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Tinnitus am i becoming deaf?!

Hello all!

I just signed here because im going crazy, i need help!

Im a 20 years old guy, i do the composer as hobby and job and in the last weeks i noticed i had a noise in my left ear right after i did listen to loud music... so i thought oh well it's normal it will go away...in the meanwhile i had a really strong cold and then it went off....now i have it in my right ear! It disappeared from the left one so far or atleast, but i can hear it from my right ear now! Its like a whistle, im going crazy,  when i close my nose with my fingers and then push the air, my ear open and i can't ear it but then when i turn back to normal, my ear does a little cracking noise and the whistle returns, pls help me i might go crazy as i have a very sensitive ear or atleast i had! However i think i also lost some db, maybe 1/2 to my right ear, please help me what should i do? Is it wax!? Am i becoming deaf?!! I don't have any money for the doctor so don't tell me to go doctor or it will push my anxiety so freaking hard.. pls help :(

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