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Tinnitus, ear fullness, sound distortion and hearing loss

I am 35, in good health until almost 3 weeks ago when I woke up with a headache like I have never had before.  Long story short, my doctor thinks it was viral syndrome or viral meningitis (never had a spinal tap to confirm the diagnosis).  Anyways, during that time I had terrible ringing in my left ear.  It began to subside after about 8-10 days or so.  Then 7 days ago I got congested, severe ear pressure, pain, tinnitus and hearing loss in my left ear.  I went to my GP and he ordered Augmentin and Flonase.  The pain is gone, fullness is the same and the tinnitus is getting worse.  See..?  Here I am up at 4:00am because of it!  My doctor says it should be gone in about 2 weeks but if not, I might need tubes.  My plan is to see an ENT asap.  Does this sound normal?  Will I ever get my hearing back in my left ear, will this ringing ever go away?
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I too am having trouble with ringing in both ears. I've seen an ENT and had both ears checked. I don't have any hearing loss nor anything the Dr can pinpoint. I am on Allegra and I wonder if that may have something to do with it. The ringing or humming in my ears is very bad. It keeps me up at night, every little noise is echoed and sometimes I can't hear clearly. I've had it for several days now. I too was told by my ENT that it would go away but it's back! Does anyone have recurring episodes? My Dr didn't diagnose it as Tinnitus but said that I should come back to see him if it doesn't go away.
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I had the same type symptoms after a 10 day episode of diarrhea.  I was mildly dehydrated.  After about 5 days, the dizzyness decreased, and went away!  Drink lots of liquids!  Best wishes.
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