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Thumping heartbeat type sound in my ear

So for the past month ive had this thumping sound in my ear. It sounds as if it is my heartbeat but it isn't because the beat doesn't match. I have went to the emergency room as it was driving me crazy one night and I couldn't take it .The emergency room referred me to the ENT . I finally went to see the ENT due to now the thumping is getting louder and affecting me from working as I work in a call center and constantly on the phone, at times I cant even understand what my customer is saying on the phone . It's crazy and annoying me . The ENT basically checked me and said nothing is wrong . Ordered some test for me that I have an appt for on 02/19  but I don't know . I don't feel confident  in the ENT I chose and he also goes and tell me maybe its just anxiety.And now I'm starting to think its more severe than what I thought , The thumping sound is turning now into really bad migraines which cause me to vomit. Today for the first time  I woke up out of my nap and noticed a bunch of dried blood in my ear . I'm panicking . I live on my own and just feel one day someone is going to find me laying down dead or something because the doctors cant figure out what is wrong with me . Does anybody know what I'm going through or have any tips on what kind of doctor I should go to?
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