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Throat feels tight, restricted

Sometime several months ago, while singing along with a song in my car, I (like an idiot) resorted to screaming/belting my lungs out to force myself to reach a note that I cannot reach without strain. Since then, my voice has become a gradual problem for me - I'm a theatrical performer and typically perform in two to five shows per year.

The area around my Adam's apple feels much more restricted, as if someone was very lightly pushing on it every second of every day. Whenever I swallow I can feel it push out momentarily before receding back in. My speaking voice has a rough vibration to it whenever I speak slightly lower than regular, and my falsetto range is almost entirely gone; notes that I could hit without effort are now becoming a task. It's not simply a situation of my voice changing either - at times I will begin to sing high and my voice will break in and out. I'm completely unsure of what to do, as I'm praying I haven't done permanent damage to my vocal chords.
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I'm experiencing the same, my voice is lost(not completely lost but most part of my singing voice is gone) I can't hit high notes anymore which I were able to hit easily without any strain. I used to have a smooth and melodious singing voice but now it is almost gone and I use to squeak in the middle of my singing. I cannot control my voice properly, singing in falsetto notes is hopeless now. Flexibility of my voice is also gone my throat feels tightened and restricred I cannot do proper vibrato or so. And the part of my throat around my Adams's Apple  also pains. Please Help me :(
And sorry for my bad English...
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