she lied cause he fixed it and it's stayed perfectly straight ever since and it's March 2009 now)  Anyway, the irritation was gone for almost a year and sadly I had lost this dentist due to my employer switching dental insurance companies and he didn't accept the new insurance, he was the only dentist i've had in my adult life that had not screwed anything up or lied to me, and the only dentist that made me feel better so I trusted him.  

Jan/Feb 2007:

Burning toothache in second mandibular molar (wisdom teeth or third manib mols were removed w/o complications in 1999) also felt like it was itching like something was crawling around inside the tooth and roots.  I did not have the toothache everyday, it was only once or twice a week so i did not visit the dentist hoping it was just an infection and took regular antibiotics hoping it would go away until about 2 months later it became a problem 24/7.  Went to regular dentist, he took an xray and said there was no infection inside the tooth,  I asked why I was in pain, he said a previous infection may have killed the nerve before the infection cleared and now my body is trying to "clean" out the dead nerve cells because it sees them as dirt that needs carried away and this is what was causing the pain and irritation, it was mostly irritation, but it drove me nuts.  On it's worst days it would be painful and there would be a white swelling on the inside of my cheek near the gumline infront of the tooth that only appeared and swelled on days it was hurting, the swelling didn't hurt, just the tooth, the swelling would be irritated the more i talked or ate by rubbing against my teeth.  He send me to an endodontist for a root canal.  After the root canal the tooth didn't hurt but it felt like there was a zit growing underneath the tooth that didn't have enough room to grow, the zit felt like it was under a lot of pressure (imagine a zit growing near your nose on top of a sinus that feels like it has enough pressure to pop on its own, then hold your finger over it and apply pressure to it all day so that it can't pop, that's what it felt like.  I couldn't concentrate, all day long i just wanted to rip the tooth off, pop whatever it was, and slide the tooth back in, lol too bad that's not possible.)  Went back to regular dentist told him about pain under tooth, he wanted me to go back to the endo.  The endo couldn't get me in for a month, went to a second endo who did an xray and said he couldn't find anything wrong.  2 weeks later I couldn't take it anymore and had the tooth extracted.  1 week later, extraction site full of sores and had two white spaghetti string objects hanging out of top of gums, couldn't eat or breathe through mouth without sharp stabbing pains.  I thought the strings being rubbed or pulled was hurting something under my gums so i had planned to use tweezers and cut them down with scissors to make it harder for things to grab and pull them.  Had to do this myself because i couldnt get a dental appt for a few days and the jerk would not refill the pain meds.  When I grabbed the strings with the tweezers i would get sharp stabbing pains all through my mouth even if i just lightly touched them and didnt' move or pull them.  I thought they might be exposed nerves from the tooth that didnt rip off like they should have when it was pulled out.  I numbed them with oragel (they didn't numb, it was more like a slight decrease in pain) and yanked them out with tweezers, they were longer than i thought they were, running the whole way down my gums and into my cheeks, both of them ripped and slplit my gums open on the front side.  I called the surgeons office that extracted the tooth and told them about it, they still wouldn't give me a sooner appt and told me to go to the ER and have a doctor examine the strings i pulled (i saved them) and the sores in my mouth to see if they looked cancerous.  ER doctor threw away the bag I had the strings in without even looking at them, it was a clear plastic bag so it's not like he had to touch them or anything and told me it was nostramus tissue (a mix of pus and mucous).  I've never heard of pus that attached it's own nerves that could transfer pain into MY nerves but with evolution these days u never know (no pus does not have nerves, that was me being sarcastic about him not looking at them) I know they weren't pus, but they were some type of vessel or fibrous tissue that had nerves running through them.  ER dr said go back to the surgeon and get a biopsy.  When i got to the surgeon, sores still hadn't healed, still lots of pain and a piece of bone was sticking out of the extraction site that was sensitive to cold.  He said no biopsy, no cancer, got rid of the bone and did some sort of gum surgery.  Site finally healed 2 wks- 1 month later.
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Oct/Nov 2007:

