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Swollen SubMandibular Gland

Several months ago I noticed that my Submandibular gland was swollen.  Well at first I believed it to be a lymph node and before that I never even bothered to check out my nodes.  I showed this to the doctor and he checked it out and thought the glands were "slightly" swollen.  A month later I had an ultrasound on the area and the report came back stating that nothing was abnormal about the Submandibular gland this was in march of this year.  I had a second doctor look at it and same response "Not really too bad nothing to worry about"

The only health issue with my mouth was I had infected gums around the time I discovered this.  (I need a root canal and two teeth pulled plus I had massive build up of tartar and my gums were in sad shape according to the dentist)  However the gum issue has been cleaned up.

The swelling is not consistient, some days it is bigger than others but never bigger than my thumb which apparently is a normal size for the gland anyways.  It just feels firmer to me.  It happens on both sides but the right side seems to get affected more when it does happen.  it does not hurt really unless I play with it and sometimes it leads to a slight discomfort in my ears but never pain.

Is this normal to have happen?  It is not swollen all the time and perhaps it is not even swollen just my paranoia.  Also since an ultra sound right on the area revealed nothing and nothing has changed since that ultrasound.  

I was just wondering if I should bring this up again to have it looked at further in depth or just leave it.

I am 33 years old, male have smoked in the past.
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Mine is slightly swollen sometimes. I had gone to an e.n.t. about another gland in my neck, and he said the other one was fine, to stop touching it and it wasn't a concern. Easy for him to say. Swollen glands are always a concern when they're in my body!! I don't have any advice, just let it go for a while, then do what you feel comfy with.
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Thanks actually Now it is not as bad as it was, perhaps it is just normal to do that as i never paid attention to this before.  Since the ultrasound reported it was fine i guess I should not worry so much.  But I agree if you ever google lumps in neck you tend to get the worse.  
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I have the exact same problem with the gland on my right side.  I too have had a normal ultrasound scan and a normal blood test result.  2 lots of antibiotics have also had no effect.  I've now had the problem for 4 months.

My symptoms sound the same too.  It's not that painful and not that swollen but I notice it more if I lie on my right side in bed.

My consultant decided it must be a mechanical problem with my jaw but I've never had jaw or teeth problems in the past.  I still feel it may be a viral infection which may just go in time.  I've decided to wait and see if it gets any worse and then go back to the consultant.

Have you still got the problem or has it gone away without further treatment?

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Hey I am a 19 year old male and I have been experiencing something similar to what is written above. About a month ago i noticed a 'crack' or 'sore' at the corner of my mouth, on the left side. I ignored it but when i developed a sore throat i decided to take a look at the back of my mouth in the mirror and noticed that my throat on the left side was very inflammed and red. I saw my family doctor who prescribed pennicillin, which didnt help, and then novamoxin, which helped a little. I kinda presumed that it may be viral so i decided to stop visiting my doctor. I have had a swollen submandibular gland, as i was told by my doctor, and i can feel 3 swollen lymph nodes in my neck, one of which i can see. I saw my doctor about this about 3 times now and hes told me not to worry and i dont want to keep bothering him about it. I had my 2 bottom wisdom teeth removed and was told by the dentist that there was a flap of skin covering the left one that had become infected (this was before i saw my doctor for the prescription drugs). It has now been about 7 weeks and the crack in my mouth is still there, as well as the lymph node swelling and submandibular gland swelling. I occasionaly get canker sores in my mouth, and am paranoid it may be cancer, even though ive been told that it is not. I just got tested for mono, and my cbc and wbc tests as well today and am waiting for the results so i can go see an ENT. Anyone experience something similar to this? Oh and by the way I have been coughing up yellowish phlegm, and a thick white mucus since i quit smoking about a month ago. My jaw cracks when i open it, which may be a symptom of TMJ, and the back of my head on the left side feel sore as well. Confusing isnt it? No wonder the doctors cannot come up with a diagnosis haha. I am just really worried it may be some sort of a head and neck cancer or lymphoma. Hopefully not!
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Yes i know exsacly how you all feel about 2 weeks ago my Submandibular gland started to get sore on the left side of my Jaw, it doesn't really seem to be swollen more to the fact irritating and even more so when i poke at it lol.. yes i know " don't poke at it " but its a bit hard not to when its irritating i also have been coffin up phlegm because of a bad chest infection that seems to have rocked half the planet and i too did a google search to find lots of articles on cancer and the thought of the poor guy from the band dragon who found a lump in his neck and then had half his face cut off by surgeons only to die a year latter keeps popping into my mind .. I'm 35 in a few days and have smoked since i was 13 ( yer i know really bad ) don't think that thought doesn't keep recurring ether, i also have been under massive amounts of stress pretty much leading to a nevies break down and this is all i need now to be stressing over a sore gland in my jaw, i haven't seen the doctor yet but I'm pretty shore ill get told the same thing as u guys ( the run around ), so all in all trust me i know how you all feel, basically S****ing  my self, peace Gym
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last april 07 i remember having a terrible running nose, my throat was sore, and throat infected due to pharyngitis and acid reflux...then i noticed that the node under my right jaw is enlarged. It started small about the size of a bean and now it's gone bigger.

