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Tinnitus, hearing loss, numbness, no pain

I've had tinnitus in my left ear for over a month now, but about two weeks ago it got worse and I developed a fullness feeling. I have some hearing loss, and I have not had any pain.  I went to the school doctor and they said they could see "a lot of fluid behind my eardrum".  They prescribed me antihistamine in the hopes it was an allergy issue.  A week later it was worse so I went back and saw a different doctor.  THey said that they could not even see my eardrum but it didn't look like I had an infection in my outer ear.  She said she thinks it is an inner ear infection and put me on antibiotics.  I have been on them for 5 days and so far there is no change.  The tinnitus is loud and tinny--not pulsating. I have numbness on the left side of my head, including my face.  Last night I started to have tingling and a little numbness all down my left arm.  I took a dose of Sudafed yesterday afternoon to see if it would help with the pressure but I noticed no difference.  It seems like not enough blood is getting to my arm as it is colder than my other arm.  

I am hypothyroid and have been taking levothyroxin in 50 mcg for a couple of months now.  Before that, I had been taking 100mcg for about a month, which put me in normal range but I felt bad on that much.  I don't know if these issues could be related.

I don't know what this problem is or if I could go to the ER. I don't have health insurance and I'm looking for some advice.

Thank you!
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It sounds like you need to have an MRI to make sure there is no serious problem, but I would check with an ENT first.
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Hi, I am having hearing loss in my left ear for the past 2 weeks.  I am taking hypothyroid meds.  I have consulted ENT doc and they prescribed prednisolone, methylcobal inj. for my ear problem.  Still there is no improvement.  I want to hear from those who have the same problem with hypothyroidism on improvement or not and any advice related with this.
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the numbness sounds like it could be a schwannoma - maybe - MRI if you reckon
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Hi, I am also a hypothyroid patient. I would like to share with you.  I also took 100 mcg for the last one and half years after having a partial thyroidectomy.  In january 2009, I took TSH test and found to be normal and the doc think I am improving and the doc advised me to take 50 mcg.  In April 2010, I started having problem of hearing loss, which could be due to low dose of thyroxine ( I think I should take 100 mcg).  I consulted my doc and he prescribed steroid (antiinflammaory) and methylcobalamine for my hearing loss.  Its been improving but not at all cure.  I think your problem is same with me.  I think your thyroixine dose is low.  Take a TSH test and check whether your dose is in appropriate dose. But I have no idea whether my and your with be a permanent or not.  I want to hear from you also regarding your medications and on your improvement.
Abisana, INDIA.
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My problem of partial hearing loss has resolved about 68% after taking steroid tab n methylcobalamin inj for about 4 weeks. If you take steroid then you should be carefull.  My problem may be related because of appropriate dose of hypothyroid med which was taking 50 but now 100.  My problem resolved within 4 to 5 weeks.  My steroid tab may be because of inflammation of my ear nerves.
Hope you get well soon.
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