First mandibular molar burning/itching/aching/throbbing/pressurized
My gums swelled up with sores and pus in between first molar and pre-molar.  Pebble sized painful swelling in between gums and cheek infront of tooth.  Something was different this time, very different.  It felt like there was a bug with a chisel hammering and trying to chisel it's way out of the tooth.  Entire jaw from bottom of mouth to ear hurt, felt like only the bottom right side of my jaw was being clamped in a vice and pressing my teeth into my gums but not just pressing from the top but pressing from the bottom of the teeth too, like it was smashing my teeth and grinding them into my gums. It felt like there was a worm crawling through the entire right side of my face and tickling my ear with it's tail, it was gross and nauseating. Gland under my right ear also swollen, red, and throbbing. I didn't want to wait to get an appt at my last dentist, then have him send me to the endo and wait for an appt there, this was too severe and I couldn't wait.  I went to a new dentist that was also able to perform root canals.  He was rude and wouldn't answer any of my questions, i asked him if it was the infection from the last time spread into the tooth since it was right next to it and he said " i don't know ".  I asked if that was possible, he said " i don't know". He x-rayed me and said he couldn't do the root canal because my roots were too curved and referred me to the endo.  I told him i was in too much pain to wait and asked if he would try the root canal and then let the endo do it if it didn't work, he refused but said he would try a partial root canal by opening the tooth and injecting poison on the roots to kill them, then sealing with a partial filling to allegedly get rid of the pain until i got to the endo...it didn't work.  Had the root canal a few weeks later, all symptoms disappeared except for i kept getting recurring sores in between the molar and pre-molar on the gums.  The gland under my ear would swell up along with my gums when there was a sore.  Eventually the sores stopped coming but the gums and gland would still swell and throb 2-3 days a week, this has never stopped, and has gotten more frequent and more intense from this point on through present day.

Feb 2008

Extreme throbbing pain in gums.  Still in the same spot, no sores.  Went to a new dentist since the last one did not like answering questions.  No cavities or signs of infection in gums or surrounding teeth.  I gave up, i'm tired of dentists, endodontists, and surgeries, noone could tell me what was wrong with me.  Problem became more intense and frequent causing difficulty to eat,  I could only eat once a day which had to be at night after I took my sleeping pill hoping I would fall asleep before the pain got worse from me eating.

November 2008

Gum pain is now everyday, gland doesn't swell but is always fim/tender.  Eating/brusing my teeth/talking to loud or yelling/shaving/touching the ear or gland area under the ear/if i'm walking and i step too hard on that side/bumps and potholes when driving now cause sharp stabbing pains through teeth and right side of jaw and cheek.  Pain is constant but each time a stabbing pain is triggered the constant pain that was already there becomes more intense for the rest of the day. Hitting too many triggers causes severe throbbing and headaches.   Pain is minimal upon waking up and progressess throughout the day with everything throbbing at night causing extreme difficulty falling asleep. BTW this makes me want to lay on the couch and watch tv and not move until I have to in hopes to get extra time before it goes from irritating to painful.  Between neck & back pain, and this I have been severely depressed for 3 years. Repeated loss of sleep over several days if I have to get up earlier than my body wants to gives me light flu symptoms, aches, pains, a little stuffiness & muscle weakness.  

Mid November

Cracked teeth in top jaw and went to get them repaired, again asked dentist to check bottom teeth and gums and again found nothing.  Woke up one morning pain was throbbing and just as intense as it was before i went to bed, which is odd because it normally resets to a minimal/slightly irritating level in the morning and is not painful for a few hours unless triggered. Next day I woke up with intense pain and throbbing in my entire right side of my face.  Throbbing gums/teeth/throbbing gland under ear/shooting pain down through jaw and up through cheek/throbbing ear ache.  Went to regular DR, had ear infection in right ear.  1 week later, had to go back to DR, had swimmer's ear in left ear (no facial on left side, just ear pain, facial/jaw/teeth pain only occurs on right side).  Dr recommended I see ENT spec if no improvement.

