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Swollen gland on neck. Very worried...

i am a 39 year old female. about 6 weeks ago i noticed i had, what seemed to be, an enlarged lymph node on the right side of my neck.  i would say it is in the 'jugular' area. at the time i also had a bit of a runny nose and felt like i had a bit of a cold virus perhaps.  i didn't have a sore throat or stuffy nose though.  also no fever. i checked the swollen gland every day and i thought it had gone away after about a week. about two weeks ago i had some chills and slight body aches that lasted on and off for a few days.  then one week ago i woke up and touched my neck for some reason and noticed that the same area was swollen again.  i'm not even sure if it ever went away to begin with. i went to my doctor the next day and she felt around and could barely feel it. it seems like sometimes i can feel it more then other times. my boyfriend also felt it so i know it is there. my doctor did not seem concerned and sent me on my way. i check it a few times a day and it seemed like it was getting smaller a few days ago. last night i was at a bar with my boyfriend having a couple drinks and i felt my neck and i could 'feel' it again. it felt like it originally did. it seems to be about the size of a pea. i don't know enough medically to tell if it is 'fixed' or 'palpable'. after reading all kinds of things on the internet i worry about lymphoma or other cancers. i feel scared, depressed and withdrawn today. physically i feel fine and i have no fevers. does anyone have any insight? i'm debating on whether to go back to my primary doctor tomorrow. i had my yearly routine blood panel done this past august and all was normal.  
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You mention having some alcohol (I assume, drinks at a bar), this makes me wonder if you are having a reaction to something in your environment - a allergy so to speak.  

I suggest you think back on all the times the lump has surfaced and try to see if there is anything in your activity/environment that also took place at those times.

Yes, a visit with your doctor seem reasonable, but only if you have something new to show/tell - if the lump is gone it seems unlikely your doctor will change her diagnosis.
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