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Throat infection

Hi there, I just made an account on this website to see if I could get advice from someone who knows more about how this sort of thing works.

Last Friday afternoon (today is Tuesday) I first noticed a sore throat. I wasn't displaying fatigue/aches/fever etc. so I figured it was a small issue that would resolve itself. On Sunday the pain worsened (not terrible but it was a noticeable spike) so I did a self-examination and found a few white patches on my tonsils. I decided to go to a clinic where they could do a quick swab test and prescribe me meds for what I assumed to be strep throat. The test they ran came back negative, and the nurse practitioner said it was likely a viral infection. On Monday, I recorded a fever of around 100-101 and the swelling in my throat had gotten to the point where my tonsils were completely covered by exudate. Swallowing was painful and difficult. Started to experience a bit of fatigue/aching. Later in the afternoon I noticed a rash forming in my upper groin area, and at that point I decided I should probably return to an office for reevaluation. Didn't get a lot of sleep through the night and the rash had spread to my entire torso, front and back, elbows, the palm side of my wrists, below and in back of my knees, and patches on my feet. I am a mouth breather at night and my throat was probably the worst it's ever felt this morning lol. I was actually able to see a doctor at a Medical Group clinic earlier today and the first thing they did was another swab test which also came back negative for strep a. Next they ran a blood test for mono, negative. At this point the doctor had pretty much exhausted her options at a clinic and decided that she could empirically prescribe Clindamycin and prednizone to help deal with my swelling. The prednizone helped a TON, the "chunks" of exudate actually popped right off once my tonsils weren't so inflamed. Exudate is still present but again, only in patches.

So the main question I'm asking is, does anyone have any idea what I could have? I'll have the throat culture results back from the clinic in a couple days to fully determine if it isn't a different type of strep. When I think of throat infection + rash I immediately jump to scarlet fever. Would that show in a strep a test? If I didn't have this rash I wouldn't be so concerned about possibilities for my ailment. That, and I'm supposed to be attending Lollapalooza this weekend in downtown Chicago.

Thanks in advance!
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