Late Nov/Dec 2008

Made appt with ENT, my insurance doesn't give me a lot to pick from and the soonest appt I could get was Feb 28, 2009.  Regular Dr. didn't want to give any more narcotics and gave me darvocet, they didn't help at all.

Feb 2008

Everyday pain now includes the right ear. Lost weight.  Can only eat a normal sized meal
with pain killers, other than that I get 3 or 4 bites usually of something soft such as pasta every night after i take my sleeping pill hoping to fall asleep before the pain gets worse from eating, sometimes pain is too bad to eat even at night, so i don't eat anything until the next night.  Went to ENT, he said there is presently no infection in either ear, removed small amount of wax from right ear, removed large amount of wax from left ear.  Asked ENT about gland/facial/jaw and tooth pain, he insists as if he was in a hurry that this is swimmer's ear even though i've told him this is an ongoing problem that does not always include ear pain.  I've had plenty of swimmer's ears as a child and last i checked swimmer's ear was not a debilitating disease.  I used my insomnia to research all these symptoms and finally found something that matches them all called atypical trimengial neuralgia (facial nerve damage).  Made appt to discuss with Reg. DR.
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The best way to describe to someone what i feel today would be to:

Get 2 big clips from a 3 ring book binder.

1)Put one through your ear canal, pierce it out your gland and clip it there.
2)Put the other through a spot on your gums inbetween your last molar and cheek, pierce it out your jaw and clip it there.
3) Pull, yank, turn, and spin the binder clips for 20 seconds 20 times a day.
4) Get a threading needle instead of string, thread it with dental floss, pierce the needle through the bottom of your gums in between your molar and pre-molar and contantly try to floss upwards through the gums like your trying to saw them apart ALL DAY LONG...if you think that hurts, wait until they are dry and irritated and keep sawing, imagine that everyday for 3 years.
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thank goodness i found a website with people who are suffering like i am. Five years ago after a 15 minute root canal by a so called specialist a week later I begam having severe migraines facial pain and the tooth was hurting. For the next  2 years I went to dentist Ent, and other neurologist they said it was atypical trigenral neuralgi. I had 2 pain free years ifyou dont include fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue and I went to have all my teeth pulled they were so bad and the dentist tal ked me into a root canal instead so I could get a partial. I was terrified to go through this again, your right you want to die everyday. The dentist stopped drilling after 10m minutes and aaid he wold have to send me to a specialist because he didnt have a big enough drill. Went home and the pain was horrible. A week afer the specialist finished my tooth it all started again, my husband had lost his job and we were moving back home. Called the specialist he said the tooth was fine the other dentist must have hit a nerve. This was in February my life has been a nightmare. THe pain was so bad the next  4 months I didnt want to wake up that is when i could sleep. The oxycarbazine caused horrible muscle aches. ent to a pain specialists for back njections and told him my muscle in my neck was hurting. He said that was related to the jaw which had been numb for a month I thought because of the meds. A week later the muscle and jaw became inflamed.My doctors PA gave me antibiotics n which caused a severe blistering rash on my back. WENT TO THE ER BUT THEY SAID i WAS FINE, FOUND OUT THEY HAD DONE DRUG ESTING PROBABLY THEY KNEW IT WAS AN ALLERGIC REACTION> WENT BACK TO PAIN SPECILIST FOR BACK PIAN AND SWELLING AND THE NEXT DAY I HAD BILATERAL SWELLING ON MY SHOULDER NEXT TO MY NECK. tHE PA SAID IT WAS FATTY TUMORE WOULDNT BELIEVE THEY JUST BEGAN.  