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Swollen tonsils, hard lump under chin in throat

Hello! I'm 18, female, and worried!

I have always had throat issues growing up, strep, mono, just a sore throat.

I've had a sore throat for about three months now, but nothing very painful, obviously, or I wouldn't have ignored it for so long. But recently, just a few days ago, I woke up with a large, hard lump in my throat. It is located in the center of my throat..maybe a little to the right, and it's up near the bottom of my chin. When I first noticed it it was very large and you could see it sticking out underneath my chin with my head straight forward. I think it's gone down a little in size now you can only see it when I tilt my head back.

This lump has caused my sore throat to actually be painful. I am constantly feeling as if I am about to cry.. you know when you get that ball in your throat? I feel like this lump is pushing on my tonsils or something.

when I yawn, it feels as if my tonsils are swollen and being pressed up into my ears, so it hurts my ears to yawn.

I'm just wondering if I should be worried? or I don't know. any information you can give is very much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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