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Throat and Ear problem

Hi, I am 24 year old and I am experiencing pain on my throat for 2 weeks now. I’m afraid that if this is cancerous or not (hope it is not).

I am a Technical Support Engineer and we are talking on the phone at least 7 hours a day, my shift is 8pm-5 am and I am lacking sleep. 2 weeks ago, I was having hard time talking and there is hoarseness on my voice. I can talk but I can feel the pain in the lower part of my neck. I can’t feel any lump on my neck, but I am having hard time swallowing. After a week, the back of my ear starts to ache and now I can feel the pain inside my ear, even though the pain is tolerable I’m afraid that this is more than sore throat. Every time I try to speak the lower part of my neck is getting heavier. There are no rashes or ulcers neither in my mouth nor on my tonsils.

I had my check up 8 days ago and was given Augmentin, the hoarseness was gone but the pain on the lower part of my neck is still there every time I speak and the pain on my ear is still there. My doctor advised me to use Augmentin for another 3 days.

I need advise on the tests that I need to do that I can suggest to my doctor, what medicines I need to take, and what I can do to take care of my throat.

Please help me.

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I suspect that the source of your problem lies in your voice box.  You may have laryngitis that is only being made worse by your occupation.  Cancer would be very low on my list of concerns for you.  I would be willing to bet that if you were able to rest your voice, this would get better.  As far as what your doctor can do, I would start by simply looking at your voice box with either a flexible scope or a mirror.  If he/she can't do that, and this persists, you need to see an Otolaryngologist.
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Thanks! I'll just get back to you if this won't end this week : (  Hope it will. ^_^
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