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Swollen tonsil - lymphoma?

Hi.  I have a history of tonsil problems and am now beginning to get concerned that I have lymphoma.

I have had tonsillitis a few times in the past as well as frequent tonsil stones when I was younger.  For as long as I can remember, my left tonsil has been larger than the right one.

The most alarming encounter came in January when just my left tonsil swelled up, got covered in white stuff and turned red.  The weird part is it wasn't really painful, just occassionally while I swallowed.  It was accompanied by a swollen lymph node in my neck and some fever.  I went to my local ENT who prescribed two courses of antibiotics.  The antibiotics didn't do much and the ENT was very concerned, but after a couple weeks, the infection went away and the tonsil returned to normal size (which is slightly bigger than the other one).

Now since then I've had a couple other weird symptoms albeit minor (recurrent canker sores, chronic cough) which show signs that something is up with my immune system ( just like the tonsil taking so long to get back to normal did).  

The scary part came yesterday when I noticed I have a painless swollen lymph submandibular node on my right side.  From what I remember, it's been like that for awhile and I think it's only concerning now that I've had all these othre symptoms.  

I've read online that a painless enlarged lymph node could be a sign of lymphoma AND an enlarged tonsil could be as well.  

Naturally I'm terrified.  My GP is sending me back to my ENT and I have an appointment with my ENT on Monday, but can't wait that long to get some feedback.  When a tonsil problem is connected to lymphoma, does it normally present as an infection similar to the one I had?  If lymphoma was connected to the tonsil problem, wouldn't it never have gone away?  

Also - my GP sent me for CBC last week and everything came back fine.  If it really was lymphoma which has been causing all this, specifically the tonsil, since January, wouldn't SOMETHING be off with the CBC by now?

How does lymphoma present as a tonsil problem?

I'm just trying to make sense of this somehow and ease my mind.  

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