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Throat Swells When I Smoke Marijuana

First off please don't tell me to just "Stop smoking Marijuana" I already have, the problem still exsits and I'm not Allergic either

I'm a 23 year old Caucasian Male in good Health other than this condition. I have been using Marijuana for over 10 years, the first seven were very heavy use 3+ times per day. The only big Medical Condition I've ever had is an Inguinal Hernia which I had bilateral open surgery on a year ago.

My condition started about three years ago. I thought I had swallowed a portion of a toothpick (about half). I forced myself to throw up with a pencil, I have never thrown up like I did then and I did this for about 30 minutes several times. This is what I believe triggered the condition or it may be coincidental.

From then on I've had a weird feeling in my throat and particularly on the right side and it gets much much worse when I smoke Marijuana. Something I believe that may have to do with this also I had a stint of about 9 months - 1 year where I had maybe 5 TERRIBLE cases of a Sore Throat, it would appear out of nowhere and develop overnight. These were the worst Sore Throats I've ever experienced, I would squint in pain every time I would swallow. However I had no symptoms of being sick at all (temperature, aches, lack of energy...), just the Sore Throat however I've not had one of these in about a year and it was about 3-6 months of having this condition before the Sore Throats happened. They would go away after 5-7 days and I never used antibiotics or went to the Doctor for them.

I should also mention this feeling is not a pain at all and doesn't really cause me discomfort unless I smoke Marijuana then I have problems swallowing sometimes. Its more annoying than anything its always on my mind, I wake up with it, go to sleep with it, it drives me crazy at times literally. Also, in the morning when I wake up I almost forget about it like its not there but as I'm up longer and longer it appears more. Some days are better than others as well. When I swallow it almost feels like the right side of my throat doesn't work. This feeling gets worse or intensifies when I smoke Marijuana, but is always there regardless of smoking or not. The feeling also makes we want to constantly swallow every couple of seconds. Its almost like I feel something is in my throat needing to be swallowed or cleared but will never go down. Whenever I eat solid foods this feeling goes away for about 10 seconds.

I used to think the problem was related to my Tonsils but now believe my Lymph Node in my neck (bottom of jaw really) on the right side swells causing my Eppiglotis (Flap behind Tongue) to stand up at the back of my tounge. It should also be mentioned that when I push my Eppiglotis down the feeling goes away again for about 10 seconds. I did mention this to my General Practitioner about 1 1/2 years ago (wasn't able to describe the detail I can now) he prescribed Prilosec but I never really gave the Prilosec a chance to work, I know I need to, and have started now.

I also haven't smoked Marijuana in 72 hours and will not again. This problem really scared me at first and I avoided it hoping it would just go away. After a year I realized that would not happen. I'm now on day 2 of following the recommendation of my GP of taking two pills of Prilosec per day once in the morning and once at night. I'm on day 3 of not smoking Marijuana and I quit Cigarettes over 6 months ago. Hopefully these steps will help as I don't have any medical insurance.

What I'm planning on doing is to Stop Marijuana use and use the Prilosec for 60 days. If I see no change in my condition after 60 more days I will pay the $150/month for quality health insurance. I just don't want to truely report this condition until I have Health Ins. so that its not considered a pre-exsisting condition.

I appreciate any info you can give me.

Thank You, Craig
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