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Throat worry

I have recently been experiencing throat discomfort. It feels as though I have a lump there. I have seen my GP twice regarding it, but he says everything looks normal and there is nothing of concern to see.
It comes and goes I don't feel it everyday but some weeks and then it seems to go.
I can actually put my finger far enough down my throat to feel my epiglottis and there are several small bumps on my tongue just before it and then right as my tongue dips to form the epiglottis there is a bigger round smooth feeling lump. I am really worried as I think that is what I can feel in my throat. Could this be cancer? What should I do? My doctor doesn't seem to think theres anything wrong even when I mentioned the lumps I can feel?
Please help??

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A complete history and clinical examination is important for determining the exact cause of your symptoms. The exact size of these bumps, onset, duration and progression is important for knowing the correct cause. It is possible that these bumps are your taste buds or papillae. They can become inflamed due to injury from hot food or drink or due to irritation from a virus or throat infection. Other causes are canker sores, ulcers etc.Consult an ENT specialist. Treatment will depend on the underlying cause. Hope it helps.
Best wishes and regards!
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