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Thick sticky mucus in my throat

Reposting ..hoping for some help

Hello .. I have been suffering from thick sticky mucus .. clear but sometimes white . Its hard to get rid .. wont move . So thick and very distressing .its really effecting my quality of life . I forever howking up to try and move it ..but however much I do so and manage to get up ..theres always a ball of it just stuck at the back of my throat . Sometimes I can grab it and drag it out from the back of my throat .. thick and stringy .. and could almost tie it in a knot . Gross eh :-(

Ive tried steam inhalation .. gargling .. drinking loads of water . . and still its the same . Had this problem about three years now . Is there anybody out there that help me please .

Thank you
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Hi, I too have had this same problem for almost 7 yrs. now.  Nothing I have tried helps.  I even had sinus surgery and all that did was make it worse.  It never stops drainings. After tons of tests and tons of money the doctors said that it has to do with my autonomic nervous system - I guess like vasomotor rhiniits.  There is not too much of anything that they can do for me.  I have tried every nasal spray that was ever made and I even had oral steroids too.  Steam inhalation, nasal irrigation for almost 7 yrs. and nothing helps.  I got this after I had the flu from when I was in a third world country.  My doctor said that viruses can do alot of damage to the body and it could even change the way the mucus glands secrete their secretions.  I guess there is not much research done on this problem because it is not life threatening, only makes life miserable.  Does your undereyes ever swell up ? Mine do, they swell up and then go down again, up and then down. My under eyes almost have a bluish discoloration under them. I guess it is from the blood vessels leaking under the skin tilssues.  Does your nose get stuffy from perfume, cleaning supplies, scented laundry soap and other scented things??  If so, you probable have the same problem, but I sure hope not.       T ake care ---- Laaz
Thank you. You are the first person to accurately describe what's been ruining my life for the last year and a half. I've seen so many doctors, and they just shrug me off.
Hi. I discovered that I am allergic to concentrated orange juice or any concentrated drinks--slushes, snowcones bc the syrups come from concentrated juices.  also--cant have any chili pepper in anything. ill get a sore throat--on fire--then mucus starts up for days.  
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You could very well have what laaz has, or it's also possible to have the same problem with acid reflux, which irritates your throat and causes supermucus.  A solution was recently posted by silkysoft, and you can read it at the bottom of the comments part of me journal.

