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"Throat virus" still there

Hello, I posted about 3 weeks ago about a problem I had with my throat.  I have been on 4 series of antibiotics, and seen the doctor six times in the last month and a half.  I have swollen glands, swollen tonsils, red and inflammed throat, with bumps on the back of my throat.  My doctor does not know what it is, and I am scheduled to see a specialist on May 2nd, but my condition has once again gotten worse.  Previously, there had been no pain at all.  Now however, my whole neck feels swollen, and I have a slight soar throat.  I got a CT scan on Wednesday, and there isn't anything serious.  They have no idea whats wrong with me, so he called  it a virus.  

Is it possible for a virus, that seems to be getting worse, even with a MONTH of rest/ doing everything right, to persist this long?  It now appears to be descending my throat, and I have develepod a slight cough.  Or could it be something else.  I tested negative for strep and mono.  Any ideas?? Doc says he has never seen a case like this before.  Help!!!

Thanks again
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I am having similar symptoms that you are describing.  I was on 3 series of antibiotics for ringing in my ear over a period of 4 weeks and then finished them.  A week later white spots appeared on my throat and tonsils but no pain for the first week.  The first day I noticed the white spots I went into MedPoint and a doctor prescribed Augmentin (another antibiotic) even though I tested negative for strep (the quick test).  On the 5th day of using the antibiotics I broke out in a rash.  I stopped the antibiotic and took some benedryl and it went away.  I didn't do anything for two weeks and my throat got progressively worse.  Swollen lymph nodes, white spots on throat, night sweats/chills were the symptoms I was experiencing.  I decided to go see "my" doctor and I had a mono test which came back negative.  I had a gonorrhea test and that came back negative.  My doctor put me on another antibiotic and 6 days into that one I was experiencing muscle spasms, a stiff neck and stopped taking it and the stiffness faded.  I told my doctor that it felt like I had a knot in my throat and he sent me to have a cat scan done on my throat thinking I might have an abscess and nothing showed up at all.  My white blood cell count came back normal also.  Anyway, it's been close to 5 weeks now and the white spots are gone but I still have tender lymph nodes and my voice box hurts.  I've been to an ear, nose, throat doctor and he looked at my throat and voice box and says he sees nothing wrong.  I'm a teacher and the teacher in the room next to me is experiencing the same symptoms I have and has had them for 3 or 4 weeks now.  I just learned that two other teachers have white spots on their throat now. I am frustrated not knowing what this is and now it seems other people are getting it too.
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I been having similar symptons for 4 months of which the last 2 weeks I have had a severe sore throat. I am 48 years old

I have had the following tests completed with normal results.
Mono ( twice), TSH, T4, CBC - 7 times, Large Vein vessel, throat swaps

I have also have had a Ultra sound on Thryoid, stomach and neck. I have had normal ct scan on head and neck.

I have been diagonosed with TMJ, H pylori ( treated 7 day antibiotics), and Hiatus hernia. I also been FNA biospy for thryoid nodules.

I am completed depressed, tired and in a lot of pain. I have a great deal of stress in my personal life.

I have scheduled appointments with a tmj specialist and gastro doctor.

Has anyone gone thru the same? Am I missing anything in terms of testing or possible causes.  Any help would be appreciated, I do not know where to turn
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It has now gotten worse for me yet again, with more mangled throat and now accompanied with fever and extremeley painful throat.
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I'm feeling much better but there is still pain under my adam's apple and my neck muscles occasionally get sore and stiff.  I am going to ask my doctor to schedule an appointment for me to get my thyroid checked and check for hypothyroidism.  I think my thyroid may have been affected from my prolonged sore throat.  I hope you guys feel better soon.  I do know what you're going through.  Keep searching for the answers yourself because family doctors seem to just address the symptoms without knowing the true cause.
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I am in the US and it is October of 2008, and I am on my second go around of what everyone else has discribed in this forum.

I have not been to a doctor for it. The first time around it lasted 2 weeks, then went away for 2 weeks and is now back again.

