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Swollen Tongue & White Discharge Under Tongue

For the past 9 months, every couple of weeks, I get a sore throat & swelling under my tongue.  The swelling appears under my tongue towards the back, and mostly on my left side.  Also, the insides of my cheeks swell slightly and they make me feel thirsty.  After this appears, I can find a white/creamy substance under my tongue.  The substance goes away in a day or 2, and I have not taken medication to get rid of it.  I have had it tested & it is a 'normal' fungus found in the body.  I have also had my ducts checked, and they are not blocked.  I have also been tested for the most popular food allergies, but I do not have any (thank goodness!).  It appears every 3-5 weeks & the several doctors I have seen have no idea what it is.  The worst part of it is the sore throat, thirst & swollen tongue....they last for 4-5 days.  The white substance is not the worst part, but definately the strangest.  Any ideas out there?
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Have you had any progress on a diagnosis?  I am having a similar issue, but the differences are:
- my throat doesn't get too sore
- no dry mouth or cheek swelling
- no white substance
- ulcers all over the top of my tongue

Same deal with it cycling every couple of weeks.
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