i already went to see a doctor and i was told that i have an acute Pharyngitis...i took some antibiotics and things have been better since then...except that for more than 6 mons already that lympnode is still enlarged. It's painless and big and  it's causing me fear already.

last oct 12, i went to see my doctor again...she saw i still have a mild throat infection and asked me to take an antacid ...i told her sometimes i feel my throat is still a lil acidic and mentioned to her about my enlarged node and asked me to undergo a fine needle biopsy.

***the result says: Chronic Inflammation Pattern with Fibrosis---and no atypical cells found in the aspirate material.

what does this mean?? i really didnt had the time to ask my doctor about this

my doctor said there's nothing to be worried about for the moment....
but im really getting so  paranoid....and it would help if i get answers from people who might be experiencing the same thing.

i have been  under stress since  last year....so much stress....my father died of cancer last june and i think i may have a rampant case of hypochondria...but can you blame me??

im not losing weight...or experinece  any symptoms that would suggest Lymphoma...
but this thing under my neck scares me....

i keep touching it....

thank you
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Stress ... Its amazing how many illness and things can go wrong with you when your suffering from high levels of STRESS !!!! .. i know all about that ive been suffering from agoraphobia that leads to really bad panic attacks that last for days on end combined with a sleeping disorder i have had all my life which basically means i haven't slept more then 2hrs a day since i was 12 .. most of the time i will stay awake for up to 3days and then sleep 2hrs waking up with nightmares .. lets just say it sucks and it seems the more you stress out the worst things seem to get.. stress like shock (when in a accident) is basically like a poison that can affect you in all sorts of ways and i know me saying to you try not to stress is like saying try flying just jump out the window but here it is anyway,, try not to stress to much .. your doctor has basically said ("no atypical cells") u have no cancer , ("Chronic Inflammation Pattern") its badly swollen often  ("with Fibrosis") fiber's material, its tuff and stringy .. now I'm not a doctor but ive unforchanly spent a bit of time around them and that's my take on that .. sounds to me we should all get together and start a hypochondria swollen gland stressed out club LOL .. we can all sit around playing poker talking about out probs and stressing out together .. peace guys Gym_

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Heyyy..I'm a 20 year old female college student and I've been home from college for 3 1/2 weeks now. It started with an apparent virus that landed me in the hospital with elevated liver enzymes + millions of other symptoms. They diagnosed me with mono-hepatitus even though my mono test came back negative.  

Then, I developed a sore throat with white patches which is strep (apparently because no tests just doctor looking at throat) and I started ammoxycillin like 4 days ago. My sore throat is on and off but now my JAW is clicking and i have a swollen gland in front of my ear/jaw. It's bothering me so bad.  I can't stand being home anymore and my doctor just keeps telling me that I have to wait it out and not to worry about every little thing. Well easy for them to say when they dont have to sit with it.