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I've got the same thing. I have had it now nearly two years and it has gotten worse more than anything. I have found nothing to help it either. I am having an upper GI done, but chances are it won't do any good either. I've had tons of tests done and spent a fortune, but still no relief. I just went to bed one night, woke up feeling like I had something stuck in my throat and from there I have gotten this thick, clear almost gel like mucus in my throat. I hate it. It comsumes my every moment. I hate going to work now too. I feel like I annoy people with my strange noises and am depressed about it. If I cry now, my throat gets full of this stuff, it's horrible. My dad just died and I've cried a lot and I have found that my tears fill up my throat, it's awful. If you find something to help you, let me know, and I will let you know too. I'm afraid there are a lot of us out here with this and no doctor really gives a **** about it. They give ya the regular nasal sprays and what not, but that's it.
Good luck.
Hi. I discovered that I am allergic to concentrated orange juice or any concentrated drinks--slushes, snowcones bc the syrups come from concentrated juices.  also--cant have any chili pepper in anything. ill get a sore throat--on fire--then mucus starts up for days.  
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I had the same thing.  I got it after an influenze bout a few years ago.  After doctor's pills, allergy pills and several different types of inhalers that did nothing to improve the situation I was about ready to give up and in a despairing revalation realized I would have to live with this for the rest of my life.  I did one last search on the internet and came across a posting that has starting to help me.  My mucus is becoming "runnier" each day and my sinuses are clearing up.  Oregano has natural antibacterial and antiviral compounds.  I put about a half a teaspoon in my salt water nasal spray and use it several times a day.  I also put a pinch under my tongue to get those same compounds into my system.  I read you have to stay focused on this process until you are completely cured.  I am encouraged.
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You are probably the first one who claims to have a solution. However, your solution is not so clear for me. Could you summarize it again?
Thanks in advance.
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I have been having this problem for about six months. It's makes life miserable. I have been reading up and I found a post from someone saying he had this problem for a few years and someone said it could be an reaction too nuts. He stopped eating all nuts and a few weeks later it began too clear up n he hasn't had any mucus unless he eats nuts. I eat alot of peanut butter and food with nuts so I'm going to see if his solution works for me. There isn't a guarantee but it's not like it can make our situations any worse. It may not be the cure for everyone but hopefully it helps some people
Hi. I discovered that I am allergic to concentrated orange juice or any concentrated drinks--slushes, snowcones bc the syrups come from concentrated juices.  also--cant have any chili pepper in anything. ill get a sore throat--on fire--then mucus starts up for days.  
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Thank you for suggestion to avoid eating nuts. I'll give this a try. I have had this problem for 9 months since my mother died. Could be stress related perhaps. Keep suggestions coming - we'll find a cure eventually. If the medical profession researches it there will be plenty of return on investment as it appears to be such a widespread problem! All the best everyone. Will let you know if I have success.
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10 years now that i have this problem,in my ears back of my nose the string that comes out of my throat once in a while,ya i can tie a knot whith it soooo sticky,i take klynnex twist it in my nose and pull some of the mucus out,i feel it pull from the back of my eyes when i do get to pull a good peace out i get like a buzz feel so good air gets in pressure is better for about 1min,in my tears too, fells like fibers in my tears,cant live with this problem anymore,so many doctors scan operations pills,some pills did work two hours after taking the pill better for 10 days starts back,cant take those pills for more then 10 days.no one can live with me the sounds cant sleep wake up every hour.
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trying new pill pressures gone not in my ears apo sulfatrim ds,800+160mg twice a day 8:00am and 5:00pm for ten days.
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These are all allergy based problems...and there is no solution for allergy.
It comes with particular thing and then goes of ...so avoid that allergy trigger in your life. that can be cold, flower, fragnance, spray other. or one can try homeopathy treatment to have better immune system to fight against allergy.
Good Luck
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I too have suffered from this for many years- I personally do not believe it is all allergy based problem. There are so many toxins / polutions adatives etc... on and on, that it has changed the way our metabolism and immune system opperates. It has caused mutations in genetics that even get past on to future generations etc... even right down to antibiotics and steroids that is fed to the animals and fish we consume nowadays; "You are what you eat- likewise for the animals in our food chain." And the same goes for field crops with the pest and weed control as well as geneticly altered plants and animals alike. - What I am saying is that it is not always the / or a doctor's misdiagnosis or disregard to our problems but rather we have entered into a new phase of sicknesses that are and cannot be clearified and diagnosed as they use to be able to do only 20 yrs ago. I say these things partly because I am in the same environment and eat the same diet week after week and year after year- It makes no difference, I still have bouts of these horrible symptoms. Sometimes worse than others and once in a blue moon it will just stop and no symptoms at all for an entire day. If I am lucky it may be a couple of days and nights. I also suffer from many other types of symptoms that I would swear must be realted in some way, but I really don't know if they are or not.??? It is so overwhelming that it simply depresses the hell out of you! Your anxiety goes through the roof etc... Go to the doc and they hand you the cure-all wonder drug of the new age the good ole SSRI's "anti-depressants" because the have the ability to lessen many symptoms for most people and aleiviate the anxiety and or depression that comes from Just Plain Old Being Very Sick but unfortunately there is no cure for- a diagnosis possibly but not a cure yet! ...Hell, as far as we know we may have developed a new version of "Cystic Fibrosis" that may be causing this horribly thick, sticky, gelled and stringy mucus! ?" I am 52 years old and I am sick and I am finding that more and more people are sick in unexplained ways or unspecified. However, I do hope yours and the rest of the ones that are complaining of these symptoms do get a proper and accurate diagnosis and cure! Sincerely, Hang in threre.
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I too have the same problem. I'm currently waiting to see a few specialist I have already seen in the past. I have already had a tonsillectomy, nasal polypectomy, and still no luck. I believe the adenoids which he didn't remove may also be causing the problem. Currently things that help are being well hydrated, ensuring that you breath through the nose to decrase/dry build up of mucus and bacteria in nasal cavity, neti pot but NOT religiously, sudafed when symptoms are really bad, and most importantly good diet, exercise, and stress management. FYI, when I get the flu for some reason the syptoms tend to decrease a lot. Could this be some sort of chronic viral sinusitis, in which your immune system temporarily fights the infection to relieve symptoms? Edward D. RN
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I'm oddly encouraged that this isn't cancerous, that's the first thing I thought. Pulled a nasty thick string of this stuff out today after some vigorous exercise. Its the only way I can really dislodge the stuff. I would also say u could tie it in a knot, wow, gross! I was talking to my doc about my potential cancer/thyroid problems (proposed b/c of this throat thing) and he suggested instead that it could simply be a problem caused by the breathing so many particulates in the air. Its very dusty & dry & urban where I live. Possible solution then --> exercise + clean air breathing! Would only be temporary though. Also makes my think about one of those ionic air cleaning products...
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I have had the same problem with very thick sticky mucus in the back of my throat for about 4 years now. I was reading about dairy and its affects on the body, how it is a mucus forming food, mostly for digestion. I wondered if there was any chance it is the cause of my problem. I gave it up  and within 5 days almost no mucus. No doctors, no meds, no nothing. Simple solution, but boy do I miss dairy. I have it once in a great great while and then the mucus comes back right away. Please try it, you wont be sorry!
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if you are taking seroquel

