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Swollen along floor of nose and upper lip, with swelling of upper gum.

I developed slow gradual swelling inside my nose extending down to my upper lip.  It was extremely hard.  I went to my PCP who put me on Cipro and prednisone for the swelling.  He told me I had cellulitis.  After a couple of days, the infection spread to my upper gum area which turned bright red, formed pus balls and eventually popped.  I bled from my gum for about an hour after all the pus came out.  I continued on the Cipro for 10 days and the who thing went away.  The following month (exactly 30 days later) the same thing happened.  I went to my dentist this time too who took an x-ray and assured me of no tooth root problems.  My PCP lanced my gum this time to relieve the swelling, put me on Clindamycin and again, pus and blood.  Now (exactly 35 days later) same exact thing.  Can someone tell me what the heck is going on?
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Hello and hope you are doing well.

The abcess could be due to tooth infections, tooth abscess or periodontal disease. The actual source needs to be tackled for the infection to resolve. Check to see if you are a diabetic. This can be detected by a simple blood test. You will need to consult your doctor who may need to do a sputum culture and sensitivity to determine what antibiotic the organism is susceptible to.  He may even ask for blood test and an X ray. In the meantime take OTC acetaminophen for the temperature and try to take warm oral fluids.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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