I'm missing school and I need answers.  Does this jaw thing come with Strep/Mono? UGHH
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Ok folks.  This seems to be something that is going around.  I have had similar symptoms. I posted something and no one has answered.  I will copy and paste it for you to read.  Those of you who have found white patches and have had bad teeth, get them pulled at once.  Dead teeth harbor bacteria and cause a lot of problems.  Every tooth in your mouth is directly linked to an internal organ in your body.  Look it up online, it's true.  If you let your teeth go bad it has consequential effects on your blood and your organs.
Below is my original posting:

   My tongue has been swollen for the last two months.  (I had a dead tooth that was infected under the gumline and didn't know that this was most likely the cause of all my troubles.  Read on)  

I went to the ER and was told I had Pharyngitis with a submandibular swelling (forgot the exact word used for swelling), I was told to take antibiotics.  I went to see my doc, he told me I had THRUSH and gave me NYSTATIN to take, which I did for 3 WEEKS with no help.  My doc sent me to an EYE EARS NOSE AND THROAT doc, I asked him if maybe the dead tooth could be causing the Thrush and swollen tongue, he said NO, IT'S PROBABLY NERVES OR ALLERGIES.  I did a swab of my tongue and a swab of my mucus from down in my throat, I was told by his receptionist that the tests came back looking fairly normal.

I went back to my doc again after he told me that my BILE level was high in my blood test.  I also told him I had abdominal pain and found a little lump on my anus.  He told me that the lump was a wart and that was probably what was causing my abdominal pain, I must have warts inside my intestines.  (from a virus)

Also, after showing him a lattice work of white that went up the inside of my cheek and right up to my DEAD TOOTH, he then told me that the tooth was probably the cause of all this misery.
YES, AFTER I ASKED BOTH HIM AND THE EYE EARS NOSE AND THROAT GUY and they both said no the first time, I then went to a dentist and had the tooth pulled.  She agreed with me, saying the tooth was DEAD and the roots were infected and probably the cause of this whole thing.

Now, my question is:  Now that the tooth has been extracted, what do I do next?  I still seem to have a white coating on my tongue which gets worse when I get nervous.
Should I ask my doc for a new prescripton of Nystatin or some other anti-fungal?  Or just let everything go back to normal by itself.

Also, if you have dead teeth, please have them taken out.  They are a big health hazard.

OK, that was my original posting.  now after reading this blog I see a lot of people are having the same problems.  

There must be two things going on here.  First, the bad teeth.  GET THEM YANKED!!!   Second:  TOO MUCH ANTIBIOTICS CAN CAUSE FUNGAL INFECTIONS IN YOUR MOUTH SUCH AS THRUSH!!!!
Third:  Too much stress can cause swollen glands and swollen tongue, which I have.

Every doc so far thinks its no big deal.  Please don't drive yourself nuts.  I now have abdominal pain and its scaring the hell out of me but I refuse to let it get to me.  I have pain under my belly and right above my crotch.  Sometimes it feels like its my testicles until I feel around there and notice that there is really no tender spot.  

Some type of virus is going around.  The docs don't know what it is and they are grasping for straws.  

The milky substance in the mouth is from bacteria buildup on the back part of your tongue.  Scrape your tongue and keep your mouth clean.  Drink some tea or eat some soup to clear your tongue once in a while.  It's been over 2 months so far with my tongue being swollen, I just had my bad tooth pulled out a little over a week ago.  I am still waiting to see if my tongue comes down.