Some other common side effects (occurring in 2 to 10 percent of people taking the drug) included:

•Indigestion or heartburn
•Increased appetite
•Nasal congestion !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
•Abdominal pain (stomach pain)
•Back pain  
•Shakiness (tremor)
•Joint pain
•Sore throat
•Rapid heart rate (tachycardia)
•Irritated or runny nose
•Vision problems.
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Aren't sinus problems fun? (NOT!)  I'm in the process of giving up dairy as well...I had made dairy products a BIG part of my menu for years.  I hadn't had much luck in the past with giving up dairy because I love milk, and soymilk and almond milk just didn't do it for me...they felt 'oily' in my mouth.

But I've just found Rice Milk, and I'm delighted to say that for me, it's a wonderful milk substitute. Rice Milk has a lovely, light flavor that actually reminds me a bit of the flavor of 100% whole milk, without feeling thick and oily. It also doesn't compete with the flavor of other foods, which was another problem I had in trying to adapt to drinking soy or almond milk.

Giving up cheese and cheese products is much harder but I'm working on that.  One step at a time. :) I've won my milk battle, now I'll find a good cheese substitute, or just do without.   I will probably switch to soy cheese, because unlike soymilk..cheese is supposed to have a fatty texture. I've eaten it before and it's ok..not like wonderful REAL cheese..but good if I have to give up all dairy.

One note: a lot of sinus problems originate with gastric reflux, which can cause you to develop sinusitis, and sometimes gastric reflux can be a 'silent' ailment until things get real bad.  I thought this was crazy at first, but after being on a GERD diet, I can attest that I don't wake any more with that 'golf ball in the throat' feeling in the morning. Turns out my gastric secretions were crawling up my throat at night, and causing the back of my throat to inflame. That can lead to sinusitis and other nasal issues.