Swollen glads, light soar throat, feels like I have something stuck in my throat on the right side, sometimes their are white spots some times not. Also seem to have a cold with it and chills and I am tired.

I did start a home remedy the first time around that seemed to help with the throat.
!/4 cup honey mixed with 1/4 cup vinegar, mix together and take a tablespoon 6 times a day. If you can get it down it seemed to work.

Is there any new news on this virus and how are the people that had it last year doing? Also did you find out what it was?

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My girlfriend has had this on and off for the last few months. I don't have it.
We were talking about it this evening and it's freaking her out. Me too. This is some scary stuff. She's been to the Doctor and was told it was a virus. Not mono, not strep. A virus. Well, what virus? And what can we do for it? Seems like A LOT of people are getting this and it seems to be incurable. Could be since I'm not getting it that I'm a carrier, of sorts.
Don't know.

Search on line in other forums.
LOTS of people are talikng about this.
I don't want to suggest a conspiracy, but this is getting scary.
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i have the same problem and had loads of test and the ent doctor cant find nothing like. my  story ....
i have tinnitus in my ears the last 6 months im 26.... my throat is giving me awful problems lately had 1 tonsil out 3 months ago and still 1 there bled 2 much so stoped operation
i have being on antibiotics the last month nearly for infection and steroids to bring down flamed throat.
my problem is my ears are driven me mad latelly they seem to be blocked the whole time and my tinnitus is loud and eating i can hear little crack when i swollow small bit nothing wrong with my jaw was at a Specialist and he said ears are ok and clear but whats causing my problem then???? Need Help Please :(
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a friend of mine was diagnosed with throat herpes (hsv) from swabs taken from the white spots. ask them to check for that.?
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im having the same **** my lymph nodes in my neck are swollen my tonsols are red but not swollen and my throat feels like it shuts sometimes i have on an off fevers.. ive had blood work done  because they thought it was mono but they said my white blood cell and red blood cell count are normal and my ear on the left side hurts and behind it... my family has the same stuff but my symptoms seem a little more severe.. ive taken avalox because it caused a sinus infection and that cleared so no more coughing and dark green mucus... ive yet to go back to the doctor i was thinking maybe i need to get my tonsols removed or it might be a bad virus going around but ive had them checked 2 weeks ago and took that medicine so it cant be that i dont think oo and my fevers have been very mild and getting headaches.. ive also been having really bad anxiety so that probly doesnt help
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I've had all the symptoms above year after year and now going on to my 6th year. It's always during the winter months from Dec to end of Feb, then it disappears and happens all again next year. It's seems to get worse has the years have gone by. In Dec. my throat closed up and couldn't breath for about 10 sec. After this little scare I decided that I wasn't going to stop looking for an anwser just because the doctor said it was a virus and that they couldn't do anything.
I went to a throat specialist and best thing he could think of to take of it is to get my tonsils removed. I'm having them taken out next week and I'm crossing my fingers and hoping it works out!
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I started with a sore throat it turned into strep throat. I took antibiotics and the white pimple like bump went away. Ever since then I have had this sore throat that seams to be getting better at a snails pace. My ENT did an X ray and Laryngyscope threw my nose. He said I had a lot of swelling and irritation due to acid reflux. I have been taking Prilosec all this time, but my problem is that I eat a lot before I sleep and sometimes I get acid reflux that reaches my throat. I'm making it a habit to not eat past 6 o'clock and it seams to be helping at a snails pace. My ENT told me that it will go away slowly, but surely. Hope this helps someone I was scared it could be something more serious.
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I had what I was told by my acupuncturist, a 'virus' stuck in my system, and I did not mention anything to her about the persistent sore throat for 2 weeks, along with a cough, and this all came out of no where.  I had colloidal silver mist spray which I used two days in a row, along with a natural cough syrup called 'Chestal'.  The sore throat and cough are completely gone.  

No reason to take antibotics and all those unnecessary expensive tests the doctor does for you and zero answers.  Take control of your health and use natural remedies, they work.
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