Good luck to all.  Anyone with info you can contact me at Lasin007 at hotmail.  
My submandibular salivary glands have been swollen almost 2yrs I have no teeth and I feel sick all the time when they swell real big my body aches and feels like all the water in my body is being draw out than the cramps in my legs and hands start. I have been put on antibiotics, steroids, I can’t take anti-inflammatories. What I read said it could be a virus just to  many to list. How are things on your rend.
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I put down that there must be two things going on here and I listed three things.  LOL.
I know, I am losing it.  LOL.  Take care all.
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I woke up one morning and my jaw was clicking like crazy.  All my glands in my face and neck were swollen.  My jaw muscles were swollen too, which is what was causing my jaw to click since it couldn't open and close correctly.  Stop stressing.  The stress will make it worse.  Also, you may have allergies.  Take some antihistamine and see if anything subsides.  Also the white patches that look like tonsillitis,  I was told by the eye ear and nose doc that everyone has patches.  This is where the dead cells collect.  Gargle with warm salt water.  do not use alcohol to gargle.  It has been found that alcohol used to gargle that far back in the throat can cause cancer.  Only use rinses like Lysterine to rinse your mouth only.  And, I had the elevated bile levels in my blood test also.  Do you have any abdominal pain?  Write me and let me know. I think we both have a virus.  Not mono.
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I did have abdominal pain while I was in the hospital. It was between my rib cages and under my right rib, which is where your liver is located. I was told that it was just due to inflammation from the virus (whatever it may be). My second week home from the hospital, they did an abdominal scan where I drank barium and had the dye injected.  They said it came back normal except for a cyst on my liver, which my doctor said was prob from the virus because it affected my liver so much.  

I called my Uncle last night because he's a podiatrist (I know its a foot doctor but he went to medical school) and he said that my swollen glands near my ear/jaw are probably just the toxins leaving my body through my lymphatic system. He said if I do have strep throat that the toxins will leave through the lymphatic system last and so you'll feel them linger the longest.

However, today I woke up and my throat is killing me again.  I still feel swollen all around my jaw and like glands by my ear. I'm soo sick of this.  I went from being a 4.0 student to sitting home for a month missing college.

What type of virus do u think we have? In the hospital, they already said I did have a virus but they just don't know what it is. Then when I came home, my family doctor called it mono-hepatitus + strep throat...

I dont know anymore..
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Also, I have a white line on the inside of my cheeek? And a white tongue? Ughhhh
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You have a white line on the outside of your face?  I had white on the inside of my cheeks which seems to be slowly going away.  

Did your stomach area and your liver area always feel like there was gas behind it? And if you ate something you felt like you got filled up really fast?
Also, with the abdominal pain, did you notice any warts (which I have 1 only) around your anus?  My doc told me it was due to a virus and that I probably have a virus in my intestines which is causing the abdominal pain, but I still have to go to a gastro doc to have checked.

Funny how some docs don't know what's going on.  it seems a lot of people are getting this.  The white tongue is just that your tongue is dry.  We all have hair like things on our tongues.  Brush your tongue and keep it clean.  Just like your doc uncle said probably all the toxins are being released thru our mouth and that is why we have oral symptoms.  Just keep your mouth clean, drink tea, eat unflavored natural yogurt or take those pills from the health food store that have the yogurt cultures in it.  This will help keep your mouth in balance with its natural bacteria and germs.

As for the virus that we have, I haven't a clue and I don''t think the docs really know either.  We have to endure the storm.  I am waiting for my doc to call me with my liver/gall bladder sonic gram.  I hope everything is ok with that.

Let me know how you make out.  don't be scared, it will all pass.  make yourself some natural chicken soup.  Jewish moms know what they are doing.  LOL.  
Feel better.
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I read your first sentence wrong.  I now see you said you have a white line on the INSIDE of your cheek.  Did you or do you have any bad teeth in your mouth?  Dead teeth?  Root canal teeth that have cracked, or the filling has come out of?  Cavities?
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As far as I know, no bad teeth.  This all came suddenly with the virus.

The abdominal pain just felt like achey and full.  It's slowly gone but I still feel it around my liver every now and then. Also, no warts, as far as I know.

The white tongue. You could be right.  Or it could be that thrush from all the different antibiotics. I don't know. I just have that extreme pressure on the side of my ear next to my cheek and jaw bone and the jaw clicking. It's so annoying. I can't stand it.  I feel like I should have it looked at but my doctor has seen me so much since this virus that he's acting like I'm making big deal over nothing.  

It's very real to me though.  I should try the yogurt thing though.
One thing I dont understand is that, I've been on antibiotic (Ammoxxicyllin) since Friday. So why would my glands still be all messed up?