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I too have had this problem for many years, it's incredibly uncomfortable and gross. I have long thick strings of mucus on the back of my throat,  deep in my sinuses... My ears and eyes are always irritated. It's no fun.
These stands of mucus remind me of those sticky gel-like hands that we would get in the vending machines as a kid that you fling and they stick to just about anything until they get dirty. You can roll them up, tie them in a knot, just about anything but then they return right back to the normal shape. Except we're talking about snot  : /
It's most interesting to see many of you with similar experiences, I just wish we could come up with a solution. I do sinus rinses regularly, I use colloidal silver or oregano regularly, steam, and more. These things do help make the issue occur less often, but it's still a chronic problem. I'll try to remember to post as I discover new things.
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Did a search of this forum as I am having problems with thick phelgm in my throat, very distressing.  Not a large quantity but I can hack up a small wad of it.  I have been under the care of a few ENT and GI docs.  One suggested Mucinex but that didn't help and upset my stomach.  Mine seems to be near my voice box and the base of my neck.  Due to chronic dry mouth and throat, I am constantly drinking something.  Saw an ENT doc yesterday who didn't do a scope but looked down my throat.  Didn't really give me any answere but said it is caused by the dryness.  Now, it never goes away and he tells me to stop clearing my throat.  If I don't, I feel like I will choke.  Makes me very anxious.
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There must be another speciality that can address these issues.  I am so tired of ENT docs not trying to find answers to ongoing and worsening problems. They do CT scans and MRI's don't see anything and send you on your way. Look down your throat, same thing. Give you prescription mouth washes that don't do anything.  Complained of a sore tooth so ENT doc gave me antibiotics.  I am so tired of going from doctor to doctor and now have major dental issues and don't know how I will get through that!  
I am again sick to my stomach.  Horrible dry mouth and throat. Now dealing with phelgm problems that affect me to the base of my neck and often feel like I am choking. Always,mthe left side is worse.  I keep telling them the "tissues" of my tongue and palate don't feel right.  There has to be some disease process going on and they are not testing for.  All because they don't visually see anything obvious.  Now, my left ear is starting to hurt and I just feel physically unwel, all the time.  I am so tired of this and disgusted, as is my husband as this causes a poor quality of life.
Where do you go? You read about odd diseases being diagnosed.  How and where and what type of specialist!
Yes, guess I am ranting this morning as I am beginning another bad day.  Welcome to modern medical care where a doctor gives you a 10 min exam, no answers and out they go.  I know they don't give me or my case a second thought.  
Well, I am off to lay down and try not to have to swallow or gag and try to settle my stomach.  
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When I was still working at college I met a student from Nigeria and became good friends with him.  They have many many home natural remedies that we have never heard of before.  I told him about my mucous problem like yours and he said every morning take 1 tablespoon of lime juice freshly squeezed before anything else you may ingest.  I forgot about his advise until I read your post as mine is flairing up again and I'm going to try it. S
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As fate would have it, had an infected tooth my dentist missed. Had a root canal on Thursday and still painful today, Sunday.  Endidontist put me on Clyndomicin (?) every 6 hours. Had to call him yesterday due to stomach upset but he wants me to try and stay on it.  I take Omeprazole, 2x day. This tooth is on the upper left side.  I have been telling numerous ENT docs for a long time something is not right from behind my left sinus, down my throat and feel fullness in my ear.  CT scans and MRI's don't show anything.
Odd thing was, the day after the root canal, I had very little phlegm issues.  Starting Saturday, yesterday, it was again getting bad, dry mouth and throat worse.  I hardly slept last night and this morning have very bad dry mouth and throat, worse feeling of phlegm and feels like something stuck in my throat.  I can hardly swallow and water does nothing.  
Every ENT dic just wants to treat me for GERD, which makes absolutely no difference.  There is something in or around my nasal /sinus area. Above the back of my soft palate.  I can feel it.  Keep pointing that area out and they scope me and don't see anything.
There must be some test or x-ray that can show that area better than CT or MRI.  This is just getting worse and making me and everyone around me miserable.
Any help would be appreciated.  Have seen a few ENT doc's, GI docs and numerous tests done over a long period of time and I just continue to get worse.  I'd go to ER but what are they going to do and it is a nightmare to go there
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I have been struggling with the exact same thing as all of you! I have had a sinus surgery that helped me breathe better, but this clear, stringy, sticky mucus is haunting me everyday! The one thing that had semi helped me is using a sinugator from CVS. Instead of using warm water, I use room temperature distilled water with the Neil med premix solution packet. For some reason this makes the large sticky clumps that won't come out with warm water just ooze on out. Sometimes it's almost like pulling a shoelace out of your nose! Good luck to you all.
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I too have that same problem, I went to ENT and pulmonary specialist, did GERD test, asthma test, scan test for sinusitis and next week septoplasty or sinus surgery, I hope it will get better, sad to hear if no cure...what will we do?
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I have tried the sinus irrigation but that doesn't help.  Mine is down in my throat.
Every morning now I wake up sweating and with n upset stomach before I even get up then the hacking starts.
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