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Toddler w/chronic throat infections. Doctor opinion 2 please?

Hi. I have a toddler(will be 2 in July) who seems to have throat infections very often. It started when he was about 7 monthsold or so. The symptoms would start when he didnt want to eat or drink very much. Then he will run a fever. Sometimes the fever will be low grade and sometimes it will be quite high 103.5 degrees. Sometimes he will have a runny nose as well but most of the time it is just the fever and lack of appetite that is present. His throat will be very red, and sometimes he has ulcers in his throat as well. His doctor says that it probably starts with a viral infection and then causes his throat to become very infected. The doctor also says that he could be picking up bacteria from his hands. Toddlers tend to put their hands in their mouths alot ( and my son ***** his thumb when he is sleepy).I wash his hands often but he still gets these throat infections. Except for a period when he went about 4 months without any problem, he gets the infections about every three to four weeks or so. On occasion, if his throat is only a little red, he will get over it on his own. But more often that not, his throat is very infected and ulcers develop so that he needs an antibiotic. He doesnt get Strep or Tonsilitis. Because he is allergic to Penicillan and Zithromax isnt very effective for any infection he gets (including ear or respiratory which he very rarely gets) the doc usually gives him Omnicef which works but wreaks havoc on his tummy. (unfortunately he cant tolerate Ceftbutin or Cefzil at all, which causes him to vomit)       I dont understand why he keeps getting these infections.He does get well completely between infections, and we have had him rechecked after anitbiotic is finished and his throat is fine again. 3 weeks later, here we go again. Once a month seems like an awful lot. His pediatrician says that since his tonsils are not involved and he isnt getting strep that he doesnt need to see an ear nose throat doc. Has anyone had a child with this sort of problem or experienced this sort of thing? A doctors opinion would also be very helpful as well. Thank you.
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Hi Miserable isnt it, watching them sick like this, has your little one an older Sibling or other kids of school age he plays with on a regular basis, they could be giving him infections it happens in Familys all the time.I know they dont take out Tonsils anymore and you saidthe Doc  looked at the,m did she say they were okay?If you find the source of the Infection and it is other kids I should keep him from being in close contact for a while.
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