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Tip of nose: Excruciating *PAIN*

For the past week or so I've been experiencing nose bleeds, open sores in my nose and swelling and pain on the tip of my nose(on the left side). The sores and bleeding is only in the left nostril. My nose bleeds aren't free flowing. It's more like a small amount of blood that appears when I blow my nose.

My left nostril(on the tip) is very firm and the pain is sometimes excruciating. I thought it might possibly be a pimple under my skin that wasn't surfacing at first. (that's how it feels anyway)

Has anyone ever experienced this?
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My gosh!!  I thought I was the only person in the world with this awful pain.  I have it on the right side of the tip of my nose.  I also have sores on the inside of the with very minimal bleeding.  The swelling and redness is so bad that I can't even apply foundation to my nose in the morning.  I visited an Ear,Nose & Throat Doctor and he says that he can't find a reason that this is happening.  I'm very frustrated and in alot of pain.  What should we do??
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Hello to the three of us... THE SAME Thing here.. but it isn't always there... it comes and goes... I almost feel like it comes around the same time as my cycle... an eye watering pain comes when I touch it... and then the inside gets and open sore and is just as painful... ???? I'm doing more research... I'll keep you posted!!! OneSweetLove at mac dot Com

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I had that bad cold a while back. Sores inside my nose. Now, the tip is very sore and a bit discolored - first the right side and now the left. It doesn't look very good either. Very painful to the touch. It's been going on for about two weeks now. AGR....!!! If you find anything, please post. I am looking around the net as well.
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It may be a fungal infection from what I have been reading on the net.  I have been having the same symptomps as well for over a month.  I have that pimple under the skin feeling right now and just touching the tip of my nose hurts like crazy.  I am a pharmacist, so I am thinking an over the counter anti-fungal cream might help.  I may try that and if that does not work then go to a doctor and get something stronger.
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With some further research I found that it may not be a fungal infection.  More likely its a Staph infection which results in Nasal Vestibulitis.  Primary treatmet is Bacitracin ointment which can be bought at any pharmacy over the counter.  If it is not resolved after that, may have to go to the doctor to get some oral antibiotics.  Hope this helps for anyone else who may come across this page.
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I am having pain in my nose tip, little swollen too. I am having pain when I touch and I could not find any discolouration or any pimples inse my nose. As Babs said, I had bleeding from my left nostrils and I feel it painy. I consulted Emergency doctor and he gave me a Nasal drops and said that your nose is too dry. But on the other side my blood pressure was high. He told that that may also cause your nose bleeding.  My blood pressure was 140/100. That was a month back.

   I got my pain again this week  and met my family doctor, he aslo told that my BPwas high and adviced some medicines. Let me see, if that helps and also I had two shots for SINUS.  I will keep you posted on the updates. Keep giving valuable news .   NATHAN
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