fOUR HOURS LATER i HAD HUGE ABSCESSES IN BOTH SIDES OF NECK. wENT TO HAVE THEM DRAINED THEY WERE SO PAINFUL AND THE SURGEON AGREED UNTIL HE TALKED TO THE PA AND i NEVER HEARD FROM HIM AGAIN.Whoops sorry hit the caps button. Finally went to endo and he treated me again for jaw infection. Finally went to dentist he said the tooth was fractured and abscessed and he pulled it.He never drained or curretaged it and know i have a lump up tp where he pulled it but all of a sudden he didnt want to pull the rest of my teeth and was too busy to se me. Had my dentures made and went to make appointment with specilalist to have all my teeth pulled. Throughout summer my whole neck started swelling, all my gums became inflamed and constantly had a sore throat and earache. All my doctor would do was give ma a mans prostate medication for swelling and said my neck cat scan from er was normal.FInally saw a DO who does neck manipulations and saw how swollen my neck was. He pulled my ct and foulnd I was missing the left half of thyroid, something I guess my doctor just missed the last 4 years. He ran a thyroid and my TSH was hyper but my T4 showed hypo. Ran another scan on my thyroid and showed several small nodules. Specialist gave me Synthroid and said see you in 3 months.My DO couldnt believe he didnt do scan with all my symptoms. Tonight my neck is so swollen havent slept in weeks cause of back and muscular pain and my front tooth just fell out. But the specialist finance manager has put me off 2 and half months saying she needed a preauthorization. This is not their normal procedure . I even signed their paperwork and started to write a 30 percent down check but she came storming out and told them not to schudule me. I guess im not honest enough because i am disabled at the time. have 2 degrees, and my husband unemployed. Cant last much longer, gums hurt, sore throat, swollen stiff neck and swelling under jaw. swollen lymph nodes all over.Oh sorry i cant spell or type either my eyes are all blurry.Found out my teeth loss after switching doctors were years of low calcium and vitamin D tests and pain meds, Tests I was told were normal. Begged for years for thyroid testing and were told those were normal. What has happened to all the good doctors and dentists. I feel im going to die before anyone helps me. Even my spine is swelling now.Well gone on enough feel better. If anyone need s to talk i am here. Was a social worker, a good one for years.and still dont know if I have trigenerimal neuralgia or however it is spelled.DOnt want dentures but it too late. whatevers happening good luck to all of you.
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I am a 30 year old male and all of a sudden (out of nowhere) noticed a swollen lump under the left side of my jaw. This lump sent me straight to the doctor who ordered a blood test and ultra-sound. Ultra sound showed that it was a stone, but also revealed a lump in my Thyroid. I went to the specialist for this lump in my Thryoid, which another doctor said is nothing. They clean forgot about my swollen submandibular gland and spent all their time on this lump in my Thyroid which was nothing. The Ultra-Sound Technician at the hospital that was seeing me for a biopsy of the Thryoid glad asked if she could do an unoffical look at the submandibular gland and told me that there was no stone blocking the submandibular gland and told me not to say anything, but ask the specialist to order another ultra-sound and told me to take it at the hospital.

She begged me to say nothing as she was only to view the Thyroid and that could get her into trouble.

My Submandibular is also swollen, not really sore and sometimes if I play with it and press it, I can get a phlegm that comes out, which the doctor said is the saliva matter that has accumulated due to a stone blocking it...the Technician at the hospital said that it's likely the calcium build up that is forming...lots of confusion, but I'm not in pain...gonna get the specialist to order me an ultra-sound and I'm gonna go to the hospital and have it done. The Technician at the hospital told me that it's best to have your ultra-sound done there, because everything gets reviewed right there by the doctor as well.

Let's not worry too much everybody. I had blood work that came back and it didn't show that I had cancer, so I'll know in time, but for now, I'm good and as healthy and mobile as ever! I also feel great and I'm really good shape ;-) Enjoy life and don't stress too much ;-)  
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I've had this problem for about 2 years. :( I am 18 years old and every time I get a sore throat it starts bothering me. The doctor gave me antibiotics but it wont go away.
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Has anyone looked into prolonged mold exposure? Or also thyroid problems?

