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Tired face and constant ringing.

Hi .I need help with this one.

Symptoms :
1.Constant high pitched ringing in my ears that sounds like an old tv signal gets louder when i move,open jaw or press on my upper jaw.
2.Tired eyes sometimes red or dry
3.Slow eyes focus and a bit foggy view.
4.Head pressure around the eyes area (used to have headaches)
5.Tense/tired masseter (jaw) muscle and cheeks area
6.Red skin around the nose area(look at the picture)
7.Dizzy when rotating head
8.Low cracking sound under my ears when i move or open my jaw(the sound could come from the joints or ears)
9.Sometimes ear nerve sensitive to loud sounds specifically to "metallic" sounds and sensitive to own voice vibrations.(cant sing)
10.Urine smells strange (unusual)

After I finished with the falsely prescribed antibiotics by the Doctor i went to the next checkups
TMJ - negative
Ears problems - negative
Sinus - just a little inflamed (Doctor not sure if that is the problem but prescribed nasal spay)

The most difficult thing is that i don't know whats wrong with me.Drives me crazy...
Could it really be sinusitis that the doctor is not sure about ?

Thanks for the help !

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I wish I had advice for you. I am experiencing the same symptoms. I was on a lot of antibiodics which I think caused my issues. I am scheduled with a neuroaudiologist. Is there one in your area? I am also doing occupational therapy to try to cope w the dizziness.
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Thanks for the response !

I'm sorry to hear that you have the same problems.
The first day i took antibiotics my glands and jaw problems started before that i only had an ear infection and ringing.
I felt better already but then i washed my ears after a long time under the shower and again it got worse.Its like there is a hole in my ear or something .
Im using ear protection now when i wash my head.
I also hear my right ear popping when i hear loud bass sounds.
DONT LET WATER IN YOUR EARS ! (just in case you have the same problem)
Do you also have smelly urine ?
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Ok I have researched almost everything on the internet.
I either have a raptured eardrum that was caused by the ear inflammation after wax removal or a problem with the eustachian tubes caused by inflammation.I doubt its sinusitis since my nose is not full but it feels dry as the rest of the face and the doctor couldn't see anything terrible in the nose channels.If it is a raptured eardrum then ITS NOT GOOD to let water in your ear or to practice steam inhalation and i wonder if the nasal spray would also prevent it from healing naturally.
Still have some major symptoms:
1.Constant ringing (both ears)
2.Discomfort in the glands area under the ears and crackling when opening mouth(both sides)
3.Vision seems a bit foggy (both eyes)
4.Sensitive to loud sounds

Anyone out there ?
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