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Thumping Sound in Ear

I've just started having this weird thumping sound in my ear.  Just to describe it...

(1) It is a muted sound, much like when you pop your ear to try to equalize the pressure, but not as loud.  

(2) It is irregular, as in it doesn't follow my hearbeat in any way... but it is happening 14-15 times every minute.

(3) It does have a feeling to it... as in, when you hear a noise, it doesn't feel like something physical is happening to you... this feels something like pressure being relieved from the ear...

Anyone have a clue?
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I've had that, on occasion, for my entire life.  I don't know what it is, but I will say that in 34 years it has never harmed me or affected my hearing.  It's seemed so harmless that I've actually forgotten to ask ENT's about it when I have exams.  I've had full hearing/ear tests (for other reasons) and everything checks out perfect.

I consider it kind of an inner-ear twitch. Sometimes, it has happened for a few minutes directly with sounds, like each word of someone talking.
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Mine has lasted a little over 12 hours now... did it tend to last that long, or was it for just a few minutes?  If it is indeed the same as what you have... and something that is recurring, but only temporary, that is a huge relief.
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I honestly don't remember if I've had it for that long of a period of time because it's always been such an occasional "part of me" that I really haven't paid much attention.

I was also thinking that perhaps you have some lodged in earwax deep down inside.  I don't think a quick check into your ears by even a regular doctor to start with would hurt.
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I have the same problem and have search the web. Here is what I have found. Your problem is do to a monoclonus ( a rhythmic contraction and relaxation of a muscle) of one of the small muscles attached to your middle ear bones OR caused by a monoclonus of the muscles of the soft palate. Some people have it so bad that the ent has to go into the middle ear and cut the small muscles. Go to an ent and see what he(she) says.
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I have this same problem an its really getting on my nerves I see my GP on Fridaynot sure what it is.
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Okay, mine is getting worse.  Used to come and go, now the thumping sound comes and stays for many hours.  Lately, when comes the thumping lasts longer each time.

Really drives me nuts.  At least when near my PC, can put on ear phones and turn volume of sound up.  Helps drown out thumping sound. Of course everything else is downed out as well.  So not a solution if want to work or have normal life stuff.

Doctor prescribe Butalbital, worked for a while, now doesn't work anymore.

Then tried Cyclobenzaphrine HCL, same thing worked for a while, now doesn't.

Now thumping goes on for many hours, then goes away, only to come back again.

Anomaly is now becoming a trend.  May end up having the muscles in the ear cut to stop the spasms.

Really becoming psychological barrier, really driving me nuts.

At least tinnitus is consistent buzzing sound, and is always "on," and I can cope with that.  The thumping is intermittent and I cannot cope with it, end up banging side of ear/head with palm, surely doesn't help anything, do so from frustration with this damnable ear ****.

i have the samo problem,,it started like a few times a day,now it go continues for a week,then stops for a few days,then its back again,it s like 6-8 thumping per second,the only whay to stop hearing it is put my hand hard on my ear,i t destroing my social life
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