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Swollen tonsils

Thursday morning I woke up to a sore/ scratchy throat. I figured it was from sleeping with my hair a little wet and having the fan on the night before and would go away later in the day. It never went away and continued. Friday was the same thing my throat felt to itchy and irritated I would keep coughing. Friday night it felt gross to swallow my saliva. Saturday it was the same thing so I looked in my mouth and noticed my tonsils were swollen. I've always gotten sore throats when getting sick but have never had swollen tonsils. Later that day I started feeling warm and weak with chills I checked my temp and it was only 99.5 so I took some aleeve and after a while my body temp felt normal again. It is now Monday and my tonsils are STILL swollen. Besides the throat I've had the common cold symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, runny and stuffy nose and I've been feeling itchy inside of my ears. Should I get it checked out just in case it's a viral infection or something ?
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