I just talked to my friend's mom, who was one of my nurses in the hospital and she thinks that it should have been cleared up by now with being on the antibiotic that long. It's a 10 day one but usually you feel better in like a couple days.

Ive ben doing the salt water, soup, etc. Nothings helped. I need to get back to school ASAP. I'm really depressed. This whole thing has like taken my life and put it at a stand-still. I get blood work tomorrow again to check my levels.

Hope everything works out with your scan.
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As I said, the docs think we are making more of this than what they see.  My liver and stomach feel swollen all the time and the lower abdominal pain.  I still have some white on my cheeks and I also see collections of dead cells back at the sides of my tongue near where my tonsils are.  My ENT doc said thats where the dead cells normally collect, not to worry about it.

Actually, you should be able to go back to school.  No  one has told me to stay home or to avoid being active.  don't sit home and get depressed.  Get back in the game again.  You'll feel better.  Also, I saw a posting of yours on another site.  You even gave the warning to someone else not to get too into looking this stuff up online.  It makes you more nervous.  Don't forget, others could have similar symptoms but have different problems.  But, you and I seem to have the same thing all the way around.
Keep in touch and let me know what's going on.  You seem like a nice girl and I hope all goes well for you.  Try to do some of your school work at home.  Call your professors and see if they can assign you stuff to do.  Don't give up.
Lata Potata.
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Thanks for your advice.

How did you find my posting? Haha. No one has answered me on the other site.
How did you know it was me?

I really hope you're right.
Def. keep in touch.
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I searched in Google for mono-hepatitis and one of the first things that came up was a partial paragraph saying that "I'm a 20 year old female, etc, etc."  I followed the link and it came up to the page with a posting with a screen name kinda  similar to yours.  LOL.  I knew it was you right away.
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Haha..I get you.

My mom called the doctor before and he let me go for blood work this afternoon instead of tomorrow morning. They already called back.

The nurse said my levels are "doing better." I only know the one level she gave me.
It was the alkaline phos- somtin and it was 185.
She didn't tell me the rest of them or my blood platelets.

I guess that's good news.

I have pressure all over the side of my face near my temples now. It never ends.
I want to wake up and feel gooood for once.
Thanks for being concerned.

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Courtney, you see that my name TOOTHDK is colored blue, that means you can click on that link and go to my profile page.  Feel free to write me direct and let me know what's going on with you.  I am concerned for you as a human being and also because we both seem to have had the same problems.  A friend of mine who works for a dentist was insistent that my bad tooth was the cause of all my mouth problems, but it seems you have the same problems in your mouth as I do, and you also have the problems with abdominal pain and the liver levels being a little high in the blood test.
This to me proves that maybe I had two things going on at the same time and even though my tooth is pulled now I still have the original problem of warts in my intestines from a virus and the white patches on the inside of my cheeks.  

keep in touch.

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I never answered your question about the antibiotics.

Amoxicillin is used for BACTERIAL infections.  What we have is a VIRAL infection.  You are taking antibiotics that you don't need.  If you are still taking it, EAT THE YOGURT or TAKE THE YOGURT CULTURE PILLS.  The Amox  will cause the THRUSH to get worse.  If your doc told you that you have a viral infection, then you need to get antibiotics to kill the virus.  I am not sure that Amox does this, so it would be a good idea to find out before you take 10 days worth of this for nothing.
Feel better.
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Okay thank you.

About the Amoxicillin.  They said I had strep throat on top of my virus and that is why I got the antibiotic.  Strep is a bacterial infection so they said it would clear that up, but not touch the virus obviously.

However, I am still having throat symptoms.  And my jaw is still clicking and my whole mouth is messed up and hurts on the side next to my ear.

My mom called the dentist and explained everything so I am going to try to get in to see him ASAP. Even if it's not my teeth causing this problem, maybe he can shed some light on it.

I will get in touch with you via your information. This just seems really quick.
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Whatever way you want to contact me is fine.  No biggy.
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