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Throbbing/stabbing ear pain

I keep going to the doctor with ear pain which i saw a dentist and says its tmj but it feels like fluid in my ear & i guess the tmj is causing swelling in my ear. everytime i take a shower water gets in my ears and wont come out and i have to use peroxide after. i had that a few hours ago and about an hour or 2 ago i was laying down and this throbbing/stabbing pain in my right ear started out of nowhere. throbbing and stabbing is the only way i know how to describe it. all i know is i think its getting worse but it could be just cuz it hurts and its soooo annoying. ive been having ear problems for 3-4 months, the dentist got me a nightguard and i haven't been waking up with headaches like i did when i was grinding my teeth in my sleep. my neck kind of hurts now, it wasn't really before the suddon ear pain. i know when the water was stuck i kept putting my finger in my ear like u do when u have an ear infection and doing the suction thing or popping thing idk but anyways i was wondering if somehow it hurt my ear? i dont know. but the pain is my eardrum or deeper, definatly not the canal. that or i hit my eardrum with a q-tip again..im kinda clumsy, but i dont remember getting pain like the other time i did it so i dont think i did. my doctor misses ear infections all the time, school nurse saw it and yelled at me and my mom once thinking i didnt go to the dr and i think she yelled at him when we told her we went. i had strep for a week before he admitted i had it...even his nurses told him "doc she DEFINATLY has strep". i dont know if hes dumb, doesn't believe me, or just doesn't pay any attention and just sees patients to get money. ive been to him countless times and keeps saying my ears are fine. its almost 1 am so i cant go to him or urgent care, plus my mom doesn't drive(im 15). sorry this is so long, im just pissed and in pain and need advice, i have sleep medication for insomnia and i still can't sleep from the pain!
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Don't put peroxide in your ear.  It is very aggravating to sensitive tissue.

Go to a different doctor, and/or an ear, nose and throat doctor.

For tonight, sleep on a hot-water bottle if you have one, or make one out of a double baggie full of hot water wrapped in a towel.

Good luck!!!!!
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For starts, DON'T stick any Q-tips in your ear.  And for heaven sake's DON'T use H2O2 (peroxide) in your ears.  These things are NOT recommended to do especially if you have a perforated ear drum, which is possible.  

You need something for pain and not something necessarily for sleep.  Have you tried taking any anti-inflammatories, i.e Motrin, Aleve?  You also need an ATB. (antibiotic)

I would recommend using 2-3 drops of sweet oil in your ear, but I am not sure IF you are dealing with a perforated ear drum, therefore, will not recommend.  

Sounds like a middle ear infection to me.  (Otits Media).  

Sounds like your physician might be a combination of all the things you stated above.  Please find someone conpetent who will address your problems.  Get to the Urgent Care ASAP.  DON'T GO BACK TO THAT PHYSICIAN.  

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i actually did you a heating pad it didn't help the pain but it helped me get to sleep somehow. i actually have an appt with a ear/nose/throat doctor in a week or 2, a while but its something. i only used peroxide cuz i was told it helps get water out like eardrops which i dont have money for a couple days. thank you for the advice :)
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im pretty sure i have an infection too, but my doc seems to think im brainless. whats a perforated ear drum? ill google it lol. oh its basically a hole in the eardrum, i figured but wasnt sure. yeah thats what i was thinking somehow i hurt it so i didnt use anything. he gave me eardrops to numb my ear but they work very little and only for 30 mins and i can only use 3x a day and our insurance didn't cover them so it was $20. the dentist had perscribed 800mg of ibuprofen 3x a day for 4-6 weeks...caused alot of stomach issues so i didnt continue for the extra 2 weeks which may have helped more, it made the reg swelling pain more bareable, but still painful. i got a good giggle with the "Sounds like your physician might be a combination of all the things you stated above." my mom was like "hes a quack" and i just love that saying. sorry im an immature 15 going on 16 yr old. i will definatly try to get to the doctor today though, the throbbing stopped but it still hurts and stuff and im sure its gunna come back as soon as i take a shower..i dont have anything to put in my ears but im getting some earplugs asap. thanks for the advice and the laugh(lol) and since i have 2 people backing me up i might just print your posts out next time i go see him and throw it in his face lol. thank you so much, i really appriciate it :)
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Yes, a perforated ear drum is basically a hole in the eardrum.  I am not sure if you have this or not.  This can occur r/t infection.  This is why I advised you NOT to put anything in your ear canal, i.e. Q-tips.  I am sure you have an infection though.  

Dry your ears thoroughly after your shower.  Gently move your head from side to side to remove excess water from your ears.  If you can take baths until this resolves that would be better.

Try 800 mg of ibuprofen with food per day not 2400 mg.  I think that might be better for your stomach.  

Lol, yeah, I am loads of laughs.  Yeah, print my posts and give them to him.  :))
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i dont have any ibuprofen left, i would have had to ask for another 2 weeks but my stomach doctor said no more but i think i might have to try cuz it hurts its starting to feel how it did b4 the throbbing and stuff so i just took my last 2 tylenol that i had. i was thinking the same with the bath or in the shower use a shower cap but i gotta figure out how to wash my hair, luckily i dont have school if i cant figure out how to do this lol. im thinkin if i sit on the floor and stick my head in the tub with a little water w/o gettin my ears wet or something like b4 my bath or something. a little while ago i noticed right by my ear canal but on my outer ear feels wet like as if the eardrops were staying in there for days or something...or if i have an infection and somehow its draining? i dont know. thanks for the advice, and yeah im not using q-tips now cuz well 1. they aren't gunna help if the water is down by my eardrum so. and lol i think im gunna...ill show him ;P people online are smarter then a doctor...rofl :))
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Tylenol working for you at all?  Tylenol is not really great for inflammation, but it can help the pain.  It is better for your stomach, but not the best for your liver (in high doses).  

"Stomach doctor?"  I would go with his recommendations then.  I didn't know you had issues with your stomach.  Unfortunately, ibuprofen is hard on the stomach.  Ask the "stomach doctor" if you can take Enteric-Coated Ibuprofen.  This by-passes the stomach and releases in the intestines.  

Can you not get to an Urgent care to give you an assessment, ATB, etc?
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nah, it didnt help. yeah i think gastrologist or something...i had an endoscopy in april she found the infection i might have another in ssept...shes had me on the thing to coat my stomach i thought she was gunna put me on something new but no so nothings helping. ill ask her but i dont know when i can go see her, september i think. i can go to urgent care but my mom doesn't drive so we dont have any way there, i go to fallon clinic its in my town(near my house) but theres one in auburn(next town over) with urgent care but no way there. my ear is hurting really bad again so im pretty desperate to find a way there
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Just call the GI Specialist.  I don't think you have to actually see the woman.  Have the secretary or receptionist ask her and give you a call back.  

Ideally, get somewhere ASAP.  These infections can get VERY bad.  I surely do not want you to have permanent damage to your ear or end up in the hospital.  

Just my 2 cents.  
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well i have to go see her because she has to test to see if the h pylori was taken care of from antibiotics and if it is then i need another endoscopy to figure out whats wrong. i am trying to get to a doctor for my ear though, its bothering me alot, and i dont want any permanent damage either :/ ***** cuz last night mom started having pain and called her doctor, she has another kidney stone so its even harder to get me to a doctor. she bought me these earplugs for on planes, on accident, but they helped a little keeping the water out in the shower so im using that until i can get to the doctors.
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