I am having the same problems. Not a smoker and not really a drinker. But I do have nodules on my thyroid and that seems to be messing up EVERYTHING else in my body. I am currently getting treatment for the thyroid, and also, we have mold in our house. I haven't done any further investigating into that yet, but I'm starting to think since I've been taking quite a few antibiotics lately, maybe the mold is more easily affecting me or something. I get a biopsy soon to test for cancer in the thyroid, and maybe that is causing my problems also, but all the doctors are saying that cancer is unlikely by the way things look on the ultrasound. I am still getting the biopsy, though, because sometimes doctors are surprised by things, and I don't want to "miss" something that would be easier to treat earlier than later.
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I have had this problem on the right side for the second time now in 3 months. The first one, gave me antibiotic...took a while but it cleared up. The next time, another doctor in the office saw me. The submandidular gland is swollen. My mouth was very dry, his tongue depressor stuck to the side of my mouth on the inside. When this happens, mouth is too dry, saliva glands not working good right now. For me, this is due to a medication I take called Imipram and another one called hyoscyamine. These are for IBS problems. So, he told me to continue a lot of fluid and suck on lemon drops to make the gland work more. If it doesn't clear up, may do scan as there could be a stone in the gland. I will be watching this discussion,....Thanks.
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My problem started about four months ago when I was under a lot of stress. I was having night mares and having fever like symptoms.  I also was feeling like something was stuck in my throat. All of a sudden my glands around my neck started swelling and where even blocking my wind pipe.  My left side felt more swollen right under my jaw near my ear. I was also having ear pain on the same side.  I started feeling a lump on the left side.  I waited a few weeks because @ the time I didn't have med ins.  I gave two visits to my doc and she thought it was a viral infection.  gave me antibiotics but made me worse. I requested to see a neck specialist and was given a Laryngoscopy test.  Doc said I had GERD!!!  acid reflux.. I was put on Omeprazole for two months and that help for a while but the lump is still in the left side. I have changed the way i used to eat and I have learn how to breath better. I am trying to be stress free but this was still a problem, so I went to get a CAT SCAN the result was normal but the Salivary Gland shows still swollen...I am giving up on this doctor visits.  I have now tried DGL, and drinking a lot of Camomile tea. It helps me relax and keep this gland less swollen.
I hope this has help understand that STRESS could affect every part of your body.

