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Terrible Headaches w/ sinus cyst

I have been suffering w/ a terrible headache for three weeks.  I spent the last week in the hospital and doctors found all teswt (CT, MRA, MRI and bloodwork) to be normal.  I have neck pain, vision and hearing problems, dizziness, numbness and tigling in the left side.  I went to my PC and he said they did see a cyst in my sinus cavity.  I knew it was there because of prior scans, but was told it was not a big deal.  He said I sould see an ENT.  I did last year and was told to use nose sprays to dry it up which did not work.  Now the cyst is severe and takes up my entire left sinus cavity.  I want to take all my scans to my ENT (which I have an appt with next week) and say I am miserable and here is why when can you remove this?!  I feel it has been this sinus issue that has plagued me for years.  My question is am I over reacting?  Should I rush surgery or wait?  My headaches are still prestent and cannot be tollerated without barbituates or narcotics.  I don't want to take these foever.  Please help!!
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OMG - I have cysts in my maxillary sinus and have been quite unwell for 6 months. I have heaps of symptoms but they include the ones you've mentioned: neck pain, vision and hearing problems (although they're ok apparently), dizziness/vertigo, numbness and tingling in my fingers and toes (mostly on left side). I can't believe it's taking up the whole left sinus cavity!!! If it were me I'd have the surgery immediately - if I could get mine removed I would! I have yet to see an ENT (Dec) and am going to a Neuro next month for those and other symptoms.
Keep me informed!
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I can't believe that I was able to find this sight and your posts.  I am having all of the same symptoms that you mention, but my right side is numb instead of my left.  I also had an MRI and they found that I had sinusitis and a sinuscyst.  I was convinced I had had a stroke or M.S.  Is it possible that this cysts is really causing all of those problems?  I have to say that I truly hope so, and if so, I will gladly have it removed.  
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I notice that these were posted in Oct 2007.  Have you since had the cysts removed and what was the outcome of all of your tests?
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Hi there,

I'm glad you found the site too! I didn't get my cysts removed - I was told to 'blast it' with antibiotics and a steroid nasal spray (Nasonex - one of the best apparently), which I did and it seemed to work. However I was really ill for 9 months (April-Dec) and am still battling to get there some days. A lot of my symptoms have disappeared. I am still left with memory problems, fatigue (although not as bad) and hearing problems.

I never did get to that ENT - they cancelled my appointment and so I never made another one. I did go to the Neurologist and he was not impressed with me. He did send me for the MRI which came up clear for any bad stuff, which he figured it would.

I'm now having more problems with my Endometriosis and am having surgery for that in September.

Let me know how you go and what your doctors say. If your doctor says the cysts could be removed, defnitely do it! It'll save months of problems!

Mel :-)

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My daughter is 13 and for the past 2 1/2 weeks she's been having very bad migraines. It was on the top of her head and has since moved to the forehead. She's missed alot of school due to not being able to focus and getting nauseated. She had an xray on her head and it showed a cyst in her left sinus. We have an appointment at the ENT specialist for the cyst and her doctor is trying to get her in to the neurologist but he is out of town till monday. In the meantime, she is miserable. I don't know what else to do. I was going to try to take her to the ER in hopes of getting a CT scan. Any suggestions? I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks so much in advance.
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Lets get this aligned. She is 13 and has a headache (?"migraines") for two and half weeks. The headache started in the 'top' of the head and has moved to the forehead. Had some problem with vision (focusing), and had nausea and hence has missed school.

The headache has to be evaluated first by an Eye specialist.

A cyst (you said in the left sinus; may be maxillary sinus) is not an unusual finding in sinus X-rays and may not be responsible for the headache.

Best rgds,
Thomas Antony
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