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In the last couple of weeks I have noticed an increase in coughing in which I'm trying to clear my throat...It feels like I have a lot of sinus drainage and it feels like sometimes it's laying in my throat and I'm clearing my throat to get it out.  Now when I cough, I get into a "Hard Coughing" spell and when I reach up and feel my throat when I'm coughing, I feel some scraping or popping in the area of throat around the Adams Apple.  I know that there aren't any bones, except for the hyoid bone but I'm curious what is going on??  I keep having people tell me that it's not that big of a deal or that it's normal but when I cough and sometimes the popping is something that I can really feel and it doesn't feel like something normal.  

I don't have any pain or discomfort from it but it's just a bothersome thing that I'm seek information on.

Plus if I go to hold my breath and I use that force and push (without blowing out the air) I can feel what I think is the hyoid bone or something popping out and it goes back into place.  I also feel that same bone or whatever doing the same thing when I cough.  So I'm thinking that the bone popping out is normal because it seems it's opening up my throat for the cough...

The reason for the post is to find someone that has experienced something like this or may know what I'm talking about?
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