GOD BLESS YOU GUYS> and by the way Praying helps.
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im a 27yr old female, drinker. Ive had submadibular swelling on both sides for the past few weeks, but it swells up mainly on the left side, sometimes causing left eardiscomfort. I noticed it then I had gone to the ER feeling as though I had something stuck in my throat, life food. It caused a lot of pain to swallow as well. The ER DR said i had some gland swelling when she felt me there but i hadnt noticed it before so it wasnt a big deal at the time. Anyway I was diagnosed with presumed step, even though they didnt even test me for it, nor did i have any of its symptoms like white patches or fever.they prescribed me antibiotics and the stuck-food feeling eventually wore off. the next few weeks i began to notice the submandibular swelling and ear discomfort, sometimes headaches. I made an appointment with an ENT but had to cancel cause my copay would be almost 200 bucks. im scared. this thread however does bring a level of relied however.
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I have a swelling which gets bigger and swells up on one side. On eating or drinking it feels like swallowing broken glass. So far I have seen 2 registrars, a junior doctor at ENT unit at hospital. At no point has the Consultant deemed me worthy of seeing. I had a sialograph however this was not sucessful as they found out I had more saliva glands then normal human anatomy and so the dye just came out of the other openings and not actually going to the gland itself. I had to wait an hour (state of NHS) from the alloted time to be told that they were now going to do a ultrasound scan! I do drink excessively about 140 units a day and was an ex cigar smoker. My mother had the same problem but had private health care and it was sorted out in 2 weeks from finding the lump to removing a stone in the gland.
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Hey all.
My symptoms go back about a year and a half now. Doctors telling me it was everything but TMJ and submandibular gland swelling.
I was diagnosed with labyrinthitis due to the dizziness that comes with TMJ.  Not labyrinthitis after of course.  I was constantly going to the doctors complaining about the what I thought was a sore throat, ear pain and swollen glands and was given antibiotics but to no avail.  Being born with Microtia didn't help the TMJ which lead to one side of my jaw being longer than the other leading to why my jaw is popping in and out of its socket.  To be honest I could live with the pain in my jaw but this swollen gland is really annoying me, I keep seeing cancer popping up on the screen and the professor i've been referred to see in Dublin is involved in cancer of the jaw and neck, etc so my i'm freaking out. I'm only 26 and my bloods came back perfect. No infection/ viral infection, etc. I'll have to wait a further 6 weeks to see a specialist. My life has completely done a 180.  Nothing is the same.  Stressed and depressed about this. Just want things to be ok.
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Its about 2-3 yrs now  I noticed that my Submandibular gland was swollen.  Well at first I believed it to be a lymph node and before that I never even bothered to check out my nodes.  I showed this to the doctor and he checked it out and thought the glands were "slightly" swollen.2 yrs back firstly i got X-Ray done of the submandibular galands according to doctors there is nothing to be worried for.BUT after a month later I had an ultrasound on the area and the report came back stating that nothing was abnormal about the Submandibular gland. Still i was not satisfied because i am suffering with this problem and earlier the swelling use to occur once in a month or twice and later it started once in aweek and now daily even twice in a day and it's becoming worse day by day. I had a second doctor look at it and same response "Not really too bad nothing to worry about"
I even get the CT-SCan and according to that ita "apsis" and again doctor's say its nothing to worry about.

The swelling is not consistient, some days it is bigger than others but never bigger than my thumb which apparently is a normal size for the gland anyways.  It just feels firmer to me.  It happens on both sides but the right side seems to get affected more when it does happen.  it does not hurt really unless I play with it and sometimes it leads to a slight discomfort in my ears but never pain.

Is this normal to have happen?  It is not swollen all the time and perhaps it is not even swollen just my paranoia.  Also since an ultra sound right on the area revealed nothing and nothing has changed since that ultrasound.  

I was just wondering if I should bring this up again to have it looked at further in depth or just leave it.

I am 32 years old, female and nonsmoker.
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hey!.everyone i have this same problem, but i went to the dollar store in my area and bought some lemon drops made by Ferrara Pan i bit them up a little and sucked  on them and .the problem was gone! hope this helps somebody
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my son is three. His submandibular gland has been swollen for two weeks. He has also been in two different antibiotic for this amount of time. His swelling is no better. He had a surgical procedure done yesterday going in to try and "drain some puss" but there was no puss (again he has been on antibiotics for two weeks) so i am sure there was no puss. The doctors don't know what is wrong.
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I've just recently been trough a stressful time that has left my confidence in my health shaken.
Since the end off 2011 I've been feeling like I have something stuck in my throat (although it doesn't really get painful just feels irritated from some sort of pressure) and last week I noticed the submandibular gland on right side was swollen - like you I thought it might be a lymph node but found out today from doctor it was the gland.   Being paranoid at the moment about my health I immediately thought it might be some form of cancer but my doctor says that it doesn't have the the feel of anything like that,  I wanted to get a biopsy done but right now all my other glands and nodes are fine and it has reduced in size since it first came up last week so he said that it's most likely detritus or a small stone.  
    I was also told that once a gland like the submandibular comes up it never goes completely down again.  
    I think that paranoia is completely understandable and especially if you've had this problem for 2 to 3 years,  (I'm waiting to see an ENT about the weird pressure/acid reflux feel in my throat and hope they don't  forever),  it sounds like you've been pretty thoroughly examined but peace of mind is priceless so if you feel that this needs to be examined in more depth then I say you should - I know from what's happened to me recently that all avenues should be looked at and where your health is concerned being safe is better than sorry.

