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Swollen throat and pain swallowing
Last Saturday my throat became very sore and i lost my voice completely. I could not speak (i could not pronounce the higher ends of notes etc and my voice was very hoarse) until Weds thereafter. This has since turned into a cold however my throat is not sore anymore but seems very swollen and i cannot stop coughing.

When i get colds my glands always swell but not to this degree, the best description of what i am feeling is as if three balloons (the long ones that you make baloon poodles out of) are in my throat and are rubbing against eachother and when I swallow it is very painful and it feels like i am trying to swallow a rock! My throat is also very dry and it is very painful when i try to yawn!

I had tonsilitis when i was younger and wonder if this could be the same again or something else? When i had tonsilitis i had little white legions on my tonsils but i don't have these; they are just very swollen!.

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