I wish you the best.
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I had the same problem for over a year, after all the exams and doctors visits,  I decided to have my submandibular gland removed.  My left gland was always swollen, somedays more than others.  I had it removed, but don't recomended to no one.  Unless you have stones, Ulcers, or cancer.  If the doctors say is"Just swollen".  than leave it alone.  I now have a many others swollen glands.  Remember we have a bout 8 Salivary glands oround. I believe that swollen glands are cause by stress and by a poor diet.  Try not to eat spicy, acidy fruits.

hope this help.
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Antibiotics are just for bacterial infections. I have had 3 botched Oral surgeries going on 2 more. I have been on Augmentin for 1 month and now I am worse! I have 2 huge ulcers and mucocysts on my lip, and I have 3 new cavities due to Surgeons negligence. I feel delusional I am so sick! I have all the same symptoms
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I had the same problem with the swelling on my right side of my jaw and after an ultrasound that turned up nothing I was referred toa surgeon. He had me undergo a ct scan and it turned out I had several cysts in my submandibular gland that had to be removed. Don't always accept that everything looks fine answer. Because there is nothing normal about any gland to be swollen.
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man i am 15 years old and THAT EXACT THING happened to me, i havent seen anyone yet and no one is taking it serious and it got huge it scares me, i googled swollen tounge and found nothing then googled mouth parts and found out what it was called... googled that and have found nothing but people talking about what it is i responded to you in particular because everyone said its their right side but mines on my left and my jaw always cracks, if you find anything out email,                                 @ jake,***@****
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Just wanted to know if everyone is doing alright and a follow up?? I am 16 weeks pregnant and i just had a molar pulled out today iv been having panadein fort for pain and antibiotics for swelling under the tongue and swelling of the lymph nodes in my neck BUT fue to me being pregnant they can only give me a certain strength antibiotics and i dont think its helping because iv been on them a few days already now everytime my tongue touches something with a new flavour it stings so badly i can barely do anything and the lymph node swells up really fast please tell me this isnt a blocked salival duct!!! If it turns out to be ill have to go to a different town for a proper doctor and i dont even know if they will be able to do anything with me being in my second trimester of pregnancy... =(
P.s i also got really sick before my tooth being pulled and i had a very dry mouth i have been trying to drink plenty of water but wven that sometimes sets the pain off ill wait a few days see if the swelling goes down worst part is i dont want to eat becausr ill get the sharp pain under the tongue but i have to eat for my baby i cant win its bull =, (
Ive been experciencing swollen salivary glands as well i was told they were infected we've done MRI, cat scan,dye test and today Allergy  testing im now relying on a new more experienced ent to finally get to the bottom of this in the meantime i drink water with a lemon in it,i keep lemon heads and cough drops lemon or regular  (no honey flavored) this is what i use for soothing and to keep my throat comfortable i take half of a benadryl in the am and one at night i brush and gargle after everything i consume other than plain water or lemons in water i drink peppermint tea i sleep with my head elevated and i keep my room cool anyone have any input on what you do for comfort and for the anxieties please share, Tiff
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I was born with this problem since I was a kid and I suffer from my throat  and it happen once in 3 month soon when I grew up it becomes more and more  and I always thought it's my tonsillitis doctors too and they give me antibiotics, when I reached 27 I decided to take them off so I had surgery, soon later I notice that the pain is still there and it was the submandibular gland and now the pain comes a lots of time and the swollen  too and I have to use more and more pain killer  the problem is  when I go to doctors the glands are not swollen so they say you're fine , and the nightmare about this glands that they are very sensitive to everything easy to get swollen and pain
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